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I think I'm in love with my girlfriend's...
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I think I'm in love with my girlfriend's 18 year old sister.

I'm 23, gf is 24. My gf's sister recently turned 18. From the second I met her a few years ago, I thought that her little sister (let's call her Jennifer) was stunningly beautiful.

She's beautiful, she's down to earth, and she's a little weird. She's not outgoing, spends most of her time playing dota, and is basically a neet. However, she has an excellent fashion sense, and is, despite her introverted lifestyle, gorgeous.

Don't get me wrong: I love my girlfriend. She perfect for me. Whatever feelings I have for Jennifer are superceded by the love I have for my girlfriend (been together 3.5 Years now. Want to propose after college).

But I find myself constantly thinking of jennifer. I haven't felt this way about someone since the stupid crushes I had in highschool. My girlfriend has caught me looking at jennifer a few times and always pokes fun at me for it (I think my girlfriend also recognizes that jennifer is beautiful, so she probably doesn't hold it against me.) Jennifer has caught me looking a couple times, but always brushes it aside with a joke. That's one of the things I love about her: she's so down to earth.

My girlfriend only has one sister, and they're like best friends. It feels wrong, but I remember the movie American beauty, where kevin spacey falls for his daughters teenaged friend. It makes me think "am I really in love with jennifer, or am I just feeling a little complacent in my 3 year long relationship?"

I don't know if I intrinsically love jennifer, or if I "love" her because it's forbidden; because she's barely legal, and because she's so much more different than other girls.

What are your thoughts?
Did you get to fuck when you where younger?
Seems a lot of people who lost their virginity at +20 regrets not fucking younger. Could be that.

Or maybe you just find her attractive cause you don't see her flaws.
The way i would do it either you talk to Jennifer and try to fuck her once behind you gfs back to see if it's just sexual or you talk to your gf and say you love her but you have some feelings for jennifer.

I would do the second one, but a lot of relationships can't handle the truth so it's up to you.
I lost my virginity when I was 15 to a girl I had dated for a week and then broke up with. I had my fair share of girlfriends. I didn't have a LOT of sex in highschool but I had sex. Nothing adventurous. I didn't like to drink or party or anything (still don't drink or take drugs or anything).

Option number 1 is absolutely off the table. I'm not a cheater. Option 2 is on the table, but for a later date. I feel like our relationship needs to mature quite a bit (as well as her sister hehe) before I'm ready to drop that bomb. I think for now I'll just be stuck with my sister x sister threesome fantasies
Cheating with feelings is worse then cheating sexualy.
You aren't really on any moral highground atm.

My uncle and his now wife had some similar problems, but instead of a sister it was the neighbour.
They talked about it, he couldn't let it go and fucked her.
After he done it he admited it to his now wife and said it was purely sexual, that made him realise how much more he loved his now wife. Now they been happilly married for 8 years and have kids.
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I can't see that working.

I also don't know how I like her. Is it sexual? Is it romantic? I sometimes feel protective over her. I worry about her. I try to talk to her about her day and her feelings and her plans for the future. I think the fact that she's beautiful shouldn't cloud the fact that I care deeply for her in a mostly platonic way. I think the combination of these two can be confused for a romantic attraction. All I know is that I'm happy just being around her.
I also don't believe she has any feeling for me the way that I do. She seems totally asexual to me. I couldn't imagine her being anything but creeper out from any advances I would make. I also imagine she would tell her sister anything that happens between her and I.

Perhaps in another life.

Sounds like your gf is cool (or at least trying to be) about it. Just make sure if it comes up you phrase it appropriately, like, "Yeah, Jenny's growing up to be quite a head-turner," and then change the subject. Keep your infatuation to yourself.

Hey, it's not your fault your girlfriend's sister is smoking hot and you have a functioning libido. Just don't fuck it up. From the sound of it, you will never be able to pursue anything sexually or romantically with Jennifer without fucking everything up, so don't try if you were so inclined. Also... maaaaaaaybe don't get drunk around her, EVER. Just a thought.

>> perhaps in another life.

That, coupled with a wistful sigh, is exactly the right attitude to take.

DO NOT PURSUE, be satisfied with what you have.
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