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What to do when a guy just disappeared and...
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He interested in me. Asked for number,Facebook etc. texted back and forth. Then he suddenly disappeared on me for like three days after that texted me says sorry he was so busy with college etc. Turned out he has some troubles going on. I'm okay with it. And i think I understand for him this time. I'm nothing to him at this moment I can't ask him to share everything with me. We texted for like a day then he disappeared on me again. And just texting me back after three days. I asked if everything ok. He told me everything is fine. I just learned from his friends that he dealt with his troubles and now everything is totally alright.
The point here,why didn't he tell me anything? Why just disappeared on me like that for several times?
He doesn't have any intent to tell me about his problems.
Let's think about it as i am totally cool with it,as we're nothing yet,how i am supposed to do if after all we are in a relationship and he just disappeared like that without any words again?as a girl I totally can't deal with it.
So please /adv,tell me if is there any potential that he's gonna disappeared again?
And this is a common thing or he is totally worthless?
He's busy you twit. Why would he make you a priority in his life if he doesn't even know you?

If you really need that constant 24/7 contact from a guy you are just BARELY getting to know then find someone else, because this guy obviously is not doing it for you. Clingy as fuck.
Do you understand? We met up in real life via our mutual friends. We hang out together twice. He asked my number on a second time we met. Then my Facebook etc.
the point here i told you very clearly I'm totally cool with it. But I'm afraid of even when we are in a relationship he's gonna disappeared like that again. that's not great at all. Imagining your gf disappeared on you in the middle of the conversation just because she's busy without any words,what do you think?
Yes I automatically assumed that you met up in real life... naturally.

I wish I had a crystal ball to tell you what your future would be like with him but I don't so you need to realize for yourself whether or not you want to take that gamble with him. Do you want to risk entering a relationships with the anxieties that your boyfriend may not be there for you and disappear without notice? Or would you rather find a man who will stick around and be there for you? There is obviously something wrong with the guy if he can't say "HEY I AM GOING AWAY FOR A WHILE". My guess is he's playing keep away to maintain you interested by chasing.
It doesn't sound like he's that interested. I don't know what his "troubles" were, but I'm sure he used his phone during those few days, and had time to write hello. If you want to still talk to him, go for it, but don't expect much of him. Even if you're not his girlfriend, if you're trying to get to know someone, you don't just disappear for a few days at a time.
That's the point. He just disappeared without a words. Then shows up like nothing's wrong and excuses by being busy etc. I understand he also has his life but I don't know if this is normal or abnormal honestly. Of course i want the one will be there for me and stick around me rather than a guy loves me but always on his own way like that.
And I don't think he's playing game to maintain my attention. Honestly my infatuation for him already gone. We planned to meet up this Thursday but I don't know if is there any sparks between us at all. Even when we texted only around "hey how are you,how's thing etc"
He did. At least i can make sure for those first days when he just get my number. Texted me first all the time,always being annoying and happy when we meet. Just so weird he changed his attitude after asking me if I have a bf. I don't know what is this actual fuck.
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Have you tried anal?
It is not that hard to understand, he changed his attitude because now that you are single he has taken an interest. My advice is to stop worrying about it. Go meet with him Thursday and after the date you will have to listen to your instincts to tell you whether or not you should dump him.


Don't go on the date and forget about him. Also, if he cancels the date then FORGET about him.

These are your options, flip a coin if you can't make up your mind because it does not get any more straight forward than this.
I think we'll meet up this Thursday for sure. Then I'll see what's next. I don't know what's wrong with telling him I'm single after he asked me. Is it not that clear we are both single that's why we want to get to know each other?
So please tell me if next time the other guys asking me if i have a bf,what to say?
If a man asks if you are single then you say "yes" if you are interested in him.

If you are not interested in him then say "no,I have a boyfriend".

If it is a man who you know within your social circle BUT are not interested in, then you say "no I don't have a boyfriend but I am not looking for a relationship"

If I ask you if you have a boyfriend then you ask me if you can be my girlfriend <:*)
That's it. I did exactly what you said. But he just changed his attitude.
But god damn. I told him I don't have a bf but I don't fucking care. Did he miss read that as I don't want a bf?
Whoa. Some guys aren't big texters. Some people need constant communication. I'm guessing you might not be the best fit.
yes the attitude change works like that.

If a girl is in a relationship and a guy is interested in her, then he may tease her but will mind his boundaries. (this is the same if he is not sure if she is in a relationship)

If he finds out that this girl he is interested is single and he is a man then he will begin to pursue her - like the guy did to you I guess?

Why do I have to explain this to you - it is common sense.
If he doesn't into text he can ring me. But he didn't. No. Nothing.
I know right it's common sense but didn't him suppose to be more talkative and communication? He just on and off for like two weeks after learned I'm single as that. I don't fucking understand.
Hahahaha, you told me that you don't think he is keeping away to maintain your attention, but he is. Look, he cuts communication so taht you will think about him.

It is working, you even made a thread and have been thinking about him for this past hour maybe longer.

He is playing you like a fiddle.

I do this to girls all of the time hahaha. Maybe I am the guy you are talking to!
Damn it you're making me shaking. Let's hope you're not him or I'm gonna kill myself for it.
And damn. If he's keep doing for any longer I swear I'll cut all contacts. I am fucking wrecked.
When I saw you on that day you look beautiful with your brunette hair and hazel eyes.... hahahha jk - I am leaving good luck.
Thanks anon. Good night
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