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I think it might be slowly coming to hate...
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I think it might be slowly coming to hate my wife. A bit of backstory:

>Be of mixed race
>Raised by my blue collar family
>Smart, so went to an Ivy League on scholarship
>Met future wife there
>She's from a rich family
>After a while our sex life went from vanilla to kink
>She's REALLY fucking kinky
>Married her recently after a three year relationship
>Living with her I'm starting to make a mental link between her masochism/submissiveness and my blue collar background and racial heritage
>She might actually view me as lower class, and believe that submitting to me sexually sullies her in a way that she finds arousing enough to marry me

This is slowly tearing me apart. The fucked up thing is that I'm way smarter than her, and if she weren't a double legacy and didn't have rich parents she might be totally fucked in life. I think the worst part is that I could ALMOST live with it, but the idea of having children by a woman who will view them as inferior because of their bloodline sickens me. How do I

1. Determine whether or not this is truly the case.
2. Cope with it assuming that it is or that I am unable to determine the above.

How does she treat you in private? Does she listen to you, learn things about you, take you seriously?
How does she treat you around her friends? Around her family?

It sounds like you are way, way overthinking this, and the real problem is your own insecurity about your differences in background. If your relationship is otherwise good, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

EVERYONE is fucked-up in the head to some degree, especially when it comes to sexual preferences, and if you really try to break down and psychoanalyze someone's kinks the way you're doing, I'm sure you could make it sound pretty unsavory.

So yeah, it's possible that you happen to fit some of her fetish checklists, as well as her "marriage material" checklists. They can be two separate things. It's okay if you're a bit of a sex object in the bedroom, as long as she's treating you like a person and an equal in the other parts of your relationship.

If I really wanted to dig, I could make very similar accusations about your own interests in a rich submissive white girl. Are you only fucking her because you see her as higher status than you? Are you not objectifying her in exactly the same way as she is you? Or are these stupid fucking questions, and not even worth thinking about as long as you're having fun and treating each other well?
Gawd, I hope this is bait...

So you've got a hot wife and and good life, but you are fucking it up because you are imagining things to be true that may or may not be really the case, right?

Well Sparky, how about trying this out...

Make up another story in your head where she likes the really hot sex with you because you're a complete Stud and she can't wait to have your children because she loves you and will treat them like gold because they are living expressions of the love she has for you.

Isn't that a nice story, OP?

Why don't you run with that one for a while and see how it works before you fuck up the really good thing that it sounds like you've got going?
A man who has a hammer in his hands will see EVERYTHING as a nail. The problem in your situation is your perceived inferiority, not determining whatever she thinks.

I am sure your wife lived a very privileged life in many respects and is blind to the casual acts of ignorance or privilege assertion that causes you to feel that she thinks you are inferior to her. I am sure your wife also lived a very SHELTERED life in many respects and her being really fucking kinky is a byproduct of that repression.

If you feel certain behaviours, attitudes or situation statements/actions by your wife causes you to feel she is hurtful and discriminatory towards you, you should discuss these issues firsthand with your wife. However, be aware and note that her probable tonedeaf response is not actually a deep-seated derision towards you. Also, give credit to your wife where it's due, being a double legacy only gets you into Ivy League. It doesn't let you graduate. She has made her own internal soul-searching and calculations on what she feels for you and thinks for you and what makes her believe this relationship would work. If she truly saw you as inferior and a drag, she would not have married you.

Protip: Everyone's got a fetish, and if your wife DIDN'T see you that way, it'd be because she really fantasizes about a different type of guy. You can either be a sex toy or a cuckold. I think you've got the better end of the bargain, so stop inventing problems where they don't exist

Are you American? I swear Americans see racism everywhere they fucking look

>Oh, so it's raining on the black neighborhood today? Fuckin' racist weather

>I don't like dating black guys.
>Racist white bitch, you think you're better than me?
>I like dating black guys, in fact my fiancé is mixed-race
>Racist white bitch, you think you're better than me?

you really can't win
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