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I feel like I can get into anyones head....
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I feel like I can get into anyones head. Ill always know exactly what to say and how to get the result I want out of someone. The problem with this is I find I lack what Id say is a real connection with anyone. Men seem like competitors and women are all too predictable. What is it that im seeing that other people arent or vice versa?
although I don't know you, I can tell you that in my experience, 99% of the people I've met who think they're mind readers are just extremely prideful to the point where they project their expectations so much on to other people that they only see the reality that they originally predicted.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is no way you are that socially masterful. Human beings are extremely complicated, and you're likely only able to predict little things about people's external appearance and not truly understand them.

Now, your first reaction MIGHT be to get defensive and say "NO I REALLY DO UNDERSTAND PEOPLE SUPER WELL" but really take a minute to reflect on yourself and evaluate whether or not it's possible that your pride is clouding your vision.
Being able to manipulate people into certain things is NOT the same as understanding them.

This is me projecting: but you seem like one of those people who think it's cool to be emotionally unattached and sociopathic.

wait a minute... so you are a master of the human mind and somehow DIDNT predict that this thread would only lead to people telling you to stop acting like a retard?

then why make it?
huh, weird. I've fucked girls much hotter than Jlaw.

and yeah OP you're probably just projecting and too stupid to realize it.
Well for one external appearance is only a small part of the whole thing. And I communicate mainly nonverbally. Id say its part aural and part nonverbal communication. I feel like people put out exactly who they are and what they want through these wavelengths. Secondly im very aware of all the mental processes that go into judgment and I think I weigh these extremely well.. and as to your projecting, its incorrect. I find the manipulative factor very unpleasant because ill find myself in an unwanted position of power quite often with women.
Oral. Aural communication would be communicating with your actual ears, flapping them around like you're fucking Dumbo.
Listen- what you just said affirms that the majority of your "understanding" is just projecting.

Let me try to break this down for you. Please actually try to understand what I'm saying since I'm taking the time to type it out for you.

Nonverbal communication is most often misunderstood.
Let's look at a situation: Girl looks at her shoes and laughs while talking to you.
What does this mean?
One person might interpret this as "she's in to me- I make her nervous so she's avoiding eye contact and smiling!"
Another person might interpret "she's afraid of me- she's not making eye contact so she's not engaged, and her laughter sounds nervous so it's obvious that I'm making her uncomfortable."

Both of these interpretations are pretty severe- the truth is that most people don't put a lot of thought into their body language. That girl could act like that to everyone because she's shy but kind it doesn't necessarily tell you anything indefinitely about her.

This is one of the reasons why neckbeard a have such a hard time with the "friend zone"- they interpret politeness as sexual interest because that's what they WANT to see.

Please don't argue that "with context" you can interact flawlessly with others.

If someone walked in to a store, would you be able to sell them something they didn't need? If you're truly able to understand someone by taking note of their mannerisms, you should be able to convince them to buy something that they otherwise did not intend to spend money on.

I reccomend you try this the next time you're out shopping. If you can convince 5 people in a row to buy a semi-expensive (30$) product that they otherwise would not have gotten, then I'll concede that you truly are able to understand people's minds. Otherwise, please gtfo with your edgy ego-inflated bullshit.
Being able to manipulate people isn't special. All it means is that you have no guilt preventing you from doing it.
Communication is the foundation of our species. It's no big secret how to communicate nonverbally and act in a way to receive desired responses - we all do it every second of every day, whether you power pose someone into being your bitch or mince your way out of getting the shit kicked out of you. Even people who 'fail' at getting what they want for the mostpart only do so because their unconscious is holding them back and forcing them to communicate something different - a nervous person sending out submissive signals to someone they're attempting to stand up to, because their body is telling them "you're going to get hurt, you don't want to get hurt, getting him to do what you want isn't that important."

Manipulation is just communication where your signals are calculated rather than subconscious.

Also, not to burst your bubble, but most people willingly go along with 'manipulative' people to a point because it's easier to just humour someone who's flouting social conventions than to cause conflict by calling them out. Path of least resistance.
What I was referring to was communication by sending info through your aura. Not my problem if you dont think along the same lines.
Specific examples, please.
>What is it that im seeing that other people arent or vice versa?
Well for vice versa, other people are seeing that this is a blue board. You apparently aren't.
>Not my problem
Unless you intended to get the result of misunderstanding, it's the entire problem with your delusion. Or were you just taking a break there Uri?
>Nonverbal communication is most often misunderstood.
>Let's look at a situation: Girl looks at her shoes and laughs while talking to you.
>What does this mean?
>One person might interpret this as "she's in to me- I make her nervous so she's avoiding eye contact and smiling!"
>Another person might interpret "she's afraid of me- she's not making eye contact so she's not engaged, and her laughter sounds nervous so it's obvious that I'm making her uncomfortable."


I don't look people in the eyes, as a shy guy of the late 20's, people think I don't want to talk to them or like them, but Im actually worried about saying or acting the wrong way and making them not like me.

Because Im an 'adult' male there's a stereotype of what I should be if I like people, or what I should be if I actually don't like them. If you don't look people in the eyes in this culture, you are disrespectful, dont like them, or other shit.

If you stand in a corner because you're worried about making a move on people that don't want you to talk to them, you're a creepy stranger who might rape them.

In all of this, nobody knows the real person behind their beliefs.

Everyone does this.
funny people shit on women as being too "competitive" kek
Everyone's pretty predictable though.

Also yes op is probably 14-17 kek
File: 1380830619419.jpg (26 KB, 375x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 375x333
>What I was referring to was communication by sending info through your aura.

lol! youre literally delusional
people are predictable, but manipulating them is harder, and understanding them is even harder than that.
most people can predict the behaviors of others, that's not special.
Being able to accurately and consistantly manipulate someone is impressive because it requires that you control how they perceive the situation.
Understanding someone takes time and experience. To say that you can understand someone based on "nonverbal aura wavelengths" is some delusional shit if I've ever heard it.

Get your head out of your ass op.

Its just a bullshit term for what is really happening, which is people making snap subconscious judgements about others based on cosmetic appearance and body language.

"dark auras" could just be people that have shifty eyes through nervousness, and hunch over.
Oh, bite me you pretentious prick.
Fuck that.
You notice a girl wears makeup- how does that affect her aura?

Does she seem more self conscious? Does she seem more confident?
Does she seem more artistic?
Does she seem more conventional?

We as humans develope schema, and when we encounter something new, we catagorize it based on the things that we've previously experienced.
If you've met a lot of girls with pink hair who have turned out to be crazy, you begin to assume that most girls with pink hair are also probably crazy. But sometimes they're not. Sometimes girls dye their hair pink for different reasons.

Maybe a girl dyed her hair pink because her mother has breast cancer and she wanted to show her support?
By assuming that all or most girls with pink hair give off a "crazy" aura because of your past experiences, you are limiting yourself from seeing people for what they truely are- individuals.

"He was diving off a dark aura"
>my sides
>leaving orbit doesn't even describe them
right, but that's still OP being delusional about being able to tell what they're thinking and manipulate them through it, kek
Im 22
Aura- not bullshit.

So theres something im able to tune into that a majority of others apparently arent.. these certain types of energies people are giving off. Like I was saying if you cant tune into it you cannot understand it.
Yes. I used to sell timeshares as a living and consistently made top sales over and over. Im aware of all of this. Being aware makes this language as natural to me as english.
You're not going to convince anyone here since you sound like an autistic 19 year old.
You can lie to the Internet all you want but in the end, you're still you, and there's no escaping that.
You obviously would have included that experience in your OP to build credibility if it were true
This is a good point. But its not manipulation that caused me to bring this whole thing up. Being so in tune with these feels causes a rift between myself and others because so many people say one thing verbally give off something completely different and I hate the game of playing along when I know the truth
You're literally crazy
"Anon... Please!! Stop touching me there!!"
"You may say no, but your aura says yes."
You have no idea what im talking about but thats not surprising. How could you if you werent aware of the feeling.
Why would I lie lol
Listen- you are delusional.
The feeling that you have is not a real feeling- it's real in the sense that you feel it and believe in it, but it is an illusion that does not reflect reality in any way.
Your mind has tricked you. You need to get psychological help before this turns into an actual mental illness.

You don't think you're delusional because that's what delusion is. People who hear voices actuall believe they're hearing voices- but that's not because they have a "hidden talent", it's because they're psycho.

You said yourself that you have trouble forming deep relationships with people because of this. Either get help and actually commit to improving your mental health, or allow your delusion and pride to consume you until you become a serial killer
File: image.jpg (159 KB, 902x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 902x612
For your own ego and sense of delusion, which you obviously cater to on a daily basis
Deep relationships are np with girlfriends, but I have trouble making male friends. I have borderline personality disorder and I believe that the way the mind works with that disease combined with a few other key things has made me this way. I dont seek to manipulate people, its just too easy. How can you argue with me on something I see 100% success rate with daily. There are other people like me and I can tell in an instant. Most people hide it. Just pause and accept this fact. You do not have this talent so you cannot accept its existence. It goes against your limited fundamental beliefs so its easier to say it isnt true. Broaden your horizons a bit.
Its oh so obvious is it. Fag
You're openly admitting to having established mental illnesses, and you still believe the way you see things is closer to reality?
You may want to tell your psychiatrist about this "ability"- they'll probably tack on some more meds.
Your maturity really helps to back up your claim of being a seasoned salesman.

How could you possibly be good at manipulating people when you're this transparent online?
I dont believe in medication but thanks.
Yeah im a big believer in honesty so transparency is sort of the goal. Im very up front. I worked for silverleaf resorts and I was top producer consistently. Troll boy.
>I don't believe in medication

Ok well obviously.

How can you, KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE MENTSL ILLNESS, truely think that you are not delusional?
Do you believe that schizophrenic people are correct to be paranoid about shit all the time? Are they "closer to the truth"?
Doesn't it make sense that if you have been diagnosed as mentally Ill, you consider that perhaps your perceptions are questionable?
File: image.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 1280x720
you seem to be the opposite of how you describe yourself.
i feel bad for you. I really hope that one day you're able to stop lying to yourself and embrace the help you so desperately need
Schizophrenia is an interesting disorder. I could spout some theories on it but itd be likely you wouldnt understand. And actually I haven't been officially diagnosed by a doctor but im confident that I have borderline personality disorder and ptsd, as well as disorders that follow those such as anxiety and situational depression. Luckily the recommended treatment for these two is talk therapy, not pharms.
Theories about schitzophrenia? Are you retarded? Have you ever taken a psychology class in your life? You'd probably spout some non-scientifically supported crap about auras, so you're right, I probably wouldn't understand your fabricated bs.

You're delusions literally arn't worth my time anymore. Enjoy your self diagnosed psychoses.
I really do hope you get professional help one day. You came here looking for advice, so deep down a part of you knows that the way you're living right now is not ok. Please go see a professional
I dont think a psych 101 course is the place for auras but youre a pretty uptight guy. Try to come out of that box my friend

Schizophrenia is really about having a connection to the atoms of alternate universe versions of themselves.

Ever hear of quantum entanglement? Its like auras, if you're tweaked just right, you can tune into those alternate universes, which is why you see unusual brain activity in schizophrenic people. They're actually seeing and experiencing alternate realities from other universes.

For the sake of being able to live in the world, your radio tuner or what you want to call your brain is calibrated to this station. Schizophrenics have their needle set between stations all the time and have to live in a world where some kid is fiddling with the knob going back and forth between stations, for lack of a better analogy. In one universe, you were aborted. In another universe, you got stabbed or poisoned. That's why its hard being schizophrenic. You know what's happening in other universes.

Blame stephen hawking for having created them.
Holy shit op you are fucking bonkers
File: dicknumber.gif (2 MB, 500x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x230
I'm a physicist and you are so full of shit I can hardly believe it.
Pull your head out of your ass.
Id say its a physiological disorder in parts of the brain that handle things like telepathy and precognition
Wow cool.
So, where's the scientific study that gives a shred of evidence to that?

Have you even ever met a schitzophrenic person?

Or are you just pulling scifi out of your ass?
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Op here. Just to clarify the stephen hawking guy isnt me. Pretty sure he is schizophrenic.
This thread keeps going deeper and deeper in to crazy posts
Is op even here anymore?
I feel like we're being trolled by someone who hijacked the thread
Gtfo your discrediting my thread asshat

highly intelligent aspie detected....or psychopath
You discredited your thread with your lies and delusion op.

We thought that was you posting bc you literally sound that crazy to us
Fag. I havent told a single lie, not sure whats in your head that causes you to convince yourself of that, but you should mull it over.
You know who else was fucking bonkers? Socrates for questioning people and upsetting the established order you digusting pigs. Him and Callista Flockheart were trying to prove the falsity of space time relationships by being across many history time periods and then they killed him for his knowledge because only a madman will show us ultimate truth since it cannot be handled by the specious mindsets of the so called properly educated.

These properly educated pigs are being slaughtered mentally as sustenance for wrongness and evil, and as we all know pigs are unclean and best a host of a problems to its eaters even if you could clean all the parasites of it you still get fat. The comparison to pigs runs deeper knowing they live and breathe in their own shit like any classically trained physicist like this guy


He knows only the things taught to him by the hegemony of lies and falsehoods. Those like him think that because they are taught only what they are taught by evil educators in class, then that must be all there is and no higher truth. The damnable contemptedness of this reality shows itself in the ego bruising which causes them to lash out with phrases such people make in response to upsetting their indoctrinated thoughts.
Stupid troll. I'm not even fucking lying I worked for silver branch and I was the MVP of the company.
How is anything connecting physiology with telepathy and precognition indoctrinated?
I am highly intellegent, but aspire- no, people just can't match my level of intellect
>comparing one's delusions to philosophers

Socrates is rolling in his fucking grave lmao
Okay? I worked in arlington office fag. Tyler the ceos son hired me on. Youre such a fuckin cuck I cant believe it. Why waste your time trolling.

Dude. This is not a special ability. This is basic social skills.
My wisdom so antiquates known knowledge, that
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You arent op fag I am jesus whats wrong with you people lol
>I did a Google search to find out the location and ceo

Try harder next time. Your lies are pathetic and you're not fooling anyone
>I have borderline personality disorder
Now it all makes sense.
Apparently not with the reactions im getting, but thats how I see it
Did you see his post about reading auras

Also pretty sure op has split personality disorder
My friend, I know exactly what youre saying. Though we clearly speak different languages. Youre on a much darker path than myself... I think youll find things a bit simpler on the light side
OP, I'm you but from universe 100037762438! I'm here to tell you that you are right and all these posters are wrong! Don't stop believing in auras! You're gonna make it!

That's not a real disorder.
And just because he's perceiving things as being more special than they are, doesn't mean that it's not really easy to read someone's body language and understand that they're lying or just being polite etc. Only like 1% of people ever answer "are you okay?" with anything other than "I'm fine," but most of the time "I'm fine," quite obviously means "I don't want to talk about it," it's not magic to work that out.
Assigning undue importance to routine stimuli is also a form of delusion.

Ah you're a Nazi then. Probably a decendent of a Hitler baby of some variance with a natural instinctual belief that the rest of the world has a weak mind.
>Only like 1% of people ever answer "are you okay?" with anything other than "I'm fine," but most of the time "I'm fine," quite obviously means "I don't want to talk about it," it's not magic to work that out.
>Assigning undue importance to routine stimuli is also a form of delusion.

Or it could be being especially perceptive about underlying causes.

Anyway, people respond with "im fine" because that's the pro-social thing to do.

When people ask "how are you", they're fishing for you to say "good, how are you", as a social thing. They're not looking for you to say, as some semi-stranger "bad, my dog died last night, I lost my job, etc".

Its called niceties and there's expected social responses to those things, even if they are lies.
>it: aspies analyze basic human interaction and jerk each other off for being superior
This reminds me of a friend, and a girl I met in class.

Both of them are wiccans. Now, I don't know whether she has gone on to greater things, but she talked about going into convulsions and other stuff in a fucking english paper that I was supposed to critique against the rules of what makes a good paper, such as logic and so on.

Anyway, out of the two wiccans in my life I've met, my friend is someone I've known longer. He is normal in life in every regard as far as I can tell; he has other relationships, wants to get into acting and works hard for it, wants to have sex normally, etc.

Then we get to his "past lives". He goes to psychics and even a fucking family friend that talks about how his soul was this guy in a past life that had a forbidden relationship with another guy who died young, and etc etc.

I'm not sure whether poverty is a cause or a symptom of psychological stability and believing in bullshit, but I can see how he might have an egoistic need for self-aggrandizement to feel like he's valuable.

Oh well, he has worked more and made more money in life than me. I can't really talk shit since I hate working and live with my parents, but we have a good time together... until he starts talking about his past lives and psychics, and then I really want to just leave and only don't jump and run then and there out of politeness.

Can you be friends with people who hold crazy beliefs? I suppose its no different from being friends with religious types. I mean, religion is the most common delusion, requiring you to trust and believe based on no evidence, yet if its a commonly shared delusion it is somehow socially acceptable.

Maybe insanity is in the eye of the beholder.
Op here and ive found a good way to put it I think.
Some people are natural mathematicians, some born musical geniuses. Is it really so hard to believe that some people are born with highly advanced communicative senses that go beyond what the majority population can concieve? I look at the board of a mathematician and I cannot read that language, but I could learn. Just like that any part of the brain can be stretched, flexed and grown, so dont worry nonbelievers theres still hope for you.

That's my point.

If you're trying to sell it as a skill, stop talking with mystical language.
>but she talked about going into convulsions and other stuff in a fucking english paper that I was supposed to critique against the rules of what makes a good paper, such as logic and so on.

Going into convulsions when being touched by a priest, having exorcisms and holy water thrown on her, and other craziness.

I forgot to add the why of the convulsions.

I think there's a reason we equate evil with insanity, and its because people who act possessed are just highly delusional, or have some sort of organic brain disorder.
Mystical because I have to use nonscientific terms to describe things science doesnt acknowledge? Thats a problem with social acceptance not me.
For someone so socially attuned, you're not doing well ITT, OP, I gotta say.
>socially attuned

He has autism
File: 1252941371580.jpg (9 KB, 180x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 180x240
You have an analytical approach to relationships which means that at least from an outside perspective the nuances of social interaction are extremely plain and transparent to you.

From here on I'm just guessing:

You can only reproduce these interactions through memorisation and acting, because you don't relax into a state of simply "being" when you interact with others. It is this state of being [who and what you are] which naturally produces the mannerisms and body language involved in communication. This is the only way to break out of predictable preset patterns of conversation. The ability to relate on a straightforward person-to-person level requires nothing but honesty. People are very good at picking up on this, OP. If you are manipulative in any way in social interactions, then you will never experience connection. People will counter-manipulate and you'll never really know them.

True selves only reveal themselves to true selves.
Very well said. Often times I find myself to be the one picking up on the manipulative factor rather than putting it down. Of course im always open for real expression in that open state of being, though ive found many people I interact with arent, and when I try to push it on them they retract, so I have to communicate on the same mechanical level. Some just arent down for revealing their true selves. What are your areas of study, friend?

>what are your areas of study

Life, the universe and everything.

I'll say one more thing before I leave. Something someone else said: to be social is to be forgiving.
If some personal flaw is glaringly obvious to you, it's often going to be your job to swallow that, and not react, because life is simpler that way. Yes, people do/say dumb shit without meaning it. Yes people can be deceitful/vain/shallow/conceited/transparent. You have to forgive people for their conceits, and hope they do the same for you.
>life, the universe, and everything

This board has become the gathering spot for 19 y/o edge lords
Post ur okcupid profiles
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