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Ok, so I'm in kind of a strange situation...
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Ok, so I'm in kind of a strange situation with this girl that I am deeply in love with.


I've known her for about two months. While I've had a crush on her since the first time I saw her, I truly fell for her once I got to know her. We study together and she asked me if I wanted to join her in making a band, which we both play in now. We've met a couple of times outside school to study for our exams, and once just to hang out, which was nice, but we didn't really evolve romantically. I am kind of shy near her, and I am not sure if she gets kind of shy near me, but I've always felt there is something in her look when we make eye contact.
Anyways, I decided about 3-4 weeks ago to make a move and ask her out to go to see the new SW-movie, since she is a SW-fan, and she agreed, but I was kind of shy and didn't mention the word "date", but thought she would get that. So we decided to choose what day for next week via message on FB.

This is when things turned bad.

The following day (a Friday) I message her if she wanted to go see the movie on Wednesday. She doesn't see the message before Wednesday evening and replied "I don't think I can. How about next week?"
So, she is very little active on FB, but waiting five days before replying on the evening I asked her if she could is stretching it. So I didn't feel she took me seriously and just said "If you didn't want to go, you could just have said so in the first place."
She just answered "?" "Does that mean no?" the next day. I have no idea what she meant by this so I wrote to her that I just meant that she could just say no thanks if she wasn't interested.
>no answer

Continued in post
Days go by, and school starts again and I meet her again and we act like usual. At the end of our band practice, I wait with her for her train like I usually do. When her train arrives, she says "Ok, see you, dunno when" (or something like that, it's hard to translate perfectly) and looks sincere and almost sad when saying it.
So I immediately thought she were referring to going to the movies with me and that I was the one who had canceled it or something or if I had done anything to make her sad or to make her think that I didn't want to bring her for a date or some shit I dunno, girls can be sensitive, and I know this girl is very sentimental. So I write her another message to ask her if she was interested after all, or if not and she thought it would be weird or something I would like it if she just answered no.
>once again, no answer on message
So I go on to ignore her completely irl to see how she reacts.
>She kinda ignores me back. We don't interact or talk, but she still seems to want my attention, she just doesn't say anything
Is she just being shy at this point?

So I loosen up after a week and start talking to her again like normal. So I finally asked her today in person, since I got the opportunity to talk to her alone. I said to her that I didn't mean to make her uncomfortable by asking her to go to the movie with me. We then talk for a little while and she says a couple of things I take note of.
>Because of a couple of experiences, I shouldn't get close to someone
It was unclear whether she meant that she was afraid she would fall in love, or if she was afraid of falling in love and getting rejected
>I just need some more time
She didn't specify what she needed time for
>She mentioned that she didn't know what I meant when I asked her to go to the movie
So she didn't know if I meant it was a date or just as friends? She didn't specify whether of the two she wanted/didn't want.
She also seemed kind of teary eyed at the end of the conversation.
I have no idea how to interpret this, or what to do now. I'll meet her in school tomorrow. Should I ask her if we can talk more about it or to specify? Is there anything else I can do? Should I just "give her time" whatever that means?

Thank you for reading, anon. It took a lot of time to write and I appreciate any help.
>know her personally
>still using facebook to try and set things up
Use a phone like an adult, faggot. Or better yet, ask her in person. Most girls want to date men, not other girls. Find your nuts, dude.
Did you even read the whole thing? I didn't have her number anyways, so I didn't have much of a choice then
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You may have dubs, and I'm not that guy. But he probably didn't read all of it because the same reason as I.

You took too long most likely. Do it next time in person. Throw your guts out there you stupid fuck.
But I did talk to her in person, as I wrote in the text>>16757716

I took too long for what? For asking her out?
She sounds very dumb, OP. Forget about her. Like really dumb, maybe even autism dumb. Like damn.
She isn't dumb at all, and I can't imagine her having any sort of autism. She is just kind of strange, and I think she might be a bit shy, but I'm not sure. She doesn't seem to behave like this around everyone.

And no, I won't forget about her before I've settled everything with her and am sure that it could never happen.
>might be shy
>is kind of strange...
>says and asks senseless garbage that lead nowhere

OP, you're describing it. You did. Not me.

Look it yourself, you're fighting and wrestling this situation with no progress, she's not giving you any meaningful feedback, she's just wasting your time. Not only is she leading you around, she's taking a shit long time on it. 5 days to answer one simple question? No cellphone number? Can you even imagine what your relationship is going to be like? You're fucked and blind. I sure hope you see it before it's too late.

I'm not saying she's explicitly rejecting you, but it's surely pointing that way.
She's not interested. Stop pursuing. But I have a feeling you're not going to listen to me and keep trying. So do as you please and deal with the heartbreak.
>Says and asks senseless garbage

I don't think it is, I just don't understand what she means. And yes, of course I figured that she is rejecting me, I still need to do something.
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