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I think as humans we have a pre conceived idea of what it means to
be or too exist... We live in static noise.. It's so hard to just shut off
and listen to yourself and let your consciousness breathe.. as beings we exist
through our consciousness but people still say to listen to your body..
EVERYTHING is about our bodies...but our bodies are merely vehicles to venture the earth that
exists in a vast cosmos filled with infinite energy that is 13.8 billion light years
wide that is constantly expanding and if you try to dig your claws into the universe and keep it from growing
then you're going to be torn apart and the samething applies with preventing yourself and the people around you from growing.
Why do we obsess with things that are essentially irrelevant? and this isn't
on some stoner shit.. Why the fuck are we so to spend our entire lives
(Which in the grand scheme of things is incredibly short)
trying to impress people? through our bodies and our "possessions"
Who can be the skinniest!? who can have the best abs!? who can spend the rest
of their lives trying to collect shiney things? (houses,cars,money,gold)
We exist due to a million sequences of events and evolutionary miracles
that most would say are essentially impossible but we still allow other
people to influence our paradigm? what the actual fuck?
we are so ready to push the people we love/ the people that love us away
when its so fucking rare to even find that.. the world doesnt give a fuck about us!?
are you serious? as humans do we think this world owes us something?
go out into the safari and a lion will bite your fucking head off..nature doesnt
care about the singular..it cares about the whole. This entire universe itself predcated upon a violent
event..THE BIG FUCKING BANG... it couldn't be "The slow expansion of beautful life giving particulars throughout the universe"
no mother fucker its the BIG FUCKING BANG.

Next time im alone at night and staring at the corner of my room wondering
why I exist im going to stand up and say "what the fuck am I doing"
I am energy, I am nature, I am love, I am art, I am hopelessness, I am darkness.. but most of all.. I am life.
and to the person reading this.. from the moment I met you I loved you and.. I'm not sure what that means.
from your smile..to your mind.. You embody the word beautful
and whether or not I wake up every morning with you next to me or
spend time with you once a year as my friend.. I want you to know that I still love
you. Next time you feel like you're not worth it and that you are alone know that
im out there and I love you.
You are not your body. You are not your looks. You are not your social status but you are life
and I love life.
Yours sincerely,

your admirer/ your friendly neighborhood spiderman.

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself,
and that person is not to be found anywhere.
You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection. - Some smart person probably
Wow. God I love you.
Thanks haha :)
ill make it short.

>>dear god, fuck you
Honestly.. I can't even be mad at that.
my turn

roses r red
violets r black
enough about you
suck my cock
I guess dubs speaks the truth.. Idk why i can't directly respond to people but its my first time using this board.
Of all letters of time and sound tonight I say and hold you tight as always we have all we need together,and if I could be alone I would never choose I could only lose my freedom without you, so we'll be free in perfect harmony and dance through the morning into the shadow of the icy day until sunlight slips through our window, as we wait for the gentle breeze in the trees run through our hair again, and light steps, a heavy heart of musical rhythms, we unite, fight for all we believed and now, stand true as our love is
dear H,

I'm happy now. I wish we could be together, but I'm happy now.

(Directed to 82) thats super poetic although I think it has a disconnect from the person you're writing to and that it lacks realness if that makes sense?
It's well written though.
and too 89 .. short and sweet and from my perspective I see feel so many stories that could relate to that text. nice work.
Up yours everybody.
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