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How do I into anal mastrubation /adv/? I...
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How do I into anal mastrubation /adv/? I bought an aneros a few weeks back and I've been trying to get into it... but for some reason it's a total boner killer even though I regularly self insert into trap porn.

I've heard prostate orgasms are some of if not the best orgasms a man can have.. but I just have no feeling in my ass, I can be hard as a rock and the moment I pop my aneros in is the moment I find myself having to jerk off to try and keep a hard on, I know the idea is to completely ignore my penis and "focus" on the sensations in my ass... but there's absolutely nothing, and the more I focus the more frustrating it becomes, only serving to make the situation worse.

Any anal aficionados out there have some tips? I know the road to anal orgasms is long and arduous but I can't help but feel like I'm doing something wrong/ its partly my fault nothing is working.
1.lots of lube
2. make sure you're not starting too big, is it a boner killer because it doesn't feel great? You have to ease yourself into anal insertion, try starting with very small butt plugs and masturbate while it's in you.
Up the plug size every time you feel like you can and continue on like this, this creates a positive link in your brain between anal-cumming.
Once you can easily put a decent size plug in you and it feels okay, you can start using dongs, vibrators and achieving prostate orgasms .

Again, ease yourself into it, it's really easy to turn yourself off to it if you do too much too fast.
You fell for a meme, my friend. It is true that their are a lot of nerve endings in you anus, but buttsex isn't innately arousing for men. The prostate is only sensitive while aroused and swollen. Unless you get off to the idea of being fucked in the ass (ie you're gay), then this meme isn't for you.
The only product I own is an aneros, it's supposed to be a "hands free" product, I'm wearing it right now and I hardly notice it... so I don't think the size of the item itself is the issue.

Like, the forums on the aneros website tell you to completely ignore your penis and focus on your ass, but when I do that it doesn't get me anywhere. I can feel it wriggling around when I clench but nothing I can really say is on par with normal masturbation.
I kinda do get off on the idea (see self insert trap porn)... but even when I edge for three hours straight and pop it in I try to focus on my ass and it just... stops.
Then go suck some dick at a gay club, or something. It isn't buttsex that arouses you about traps, if it was you would be jerking it to gay porn like a proper degenerate. Chances are you just have low self esteem, and the idea of transforming into a women (ie destroying yourself) is simply an alternative to suicide.
Why is it that everything boils down to OP wanting to commit suicide on /adv/?

Op, I think your problem is more or less that you focus so intently on trying to feel something that you lose focus on why you're doing it in the first place, just fire up some porn of your choice and just watch it, don't touch yourself of anything, just watch and fantasize, that might kickstart something.
Is it touching your prostate? You should feel a pleasurable pressure and the toy should have a curve to it.
just bashing something in and out of your butt isn't really going to feel great, it's kinda why most girls don't like anal (unless they're turned on by the idea of it)
If it is curved but you're not feeling anything maybe try moving it around a little or turning it, not everyone's prostate is located at the exact same spot, it may just need adjusting!
I also have no idea what this toy is, I've worked at a few sex shops so let me look it up and report back though maybe I can make some sense of it.
I wish I knew, from what the product says it's supposed to make contact with your prostate every time you use it. But you need to "awaken" your prostate for it to do anything, hence the getting turned on and popping it in.

The product I own is a helix syn if you're legit on the research,

just buy a proper dildo, noob
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Oh I actually know this toy well.
You can help the toy by moving it around and see if you can find your prostate, once you do and you're starting to feel aroused start using your anal muscles to clench the toy and let it "massage" your prostate.
Sometimes getting into different positions helps (lay on your side, legs up, doggie, whatever), it makes your prostate much easier to hit (like some positions make the G-spot easier to hit in straight sex)

This toy takes a fuck ton of work to master the hands free thing
It takes a ton of work to master prostate orgasms in general. Have you thought about maybe using something like a dong to get your self started?
A non-phallic, curved silicone dong is a great introduction to anal play because as you insert it into yourself the curve will easily locate your sweet spot and you can move it around manually to apply more or less pressure as you get used to the feeling.

It's very similar to girls and learning to enjoy G-spot orgasms, there's getting over the whole pressure in the bladder feeling and letting yourself relax enough to let yourself actually orgasm through the stimulation.

Keep at it though, I would maybe invest in more toys, have a few different shapes and sizes to play with, that toy may also not be the toy for you and something else would be better suited for your anatomy? Check out Amazon, tons of great anal started packs that are decent prices (just make sure you keep them clean and if they're a porous material throw them out after a while)
I sincerely doubt it would help the issue. I'm trying to achieve prostate orgasms, which is what the aneros is designed to do, a dildo might be the next step I take but I don't see it working better than what I have now.
Try some other toys. I've never used aneros or w/e but normal toys are nice. Start small like they said above. And maybe try with a real guy but chances are he won't be too interesting in your pleasure and just want to fuck you hard and fast.

Experiment with your fingers and all that, too. When I've had orgasms from just anal they're really weak but pleasurable still.

Dunno if this helps at all. Guess the key is to experiment a lot.

How will I know when I've found my prostate via fingering? I've seen people say it's a firm spot about three or so inches in, towards your penis... but when I try finding it I get nothing, every now and again I'll feel some kind of pressure like I've got to fart if I press harder than usual... but nothing else.
Idk I've never cared about finding it. Just like being fucked in the ass. When I've achieved orgasm that way it was either with sorta big toys or above average dick on a guy who could last
Follow that path man, wiggle you finger along that wall and be patient, some people need to try it a few times before they really feel it.
It also helps a lot to be aroused before you start and rubbing the skin between your testicles and anus can help arouse the prostate.
Also, try using your muscles to put pressure or relieve pressure in that area.
Watch porn while you're doing this or think of something arousing, just keep yourself in that state of mind and relax as much as possible.

I still think the best way to do this is while masturbating, jerk off until you're really aroused, insert the toy and start flexing your muscles to help the toy massage you as you continue to jerk off.
At this point you should either feel a bit of pleasure from doing this or manually moving the toy around, keep stimulating both until you come to a climax and try again next time.
The more you include anal play into your masturbating, the more pleasurable it will become.
Why is there chewing gum above the prostate?

Thats the uuuh

"Seminal vesicles: The seminal vesicles are sac-like pouches that attach to the vas deferens near the base of the bladder. The seminal vesicles produce a sugar-rich fluid (fructose) that provides sperm with a source of energy to help them move."
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