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Should I go to an asian massage parlor, a...
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Should I go to an asian massage parlor, a strip club or an escort?
I'm 26 and never even so much as kissed a girl before. I just want to look at and touch a woman. As much as I would like to have sex I don't think paying for my first time would be something I want to live with, though I might reconsider in 4 years.
Soliciting a prostitute is just expensive masturbation with a significantly higher chance of getting arrested or contracting a disease.

Also, paying for sex doesn't count as losing your virginity.

Focus on you, develop yourself, and start meeting women instead. You're thinking in terms of "Oh God, I'm 26, it's too late." Sure, if you want to date 19 year olds. But many women in their late 20s are starting to look for men with more put-together lives rather than just fun penises.

In short, no, you shouldn't. You can do better things with your time and money.
Fuck the bullshit bro the more time you think about not getting any the more time you waste. My friend has this skin problem so he has to pay for it and guess what it made him a better person because he knows what pussy feels like , you needs to get it before you turn 30 or else they going make a movie about you like ol boy so what if you pay for it up front bitches always going make you pay for it one way or another
That seems like it would be great advice if there was anything interesting or noteworthy about me. There is not.

I have no idea what you are saying.
It ain't all that OP. I know you think it is, but it really ain't. Keep your money and improve on yourself, straighten your posture and look women in the eye. Get on the internet and date a fatty or two for practice.

You'll be rolling in pussy in no time.

True, you can't fix being inherently boring. But that's not the only measure of a person's worth.

I can't make try, I can't make you want to try. But you've only got one life to live, bud. This is it. No one will be impressed with you resigning yourself as a failure, and awkwardly humping a bored prostitute isn't going to improve anything for you.
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Don't listen to this dumb femwhore OP, she has no idea what she's spouting and has absolutely no idea what you're going through.

Listen, strip clubs are a waste of money, don't fucking bother. If you're in Europe I would recommend an escort, but if you're in the US then a massage parlour is definitely the way to go.

Don't let the femanons shame into thinking you're doing something wrong, plenty of men of all ages and social standings use escorts/parlours.
Sex isn't a big deal once you've done it and there's nothing wrong with losing it to an escort. You're 26 already, there's no way you're going to lose it in any other way, that train has long left.

Go to a massage parlour, don't feel guilty about it, enjoy yourself and ask for a happy ending.

The women and whiteknights on /adv/ want you to stay miserable and to break your back just so you can attract some used up single mom who'll eventually cheat on you anyway. Fuck that shit man, get the deed over and done with it, get the weight off your shoulders. The self-improvement comes AFTER.

Good luck, hope you make the right decision.
>But many women in their late 20s are starting to look for men with more put-together lives rather than just fun penises.
>Many used-up former college whores are now looking for a boring ATM who they will have boring sex with once a month since they've already done the crazy degrading shit with alpha bad boys back in college and "that phase is past them now"

Lmao, fucking see that shit OP?
Do you really want to break your back for some slut and treat another man's whore like a princess?
fuck you you femanon trash. Let the man have sex, you whore, all you have to do is be there, so fucking unfair.
I frequent strip clubs, OP, and they have made me much less afraid of women and their bodies. I got practice talking to very attractive women and got experience touching them/being touched. I've even developed friendships with some of them as they do things to me that I know they don't do for most other customers. Overall, besides the money loss, it's been a fantastic experience.

While the other anons are right (strip clubs are a huge waste of money) its really my only option where I live as my city is a sex trafficking hub for the state and police crack down on prostitution super hard.
>visit brothel in Bulgaria
>rough women on door, pay her my money
>another women, slightly better looking leads me to a room.
>looking at her thinking, yeah I can work with her.
>she leaves me in a room with just a bed and a sink.
>I sit on bed, shakes start to kick in, getting scared man.
>next thus cute little blond come in wearing just a robe.
>She stands in front of me and drops the robe to the ground
>she got perky little breasts, slender hips and a little blonde bush.
>I reach out and cup on her breasts, I feel so hard down bellow.
>she pulls me up and undos my belt
>takes my cock in hand and starts working it.
>damn it's good but I don't want just want a hand job.
>I stop her and push back towards the bed.
>she lies there as I take my clothes off
>she points to wards the skin, I find a condom.

>she spreads her leg I climb over her
>go to kiss, she turns away, fair enough I think.
> I suck her nipples, she doesn't complain.
> her hand is on my dick again, feel her little bush and soft lips.
> I push in, damn it great
> I start thrusting,
> I want to look in her eyes but she's looking at the sink.
> I stop, pull her head to mine.
> I see tears in her eyes
> she's crying
> what the fuck.
> I pull out of her.
> she starts working my dick again with her hand.
> i don't stop her
> she makes me in cum in the condom
> her eyes red and puffy.
> give her what's left in my wallet
> back on hotel my erection won't go away.
> I have to masturbate again.
> feel like shit all night
> still do
>a fucking brothel in fucking Bulgaria
>thinking you're qualified to give any advice to OP

Kek, fucking kill yourself, dumbfuck.
OP I speak from personal experience - I was in the exact same situation as you, except was 27 at the time. (TL;DR - summary at bottom)

I will say this one thing. NEVER bang a hooker. I'm 100% certain.

I have personally banged over 100 different hookers over 2 yrs and wasted a hell of a lot of money.

What positives did i get out of it - temporary confidence with women a few days after.

What negatives did I get? Having to go to STD tests all the time, heavy psychological dmg from not being able to tell anyone I know about it - even the people I trust most, if I get a girlfriend, if I told her this, most girls loathe a person who went out with escorts (check up online). Also a big dent in the wallet.

I could write heaps on this on why you shouldn't do it, but just I will please say, NEVER have anything to do with hookers or massage palours.

Even if u remain a virgin for life, trust me, no matter how much your body begs and please DO NOT go to hookers or massage parlours..
You're such a fucking pussy.
It's just sex with a hooker and you're making huge drama about it.
The fact that you were unable to control yourself and spent heaps of money on them is entirely your fault.
You're treating this like some sort of fucking chore and that's not helping your case. Take a step back and relax a little bit. You can't simulate sexual conquest with a hooker so it's not going to make you feel any better. If anything it'll make matters worse.
not true
once you get it over and done with, you relax and mellow out

For men losing your virginity IS a chore, women will never understand this
use your local backpages, go fuck some 19 year old ho and move on with your life brother.

Nothing wrong with tricking at this point.

Love does not exist, western women are superficial materialistic creatures.

Paying for a prostitute comes out cheaper than paying for a relationship.

If you white, save up your money and go to thailand, oriental bitches are even more superficial.

Never forget the motto
Fuck bitches get money,
so long as you believe that, you will still remain trapped by women.
Femwhore fuck off, men are talking here.
OP, take a vacation to a country where it's easy or legal. Thailand or Germany are easy choices.
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What if you're still trying to pull your life together? Are ya just fucked? I'm in my early 20s but with the way things look I think I'll still be trying to get my shit together in my late 20s and even my 30s.
If you want to get handy with your wood, there are safer and more enjoyable ways of doing so - like taking up carpentry, as a fun hobby and source of extra income. Just don't spend it all on lumber!
What a load of bullshit.
According to you the vast majority of men die virgins because most pay for sex one way or another anyway.

If the "vast majority of men" only experience sex as a direct business transaction, then I guess so.

If you're trying to claim equal status for "I bought dinner and later we had sex," and "I paid her to have sex with me," then you're being obtuse.

If you're a man, the rite of passage is in having sex with someone who to have sex with you for the sake of being with you. If you've equated virginity loss with merely penetrating someone, you're missing the point. You might as well say raping someone counts as losing your virginity.
>a person who has never engaged in Sexual activity
I think you're the one missing the point
Nah, you're a retarded femwhore and your views on male virginity are literally irrelevant.
Fuck outta here.
Responding to his shit means you're giving him victory.
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OP, if you haven't lost it by 26 and haven't done anything with a girl, then you will not lose it without paying for it.
Don't listen to the dumb femanons/whiteknights spouting bullshit about "conquest" and that is somehow doesn't count if you pay for it.

Go to the parlour, have a good time, enjoy yourself. Do it for your enjoyment and lift that weight off your shoulders, who gives a fuck anout what some fat tumblr landwhale who shits up /adv/ thinks about you?
Remember, women can't relate to any of the issues that men face, especially when it comes to relationships and sex. They live in a completely different world from us.

Be a little selfish, have fun, mellow out, realize that sex isn't that big a deal.
I can talk to you for hours here, but at the end it's something you have to experience for yourself.
femwhores itt btfo
Money, goods, one payment or several, a transaction is a transaction
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