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Hey, /adv/. This is my first time posting here.
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Hey, /adv/. This is my first time posting here.

I made a group of friends recently on CS:GO and we'd skype a bit and play GTA together.

I noticed recently I was the butt of all jokes. The older guy, who was the group leader started calling me ugly, making fun of my height and disagreeing with everything I said, clearly on purpose, to the extent there was no consistency in his opinions.

He's always trying to humiliate me in front of the rest of the group and treats everyone as lower than him, but the other autists naturally feel that rather than stand up to him they should try to impress him and nod along to everything he says.

I discussed this one on one with another member of the group and he completely agreed, he said everything was much more peaceful before we let the older dude in.

Everywhere else I post just tells me to 'Cut out the toxic people from my life!'. I did that once and had no friends for 3 years, plus the other guys in the call are really friendly and fun to hang around with.

What do I do /adv/? He makes my life a living hell.
ask him privately if he even realize what a bully he's being. bantz is natural, but some people take it too far sometimes to someone they view as weak, seen it irl in two different friend groups, one of those i was the victim
When I try to confront him about it he doesn't take it seriously, says shit like 'Aw, diddums, poor baby', and 'stop being so touchy'. He also takes anything he can out of context to screenshot or record and humiliate me with it. The guy's a fucking asshole.
Just generate your own special bants. Say he's a massive pedo for hanging around with younger kids or something
So many people vidya. You can find another group easily
Update: I was just in a call with them and said goodnight. They all said 'What, he was here?'.

Fucking kill me.
try talking to each other member individually, like you did with that one other guy. Individual conversations are (generally) a much better setting to making yourself vulnerable in front of others.

You can't let them off the hook when in a group either. In those cases, be short and blunt about it, but display less of the vulnerable side of it.

This shit becoming normal to them is simply a result of repetition. If you want to move their behavior in the other direction, you've also got to use repetition.
Grow some balls, realise how pathetic it is to care about this sort of thing and there are people out there who will actually respect you.

You have no self esteem or confidence, have you considered that the guy who is making fun of you probably has his own shortcomings? Take him down a peg or two the next time he gets on your nerves, you are entitled to be annoyed at someone being a jerk towards you.

Grow a spine, command respect and if its not received, go elsewhere.
Take a deep breath.
Grow a pair.
Next time in chat, tell him he's a Fucking cunt.
Say you aren't coming back.
Post around online and find new friends.

You need to teach yourself how to find new friends.
Stop the pitty party and figure it out.
You have to struggle.

kek, i've been a long-time "mod" of skype groups like these, and when someone gets picked on it's usually for life

your only option is to leave
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>being a "mod" of a skype group

The unholy embrace of normalfags and machine is truly sickening

Gods help us all

Its called banter homo.

Just ask him when he fucks his hand whether or not dust comes out.

Or how hard is it to grease the wheels in his wheelchair.

or fuck, why he keeps engaging in skylarkings with younger dudes.

Its banter. Get creative with your insults.
>i do not know the line between jokes and personal attacks and call it banter because I'm insecure about my social status
I've been there before, it's not hard to actually get out of that shit.

For one, stop being a fucking doormat. Stand up to him normally, learn how to call him a faggot. Learn how to become the alpha instead of being a shitty beta. This is probably why you only have friends online.
>"I'm too much of a pussy to do this because I have trouble calling my hand a bitch for not stroking hard enough."

Stop being a little bitch
play vidya with me instead :)
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