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My knee has been hurting a bit for a few...
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My knee has been hurting a bit for a few months now, after exercises and stretches that haven't worked. I decided fuck it, my quality of life has been decreasing so I'm just going to see a chiro.

I go in and apparently my first 2 visits will cost $150 since my parents haven't paid the deductible on our insurance. Alright, that's okay, I guess.

I'm told that I should have a 2 week treatment process totaling $1300 (and that's after the bullshit 15 percent discount he included). I don't like the cost at all, but fine.

(Behold, this is the fucking dumbest thing I've done in my life)

The treatment is comprised of vibrawave pseudoscience segments as well as foam rolling, stretching and other exercises I could EASILY do at home so I have never felt more ripped off. The only thing that's different are muscle triggerpoint "injections" that haven't helped at all.

The lady giving me the injections doesn't seem to know anything about the field and seems to think a (muscle relaxant) injection should magically cure me of any problem. I ask for advice on what I should be doing at home in between visits and she suggests exercises that have been repeatedly debunked (such as foam rolling the IT band).

Everytime I speak with the chiro the dude is always in a fucking rush to push me out and get back to whatever the hell he was doing before I walked in. No advice, no holistic instruction, no communication.Just suggest the exact same exercises that he did for everyone else to save time. Everytime I ask a question that would require effort on his part, he knocks it down and talks to me like I'm a retard. After a total of 20 mins treatment is over, and that includes waiting in the lobby.

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I paid around half (671) of that amount and have visited 4 times. Basically, the treatment sucks but I'm in too deep, I'm stuck because I want to leave and never come back but they have my money and on top of that, the pain has only gotten worse after 4 visits(go figure). I'm 20 and exhausted my bank account, (I've still got school/car/food payments and I'm by no means rich).

Pardon my reckless ranting but this fucker had the nerve to call me asking me to pay the other half (at that point, I only had 3 visits). I said i didn't have the money, this motherfucker goes and CHECKS MY FUCKING BANK ACCOUNT BALANCE using the debit card info I provided for my initial payment.

"Did... did you just charge my card".

"no, I just checked. there was an approval for $214.07."

"Um, I need that, I can't pay right now"

"that's alright, stop by and we can talk about it"

(Doesnt ask how my condition is or anything, that would require too much empathy.)

I signed papers that read the no refunds policy(fuck me, I'm retarded) so I'm guessing I'm not ever getting my money back. Thank fucking GOD, I didn't pay the full amount up front. They're so vile, they don't allow me to pay per visit (is this normal?), I MUST pay big bucks up front, I shouldve seen this as a red flag and bolted but I was too concerned about my knee.

So fucking idiotic of me, I just really wanted the pain to be gone so I jumped to the nearest chiro and got burned, badly. I deserve this for being completely retarded, I'm just wondering what I should do from here. I still want to leave but I've still got to face the fact that I don't know how to get rid of my pain and i feel as though I've tried everything. I've never been in so much despair, this was my last resort and I've fallen flat on my face.

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This is one expensive life lesson. One thing I can comment, is that they have your CC information so there's not reversal for this, you cannot just disappear, and have the charges run away. You must understand that using or doing some process is generally not magical and work the first time (you don't just use proactiv and acne just disappears the first or second time) It takes consistency, ability to follow directions and application. The key in all of this is do you trust the process, do you trust your treatment and caregivers, (you clearly do not) so naturally it would be more difficult to see the end of the tunnel (you being pain free) Note: this does not mean that they aren't bullshitting you or are just trying to take your money, but the least you could do is get the treatment that you paid for

What I suggest is that YOU need to take the initiative for your well being, nobody will want it for you. YOU need to go to the chiropractor and work the payment schedule out (because you signed a contract saying you would). Assuming you will pay in full for the treatments YOU need to go to all the treatments. Then YOU need to google this shit all your pain, symptoms etc and have an idea of what you're dealing with and hopefully find some information on how to get better.
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Ankle braces worked for your mom, why don't you try it out.
Yeah, look, you got suckered. You need to go to a REAL doctor, an MD, not some bullshit artist selling snake oil to get your chakras adjusted.

The placebo effect doesn't work when you know you're taking a placebo. Consider the lost money lesson learned, and the sunk cost as penance. Reconciliation comes by spreading the word that most of that shit is just that, shit.
And why did it never occur to you to see a real doctor? You may have a torn or damaged something, and all this pissing around with quacks has not only done you no good, but it has delayed real treatment that could have helped you.
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