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GED testing and US immigration
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Hi /adv/,

I'll start by making a short intro. Skip the first paragraph if you don't care about the personal stuff:

I am male. I was born in Brazil though I don't speak a word of Portuguese. Mom is a diplomat so I lived mostly in Europe (Poland/France) and Canada. The few years I lived in Brazil were hell. Rape, torture, religious abuse, sexuality prejudice etc. Depression was strong and kept me from doing many things in life. Things changed in Canada but the process of healing the damage that was done took too long therefore immigration didn't work out as I didn't act in time. Back in Brazil, I'm too old to accompany mom in another foreign mission. Trying to do GED (high school was never finished due to depression + language/culture differences every 5 to 6 years) then apply to college in the US and before the term has ended score a job/sponsor in the field I choose.

Now on with the advice I need. I need to know what areas I have to study to take the GED test. English is pretty much my first language, math and science are generic and easy to find study material but social studies isn't my forte, nor do I know what it entails exactly. Since I'm taking the test in a foreign country will it still be about US history, economy, geography etc? or will be something broader about the entire world? I'm not asking for the answer keys or anything just a direction on what to study.

For those who read the intro. What are my chances for my plan to work out with what I went through? Would I have other alternatives aside from marriage?

PS: I know some people probably think US would not be the best choice, but it's what I want. Where my friends and gf are, and the only culture where I felt accepted for who I was.
Update: I have found the wonders of crash course on youtube hopefully the US history series will help. Would still appreciate some more insight from a previous or future test taker, and an opinion on my other long term predicament if possible
Sad to hear about your predicament. I feel your mother has let you down, leaving you without a place where you're at home.

Moving to the US is certainly doable, but maybe college is not the right way. You normally can't work on a student visa and employers will be unlikely to hire you, with the additional rigmarole of employing a foreigner when you have no unique skills to contribute.

Think about staying in Brazil for a year to bolster your Portuguese and pick up a useful skill that enhances your employability worldwide. Right now there's a huge need in the USA for skilled carpenters, so if you learn the basics of woodwork you will find it a lot easier to get a job. Construction companies are desperate for anyone able to do simple framing carpentry, and will help you out with the immigration paperwork to get a visa. They benefit, really, as your visa is job-specific so there's less danger of you being headhunted by the competition.

Also, for the civics and citizenship test, watch The West Wing. It's a great show, and you'll pick up all the information without having to work or study.
Are that carpenter troll I been seeing around or is this legit advice? I didn't mention everything because i thought the post was lengthy enough. I am actually a very skilled cook/baker and plan on taking a college course on that area. I heard that people in that field can manage to get a contract with an employer before their school term is over and immediately switch their visas once the student one expires. I don't know the details, but I am ready to sell my soul if I have to in order to leave this damned country.

As for staying here another year that is impossibly. I have various reasons to dislike this country and it's people. As I mentioned on my first post I was tortured physically and mentally as a child, raped by my own cousin, forced to follow Christian teachings and repeatedly told I was going to hell if I didn't do what other people wanted me to do. I have a trauma and distrusts for Brazilians that literally I'd feel safer in jail on another country than the way I am right now. Also just because I can't leave with my mother doesn't mean she went anywhere. Currently I live with her here in Brazil as she's not allowed herself to take on another mission for at least 6 more months. She did ok for a single mother judged by her entire family for having a kid out of wedlock
Carpentry was just an example. If you can be a professional baker, things are going to work out very well indeed for you.
I see, that's good news. I will bake so hard Ron Ben-Israel will have to come personally check out what I'm doing
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