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Hey /adv/, I know everyone only asks about relationship advice here, but i actually have an upcoming interview with a medical school. Does anyone have any tips or experiences that they could share with me? Thanks.

Morrowind art in exchange.
Wash your shoes.
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Probably the same as any old job interview. If you're qualified and come across well enough and dont have any felonies or drug charges on your record YOU'RE IN.
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Well we'll see, I doubt anyone who has felonies or drug charges even get an interview though. I'm just wondering what questions might be asked other than "Why do you want to be a doctor?"
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Dang OP. Medical applicant here this cycle waiting for a fucking interview...

Just be personable and give answers that show you thought about the inquiry. Think about all sides of the argument. Don't take extremist views. Also, don't freak out about any questions. The interviews might intentional try to mess with you to see how you perform under a pressured scenario.

Also more morrowind because yea!
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To be quite honest senpai, I'm completely shocked I am getting an interview. My MCAT scores are dogshit and I'm not a girl.

thanks for the advice bro and hope you have good luck as well.
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Fuck mang. 3.9+gpa, 33 mcat here. Did a lot of research. Should've done more hospital volunteering. Maybe one of the 15+ schools I'm waiting on will respond positively to me. Doesn't help that I'm young....

Like I said, be personable, thoughtful, and be engaged with the interviewer during the interview. I'm sure you got it!

Requesting more Ordinator art!
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4.00 GPA 24 MCAT. Never done any research, got 100's of volunteering hours and am a club president, so maybe that helped me.

How old are you? Why do you think that matters?
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21, finished college in 3 years and 1 quarter. idk, been hearing that adcoms prefer older applicants because they have more "experience". The average matriculate is 23...

more morrowind art
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I'm 21 too, but yeah I've heard that too, actually.
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I'm in med school but not in the US so I can't really help you, sorry. You guys have to pass interviews? Sounds annoying, good luck anon.
Here everyone can get into the first year then you have to pass exams and be in the top 300 among 2500 people, big waste of money t b h
Interviews are pointless, adcoms fall in love with numbers and will let actual sociopaths in sometimes. As long as you can fake being normal for 30 minutes you're good.

For actual advice: Canned questions deserve canned responses so memorize your "why do you want to be a doctor", strengths and weaknesses, and also an explanation for your bad MCAT because you will be asked about it. Supposedly some programs like to ask your opinion on Obamacare, resident autonomy, etc so read up on those. Be ready to explain any research you've done in depth. Keep an eye out for shit in their office you can talk about. Redirecting an interview into a college football discussion for 30 minutes is an automatic slam dunk.

Good luck, but consider a different career there's still time for you to get out
Hey man thanks for the advice, what do you mean by "resdent autonomy?" Also yeah if i can just get the topic focused on like travel experience or something like that I know I will be golden.
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that sound worse tbqh fampai. For you it sounds like you just wait a full year if you are not in that top 300.
Yeah that's true. But we don't think much of it since we need 9 years to get our diploma, so what's one more year...

I hear you. It takes about 10 years to finished medical schooling in America as well.
Resident autonomy in the sense that in older programs, interns are note slaves and your main job is to do h&ps, documentation, and scutwork, but coming up with assessment and plan and doing procedures is for your seniors.

Now resident autonomy dictates that interns are increasingly involved in assessment and plan instead of being a scut monkey for a year

Generally a good thing for residents but if your interviewer is a surgeon you shouldn't be so gung ho about it
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Okay those sound like some really good talking points, thanks a lot.

You got some other tips my man?
Well, I think the most important thing was clinical experience. Especially since you're younger than "normal", the program could see it as a risk that you don't know what you want to do with your life and that you could just drop out halfway through anatomy because med school sucks. Having clinical experience shows you understand the field and you know what you're getting into. Especially important if your family is totally non-medical

I don't mean shit like "I volunteered in a hospital for 300 hours, but if you dig deeper I really just worked the gift shop". Stuff like shadowing actual doctors, getting in the OR; a job in a clinic or something is the best but obviously not everyone has that. Embellishing what you do have isn't a bad idea here but don't go overboard, like saying you were first assist on a TKA because everyone will know you're lying.

There's also a good chance your interviewer hasn't read your application at all, so be ready for the total BS questions like "tell me about yourself".

That's really all I've got pal, act like you know medicine and what you're getting into, even though nobody expects you to. Think on your feet because you might get a curveball like "how would you tell someone he has cancer". Otherwise don't be an autist or try to hide it and you should have good results.
I do have clinical experience, I've been in the OR, I've done a lot of shadowing...I know this is what I want to do. Buy yeah man you've really been a great help and I genuinely appreciate it! I think i know everything I need to know.
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