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I think my standards with women might be...
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I think my standards with women might be too high or i just dont know where to find girls i like. the only women who i have ever really had feelings for was a lot older than me, and for obvious reasons very different from women my own age.

im not really too concerned about looks, I'm attracted to a women more due to her personality and the chemistry that is produced through interaction with her.

all i really want is a girl that is nice, understanding and independent. All of the women i have dated so far my own age are too needy, Im normally busy with training and studying so i can't always give them attention.

Where is the best place to meet women that i like?
There's no "best place" to meet people. Just spend as much time as possible in public, particularly in the environments which suit how you wish to spend your days. Talk to all of the attractive women there.
Why not try men instead? Women don't have the qualities you're looking for

Plus Alexander was gay too you know
The original Tom Dwan, just a little more creepy.
sometimes i wish i was gay. just seems easier. unfortunately i am not attracted to men. and yea i know he was gay haha. >>16803341
i dont go out that often though. i go to uni, boxing and rarely clubs/pubs. some people say a library but i dont know if i would be bothering the women there lol
>i dont go out that often though
But then how do you expect to meet people? As it stands, may people spend less than a third of their day out in public. What's left if we take that out of the equation? You'd literally have to break into people's homes to meet them at that rate.

Look, go to a library and don't even talk to the women there for all I care. At least there's a tiny chance that one may spontaneously talk to you. Or maybe on your way there you'll bump into someone. What I can say for certain is that no one will spontaneously talk to you inside of your home. You're not going to bump into anyone on your way to the fridge. Unless you're sick, sleeping or making use of things which absolutely cannot be brought with you (e.g., your stove) then get the fuck out of your home. There's nothing there for you in this respect.
Nice quads, OP.

Idk what to tell you. I've given up on the endless search for a good woman. Every time I ask one out I end up getting hurt and they're mostly all retarded and self-absorbed anyway.

Live your life, talk to pretty ladies when you get the chance. Idk what the dating world is like for you, but all the decent relationships I've had have just fallen into my lap. That's just the way it's always been for me. It doesn't happen too often nor too scarcely. Just stick to what has worked for you and something will come up eventually.
i have met quite a lot of people in uni to be fair. i live in a poor, working class area, i can't really just go on a walk or something and bump into decent girls. i understand your trying to help and i appreciate that but for me to be a public area that is occupied by half decent people means traveling. I'm often busy so i could only really travel into town once a week.
thanks for the reply, and yeah that is my issue to be honest. i haven't dated a women for over a year because i kind of just got fed up and decided to work on self improvement. i always think they are great at first and then it turns out that they have some issues. I'm pretty happy doing what i am now but sometimes it is just a bit depressing.
>What's the best place to meet but it doesn't matter because I'll only go to that place one per week tops
It doesn't work to ask people for advice when you're playing by different rules.
i feel as though once a week is probably enough if you just want to meet people. i mean, most guys who pick up women only go out once or twice a week.
I'm lonely too, man, but I'm not in any situation to pull in tons of chicks. I'm not the kind of guy that dating sites work for. I've spent hours and money on there and it's garbage, for me at least. I'm decently attractive, and nice, and funny, and even a bit aggressive, but clubs, bars, and dating sites do not work for me. I heard them talking yesterday on NPR about online dating and I was literally screaming at the radio at the fucking normies that that shit works for. Yes I'm bitter. I will not let myself go on ok cupid or tinder no matter how desperate i am because they just upset me.

I'm going to summer school in a month partly so I can meet women. I feel I'll have no problem falling into something there but I feel entirely hopeless in the meantime. It's sad and stupid but idk, that's just the way it is I guess. My relationships have to form organically, out of thin air. Not what I'd necessarily prefer but better than the zero that the folks on r9k are used to.

Best of luck.
For you stalkers out there, it's the nickname of my dickie.
i have tried out dating sites. i signed up for POF, tinder, and badoo. i have no idea how they work for men. the women on there get tons of messages so they dont even bother replying to most guys. And even when i do speak to women on there they are so apathetic. i feel like they are an ego trip for women.

good luck with summer school, hopefully you will meet someone decent and have a good time.
Thread replies: 14
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