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/adv/, i'm an autismo faggot with a...
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/adv/, i'm an autismo faggot with a fuckoff dad who never taught me proper hygiene and a dead mom. would you post your hygiene routines, please? grills preferred, especially regarding the cleaning of the axe wound, but anyone welcome.
Do you have a vagina?

It takes me years to get ready.

Wake up
Put spoonful of coconut oil in mouth for oil pulling (constantly swish around until spit out)
Shave face
Shower (shampoo, soap, conditioner)
Towel hair
Body lotion all over
Face moisturizer
Clean ears with Q-tips (don't do this)
Get dressed
Spit out coconut oil
Brush teeth
Blow dry hair
Style hair
Clean glasses

Then brush teeth again later in the day

At night wash face, brush teeth, moisturizer face

Once a week epilate legs
Shave arms/armpits/naughty bits when there's time few times a week in shower
Pluck eyebrows few times a week
Probably some other stuff
If only there was some technology where you could input a question that would search for relevant information. Gosh... That would be neat.
Grill here. My mom never taught me shit either, especially when it came to things like makeup, being fashionable, and just being feminine in general. I had to teach myself and now I'm pretty feminine.

I mean it's not hard to wash your snatch. Some women don't even use soap, they just rinse really well with water because soap can upset pH, but soap has never bothered me.

I do use a body wash and lightly scrub with my hands between the sides of my labia/clit. I never go inside the vag. Just try to avoid the area between your labia minora around your urethra, because soap can really irritate it (at least it does for me).
Yet another grill.

What, specifically, are you wanting to know about?

>Brush teeth after every meal, floss daily
>Exfoliate skin using a dead sea sponge and bodywash
>Use shampoo/conditioner of choice (I prefer JustNaturals)
>Use moisturizer once out of shower
>Let hair dry in loose towel, but will blow dry in a hurry

In regards to your gash, you don't want to use soap in there. Ever. The vagina is self-cleaning, and soap will only irritate while leaving a really nasty smell (soap makes it work harder, meaning you're actually going to smell worse). Just make sure you properly wash/exfoliate your outer labia. With just water and a finger, you can swab your inner delicate parts. Make sure you lift the hood around your clit a bit.

Now, aside from that, I like to keep everything trimmed. Hair always seems to trap smells. I leave an upside down triangle on my pubic mound and shave/wax everything else. Shaving is painless but it's a pain in the ass if you're hairy. Waxing is painful, but brief, and you won't have to do it very often. The hairs will also grow back soft instead of prickly.
basically i want to know if i'm missing anything standard or a method of doing things that is really convenient. i've picked up things from the internet over time but every once in a while i discover i'm missing something standard. moisturizer, for example, has come up multiple times.
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Put your face in.png
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I have a vagina.


Brush teeth
Wash face with facial cleanser
Spritz hair
Apply deodorant
Lotion my face or arms if dry
Get dressed

Go do whatever


Clean face with cleanser
Take shower
Shampoo hair
Condition hair
Brush hair (with conditioner still in it)
Rinse hair
Shave arimpits
Shave legs (if I'm feeling daring)
Lotion back, legs, and arms if dry

Go party or sleep

I stopped using soap (on my area) when I got two yeast infections in a round. It was terrible.
I do soap up my pubic hair though.

>Hair always seems to trap smells.
Agreed. If my pits aren't shaved every other day my scent becomes stronger and stays longer.
There's soaps specifically designed for lady bits, can probably find it with ease.
Normal soap has never really caused me any issues, but I dilute it a lot.

My hygiene routine:

>wash face
>apply daytime lotion
>wash crotch/ass
>wash armpits
>apply armpit deodorant (for the love of god make sure no alcohol's in it)
>brush teeth (after breakfast)

>floss and brush teeth if I'm home, otherwise nothing

>wash makeup off face (if any was applied)
>apply night lotion
>floss and brush teeth (i also brush my tongue just slightly, helps having a better breath in the morning)
>wash vagoo and ass
>wash feet, scrub with pumice stone if necessary

I use a facial scrub weekly to exfoliate.
Also, I apply body lotion or oil after I shower, just a bit is enough unless your skin is desert dry.
not op, but i have a question.. im biologically female but i have hair on my back. its not thick, but really visible. its extremely embarassing. how do i get rid of it? i cant afford laser
Wax or shaving.
how do i do it on my back? wouldnt it be dangerous?
If your skin tolerates it, you could also try bleaching. They sell bleaching products specifically designed for body hair. Try it in another sensitive area before spreading that shit everywhere, if you see it burns too much or gives you blisters, don't use it on the back.
If nothing nasty happens, just use it and you'll have lighter hair for a while.
I don't know by unless the hair is very strong I wouldn't bother.
don't put soap directly on your vag, you'll get a yeast infection. don't douche, you'll get a yeast infection. Don't use scented anything on your vag, you'll get a yeast infection.

trust me. I have one.

oh, and use condoms. No matter what.
Thought you might like a low-maintenance response.

1. Shower (usually brush my hair first); wash hair once every three days, shave as necessary, unscented soap for booty and snatch (between the lips, never inside), regular soap for the rest of my body. Let my hair air dry.
2. Floss if I feel like it, otherwise brush teeth two minutes.
3. Get dressed, includes putting on deodorant.

That's about it. I think that's the bare minimum for feminine hygiene desu.
Shut up tranny, she's asking for advice from actual women, not a dick in a dress.
It's not dangerous, but you can create little cuts that are irritating. If you trust someone, have them wax it for you. I have PCOS, which causes hirsutism, so I'm hairy as fuck. I had my mom wax my lower back a few times, which helped a lot, and I take pure Saw Palmetto to help with my excess testosterone.
I shower every morning right after I get out of bed. It keeps me clean and helps me wake up. Can definitely recommend it op!
Have vagina, I am a get ready in ten minutes sort of gal

Morning routine, sometimes night-

Shower. Shampoo hair about three times a week or when greasy. Shave pits, then rinse head. Use conditioner, let it sit while sometimes shaving legs and vag, and washing body. I don't really scrub my vag, but it doesn't seem to mind some soap on a pouf. Then I rinse, fanning my hair under the stream to get all of the conditioner out.
Brush teeth-sometimes this happens before the shower
Brush hair carefully - bad to brush hair while wet, but I can't brush my hair dry either
Wash face in shower when I remember to/it feels greasy

Night routine-
Brush teeth
Get naked
Go to bed
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