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About six months ago, I realized all at once...
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About six months ago, I realized all at once that I'd become fat.

I'm not talking "whoa, look at that fat guy over there" fat, but I used to have a six pack and now my closet full of medium shirts and size 32 pants is mostly too tight. That kind of fat.

I've learned to say no to the barrage of free shitty food at work and I've successfully been limiting alcohol to two a day. I've stopped the expansion.

Now I need motivation to stay on track. Any books, magazines, sites, whatever, you guys use to stay focused on fitness?
keys to losing weight:

eat less
move more

good luck.

Didn't ask how it works, bud, but glad you took time to not answer my question.
If you need to undo damage, the answer is not to go back to reasonable levels. You have to go past that into the territory of extra benefit. Say no to the shitty food outside of work too. Limit your alcohol to zero per day. Normalcy is the luxury of people already in a good place.
shut the fuck up fatty.

>now i need motivation
>any books
>stay focused on fitness

holy fuck you're every single fat fuck that thinks it's some sort of magic spell that gets people in shape. you just do it.

Legitimately useful way of looking at it. Appreciated.

Summary of this exchange:
"Any fitness publications you guys like?"

It's also its own motivation in that it becomes habitual. You work against the plan to say no to drink #3 when you just finished drink #2. It feels silly to turn down shitty food after work when you drive by a fast food joint on your way home. You get the idea. Focus is an active, mentally tiring process. Automatic choices don't require attention. They just happen.
>"Any fitness publications you guys like?"

Going to /fit/ and taking a look at progress threads and fat hate threads is all you need m8.

Fitness publications are littered with bullshit and supplement peddling, just find forums for it.

/fit/ or bodybuilding.com.
I use /fit/, but motivation is kind of subjective there buddy. My disgust with my blubber is also motivating, but I don't put out a magazine about that, so I'm not sure how much that helps you.
Make a goal plan, award yourself with a star each time you work out. Like a plan over the whole month, then when you get enough stars give yourself a present/something rewarding (not food).

Works for me, don't want to miss a star ya know :3 If star stickers aren't your think, i am sure they sell skull stickers also, lol...
Fuck off if you're gonna be this much of a little shit. Do you think that isn't obvious?
the only only only only only thing that actually matters is your diet.

don't drink soda ever.

don't drink alcohol by yourself and for no good reason.

don't eat processed bullshit.

done. you aren't fat anymore.

everyone of those don'ts that you can't handle means you'll have to do a shitton of extra work to make up for.

excercise is fucking meaningless w/out diet, it can make you look great and feel great when you are eating healthy and it can make you look better but wont make you look healthy when you eat shit.

protip: any time you are thinking of eating anywhere, look at the people who are currently eating there. Are they fat?

don't fucking eat there.
Just do it in small doses.

6 months ago I was fed up with being fat and feeling like shit and have omg horrible acid reflux. So I made a major change (I also quite my job at the same time).

I changed my diet to a healthier one (I actually stopped eating all meat except fish the first month, then by the end I was full vegetarian. This worked for me cause I only liked meat that was terrible for me, and I'm honestly like an alcoholic when it comes to cheeseburgers.

I wasn't really counting my calories at first, but I was watching what I ate and was trying to stay in the 2000 range, then I started doing low impact stuff like yoga and shit.

Then when I went full vegetarian l started doing my old cardio circuit training videos, and I jusr alternate which one I want to do based on how I feel that day (like if I feel kind of run down or like shit I'll do a shorter easier one)

I've lost 40 pounds. If I have been more strict about counting my calories I'd probably have lost more but my reflux is gone and I do feel better, I still have like 60 more pounds to go.

>I'm not saying go vegetarian, I mean if you want to try it, I only did it for reasons I said above
And is working out boring?

I always have the workout video going on my phone and do it while semi watching something on Netflix
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