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Art, People, and Subsequent Ethical Issues...
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This one is kind of a long one in a lot of ways, and at this point I feel as if I've fuckin lost it for what to do anymore.

My day job is that of a commissioned artist and illustrator. I deal... with a lot of shit from people being freelance and all, but the worst of it all is I find myself trapped in a niche for fetish illustrations that puts me in contact with some of the worst people possible. I've tried escaping it, and I'm still working at being able to transition to more reputable illustrative work, but it feels like I'm never going to make it. This awful community keeps pulling me back.

But this isnt I guess the main thing I'm looking to solve. More than anything, I've come to a point where I reached my limit-- a friend of mine whom I've known for the last 5 years, might even say he was my best friend online, He has this other friend he met 2 years ago. Now mind I never had much contact with this other friend of his until recently, but I had noticed in the last two years several things had changed in my friend.

It was subtle at first, mostly I guess masked cause we always sorta ribbed at each other and would be jackasses joking about, but over time it became meaner, more bitter and hateful. whats more, he had taken to the whole skeptic/athiest/gamergate logic and jargon to justify a lot of the hateful shit he said or when he would act like a dickhead. come to find out this was all coming from the fact this other new friend of his was a big fan of a lot of this stuff. Mind you I watch a lot of this shit too, but I dont use it to justify me being a dick in an argument.

(continued in pt.2)
anyways, so that niche community I do art for? well... in around the same frame of time the place has become more and more rife with invading pedophiles coming in to set up shop. best guess is that whatever communities they were a part of before forced them out, and the administration on the site I used was very 'muh freedoms of pornz' and gave the fucks asylum. when a few of my other fellow artists voiced concern about this, the moderation and staff basically got extremely defensive of it all. many folks left as a result. I was one of the ones who tried to sort of mend things and get through to the admins, but it ended up leaving me generally burned.

My friend however, seemed very much keen on defending these people considering he had gotten in good with a few of the artists producing content for these folks and had gleaned some weird mote of popularity among them. This was around the time I started being exposed to that certain new friend of his that I mentioned before. things began to fall into place.

This guy is... repugnant, to say the least. He's one of those sorts of constitution-thumper, militant atheist wanna-be redpill dullards that try to use someone else's arguments to make himself seem superior to the rest of the world so he can kick people about to get his rocks off. On top of it all, he's a pedophile, self confessed and proud as well as being a sadist and coprophiliac. he draws on the site I used to host illustrations on and makes a good bit of cash on Patreon for it, despite having the artistic skill of a 12 year old with down-syndrome.

(continued in pt.3)

Its come down to this; I can not stand being around this person, and with the number of my friends whom are actual survivors of being molested, raped, or exploited as children, I felt sick to my stomach even tolerating being proxy to this person. I went to my friend with these concerns and he more or less blew em off and took to calling me a "SJW cuck" regarding it all and being entirely dismissive. he screams at me that his friend never does anything sexual with kids in his art or whatnot and that I was running a crusade. that I'm anti-free-expression and just... a whole lot of jargon.

The other day I was dumb enough to actually give a real look at this guys art gallery. one of the latest comics he's posted involves a pair of women storming a little girl's christmas party with her parents, devouring and graphically digesting the girls family (cutaway shots showing them being melted alive and screaming) while they taunt and torment the child before surrounding her and shitting over her, burying her in the feces that used to be her family. I just about put my goddamn fist through the screen. I wanted to scream and vomit and just...

How do you defend something like this? I consider myself a very forgiving and open minded libertarian... but this is just too much.

I went to patreon to report the guys account because I couldnt believe the same service I use to fun my own art is being used to not only condone, but allow this sort of thing to prosper. its been about a week and no word back, even with friends I trusted to go and report it as well.

I'm scared to think what happens if this guy is left alone with kids. I'm scared to think what this sick fuck did to my friend to make him so ok with this all.

Please... honestly I dont know what to do anymore for this. I cant stand by with this sort of thing and not say anything about it. I have the guys gallery links, his patreon, his Skype, the whole shebang.

What do I do? what CAN I do?
Its like you dont want advice.
Always put a tldr if you post is going to drag on. This isnt lit. Im not even going to attempt to read this. Like Im not going to read a book to see if you have a problem I can help or even care about. Always put a tldr so that you dont waste peoples times and attract the right crowd. If its something that I can help with Ill consider reading the wall of text.
You could just leave that forum. If you're upset about it then just leave.
Nothing. You can't control other people or their actions, only your own. So what will YOU do? Either you accept this shit, or you find another line or venue for your work. End of story.
I'm with you on the concern, but honestly this is just bullshit drama on your part.

fuck off and leave if you don't want to be around this shit
So basically you've made a living off of the most vile fantasies of degenerates and are just now realizing that degeneracy is bad and isn't just a meme?

You reap what ye draw.
I actually stuck to the fringe of it all and kept my shit tame. I have too many friends actually in the industry with horror stories of smut they once drew coming back to bite them in the ass during interviews and such, so I tried to keep conscious of what jobs I took. its... weird to really explain it like that, but what it is.

also I have actually closed the gallery I had on that site. problem is I still get people I knew from back then that are still good friends who come around to get work or check in on me. I still get roped into having to deal with assholes by proxy & w/e.

all in all its a headache. and yes, its drama to a point, but its also stupid shit I dont really know how to deal with anymore. Just sorta want peace... and maybe that sick fuck who ruined my friend to get hit by a truck and left for dead.
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