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Parents kicking me out
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Hey /adv/ I'm queer and my mother is kicking me out, I'm in the closet but she's getting more and more suspicious
I've had issues finishing school, and I have major really bad depression, which makes everything harder.

I need to be gone by June at the latest, but id love to pack my shit and go now
I have no car, and no money

Is she kicking you out because of your depression issues? Because if you were able to perhaps calmly discuss the issue with her, or bring her to see your therapist and discuss the realities of mental illness, that might keep you from being kicked out.

If you don't have a therapist you can always get one. Not like there's much to lose at this point.
I've been seeing a therapist and been on anti depressants for a few months
To be frank, my mom is a shitty person, and I hate living here anyway. But this chronic depression makes it hard to do anything, getting a job included

My mom is aware of the depression issue, she just doesn't care, in her mind mental illness isn't a "real"thing so much
You need money.
If i were you id start job hunting now.
why haven't you come out to her yet?

You need money and a job asap, also do you have any relatives or close friends? I'm being forced to move out of my apartment because my dad has gone crazy, he is mentally sick but on a different level, so much so I destroyed our family and caused minor physical but heavy mental damage to me. Luckily my grandmother says she has a room for me so I'm gonna take her up on her offer, if you got good friends or close relatives I recommend speaking with them and explaining your situation to them .
*it not I
I doubt she cares about your love of dicks. Problem has to do with you being a leeching pos. Yes, depression yada yada. But mama dont give a fuck. She sees her 20 something son not working or even going to school.

You need to talk it out. First off, let her know your gay. "Hey mom I like dicks and it causes me super bad anxiety." Actively show your mother you are trying to go somewhere in life. Depression makes it hard to do school? Try working a super part time job. 8 hours a week is worthless, but it shows drive and will ween you in on the horrors of adult life.
>in america you have to be out of the nest by 18 or you're a failure :^)

what a fucking shithole the US is

anyway op, you'll need a job. Get that first, demand that you be given the time to get one, and once you have a buffer (two to three months' rent (it's easier than it sounds))

After that, it's easy. Just keep the job. Then you have a place where you can have annoying loud sex, fuck yourself in the shower for hours, and entertain company for things other than wild doggystyle action.
i didn't want to get kicked out, which would be the outcome
getting called "fag" etc etc is problematic and annoying enough being in the closet
thats what im working on i dont have much experience though, and i hated retail so much the last time, i almost quit before i got fired
i could stay with my dad's mom, but she's just as, if not more homophobic
it also sucks living there
>Problem has to do with you being a leeching pos.
thats a big part of it yes, but the gay thick is just as bad...
i'd be done with school if they helped me some; i transferred to university and had to cover it myself which meant loans, and I got so depressed and anxiety ridden i flunked my classes that term, which got me put on academic probation with a bill.

I have to pay for the bill before I can take more classes, but its a $5grand bill
coming out is pointless imo, to someone as religious and conservative as her, but i'll try and explain the mental health thing better....
honestly though its pointless
>i didn't want to get kicked out, which would be the outcome
but you're getting kicked out anyway...
Amazing how all you queers get depression before even coming out, all just from scenarios in your head of some fabricated acceptance.
no, i have a diagnosed mental illness, i have chronic depression, i take prescribed medication for it from a mental health professional
good point
guess i may as well in that case
I guess that somewhere I was also implying that queers have other mental issues leading them to be queers. I seriously think so, not even trying to offend in any way on purpose.
i wouldn't disagree
minority stress can lead to other issues absolutely
Well, I don`t know. Maybe you should think why you`re turning to be queer given your mental condition. Might give you insight. Perhaps you`ll improve with time and your mother will accept you.
do you live in an urban area? a lot of big cities have emergency housing and support for homeless queer people

being disowned by your family and friend group and being fired from your job, even if on fabricated grounds to make it seems legal, just because you desire a dick in your ass is pretty sad.
close to los angeles
it seems like i might be ineligible for queer youth services though
Do you have a job?
Look into UPS or something similar. You get full health benefits after 6 months with full union protection. (Equal opportunity)
Starting wage is like $10.10 an hour with raises on a set schedule, tuition reimbursement on day 1, promotions after 6 months. Within 5 years even without a degree you can make $100k a year.
Get literally any job you can.
Get bedding at a homeless shelter if you must.
Your mother is probably a major contributor to your depression and you need to get away from ASAP no matter what. It can only get better, friend. Move away from your family and become your true self without fear of judgement.
okay i'll apply there right now. thanks for the tip.
and no, I dont have a job
i've been heavily considering going to a homeless shelter so I may very well do that....
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