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I took some advice here on how to get a new...
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I took some advice here on how to get a new attendee of my woman's group more interested in the group and the discussions. She did return, but she was even more disengaged as before, she opened her laptop right away and started playing games even before any discussion began, she didn't say a word, and after all the discussion she kept bugging her friend if they could "Go already" I overheard them outside, she said "Quit making me come to these fucking meetings already, I gave this bullshit cult stuff a chance, now let me roll around in my supposed "internalized misogyny" and just be happy."

Is my women's study group a cult? why would anyone want to stay ignorant of women's issues like that? why would she have such a distaste of things that should affect her, I even got the discussions topics to cater to her, we talked about women in video games, bigger women in video games, the big beautiful woman as a joke in video games... and she didn't engage at all, her being a bigger woman herself who obviously is into video games.

I don't think she'll be back, her friend whom I talk to says her friend has had "enough of this bullshit"...

Is there some women that are just impossible to reach?
Are you from the landwhales support group? Just stop bothering that Asian chick
Yes, and they regularly attend your cult meetings.

Sounds like she's happy with the status quo and you shouldn't be trying to shame or blame her into being a malcontent like yourself.
Can I get this girls number? She seems not crazy and retarded like you are, OP.
Landwhale is rather rude, but yes, I am the one who has the women's rights group.
But the status quo is very flawed, especially toward women and minorities... shes a woman, minority and overweight, these are issues that should be important to her. She is into games, she should see it in the games she plays, what representation does she have in gaming? none... yet she didn't seem to care.
I would not post her number on here.
Why should she care if she has any representation in video games?
am I alone in wanting to send this woman a platonic valentines day card on behalf of men everywhere?

I mean shit, I'd date this woman sight unseen on principle. And if I really didn't feel like it was working out I'd subtly convince her she was too good for me so she could have the satisfaction of being the one who ended it.
Because if groups aren't represented they are abnormal... they're being subtly pushed to the fringes and are not as valuable as those that are always portrayed in media. A woman of her size, ethnicity and gender, doesn't get to see representation, its the media telling her she isn't as valuable as the skinny white women that are often portrayed in gaming or in movies or in TV. There are hardly any larger women in video games that aren't just a joke, and making them a joke is harmful to the self image and image over all of larger women.
Why would you want to actually celebrate the fact she wants to remain ignorant of issues that effect her, to the point where she would be rather rude and not give anything a chance. All she did was play some game on her laptop the entire discussion time, she barely spoke and when asked anything she would just say she wasn't paying attention.

What makes her as valuable as those skinny white women ? How do you make an objective value claim like that ?

Why should anyone care about someone who's ego is so fragile that they get hurt by jokes?

Weak women should fuck off. This chick is too tough to be bothered about how people like her are represented in the media because she is her own person, no one else represents her but herself. She is a legit self sufficient person who should be the next president- god bless.

isnt this a pasta from the last couple of weeks?
Dear hippie boomer with the feminism group,
Nobody cares for your shit except for the less educated, unconfident, uglies.
The Egalitarian Society.
Yes, some people aren't interested in issues that impact them.

No, your group isn't a cult. Some people just don't care about these kind of issues. You can't force people to participate, even if you think they should.
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>>mfw your friend is a well adjusted, reasonable human being and you think she's the one who should change.
Why would she think joining your group and being informed of the issues would change anything? Seems as helpful as reading /r9k/.
Just gonna make you more negative.
Since when were people given value?
By whom is this value bestowed?
What worth is this value to the holder of said value?
To what purpose is this value given by the valuer?
Who determines the critera that constitute value?
And to what end for the valuer?
Who decided that a person cannot find their own value?

What is this bullshit????????
You literally sound like a deranged fucking wacko to me, and I'm sure to 99% of the other reasonably well adjusted people in the world.

The reality is, most people just flat out don't care, and have better things to worry about in their lives. They don't spend their days trying to figure out how to make everything "equal". Because its unnecessary and impossible.

The fact you are even upset this person didn't buy into your shit is mind blowing to me.
All women are as valuable as eachother, No one loses value because they're fat or if they are unattractive to a mainstream eye, everyone has value.
No that was me, this is a follow up.
A lot of my group is educated and confident and strong and attractive.
So shes going to live her life ignorant, that doesn't seem right but I guess I can't force her.
How is completely ignoring discussion reasonable? She could have at least participated or listened, instead she just played some space ninja game the whole time.
Judging from this thread, your main problem here OP is that you don't actually give a fuck or have any respect for what anyone else thinks, you're just going to say "no you're wrong, I'm right" and if it's someone who is in your extra special "minority" victim group, you're just going to retreat to "I'm right because you have internalized misogyny." Basically, you're denying her the right to think for herself. You're a disrespectful asshole. That is, incidentally, not a gender thing.

And yeah, insisting that other people don't have the right to think for themselves or hold different ideas or opinions is exactly what cults do.

Chances are pretty good that you're just here to troll, but there are way too many assholes in the world who do behave like this.

If you think there should be more games featuring fat women as main characters, then go make your own fucking game. Oh, but that's a lot harder than telling other people what they can and cannot do, right? So much easier to just whine.
In many ways, and I am not trying to be offensive here, you fit the description of cancer - a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

See how you attempt to spread your 'difficult attitudes' to others despit them having no interest in harming society.

So quick question, and I'm being serious here. why don't you become a game designer and make video games about over weight minority women if this is such an issue to you?
>be OP
>lead cult teaching women the world hates them
>some chick doesn't want to drink the punch
>"lol what's the problem, it's like she doesn't enjoy being a victim and categorized in a Marxist fashion how odd"
Yes, it's a mystery.

This. Feminists always talk about people not being more or less valuable, but last I checked people didn't have value outside of a purely economic context, i.e how quickly you can do what quality of what work.

>All women are as valuable as eachother
So all women are interchangeable? What's the point of assigning intrinsic value to people if everyone has the same value? Why not just say "people can't be commodified", which I personally agree with to a certain extent. What's your evidence for the dual assertion that every woman has the exact same amount of some nebulous, abstract "value"?

And besides, value in general is based on popular perception, and the majority of the population is less attracted to obese people. Now, if people had value, it wouldn't be entirely determined by attractiveness, but that'd certainly be part of it, and fat people would generally have less of it. Ergo, assuming people have value that is determinant on some scale, fat people would almost certainly be less valuable.

And on the only actual human value scale that exists, prices on the illegal organ market, organs of the obese are worth less because of health.
She didn't want to listen or participate. She didn't want to be there in the first place. You used coercion to get her to do something she didn't want to do. It's not all that different from how some men pressure women who don't want to have sex into having sex.

And you expected her to have a good time and enjoy it?

I dunno OP. You sound like the guys who get arrested for rape and defend themselves with "it was good for her".

Not saying your feminist cult is as bad as non violent rapists, just saying your methods are the same.
Fuck off cunt.
Wow, this is some pretty well-crafted bait. 9/10.
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