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Evening /adv/
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Evening /adv/

Posted UCAS last week and I have three firm offers already (all for straight up History).


Still waiting to hear from


Only concerns are quality of education and quality of degree. Not remotely interested in "student life".

Any thoughts?

pic unrelated

I'm in /adv/ right?
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>Any thoughts?
is the curry really good there?
Quel surprise

/adv/ is utterly useless

Well done. You're actually worse than /r9k/
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Make sure to overdose on your way out
bristol is the best out of those, then lancs then durham and the other two are garbage

remember, vote no to the eu
>not remotely interested in "student life'

You sound like a holier- than- thou fedora neckbeard

EU might be useful to me one day.

Why do you put Lancs above Durham, Manc and Sheff?

I spent my youth hitchhiking, fighting, gambling, raving, fucking... the typical things one does to save the despair of laying on a deathbed wishing one was more reckless.

Unfortunately, I've learned it was all a waste of time and energy and figured I need an education if I'm going to have a future.

For what it's worth, my fiancee is doing a PhD in Neurolinguistics. Perhaps being a bad-boy layabout pays off in some respects but I imagine I'm the exception.
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Nice blog

Nobody cares

I was just responding to his assertion.

Nobody is talking to you, tripfag.
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Nice blog

Nobody cares
> "Nobody is talking to you, tripfag"
> Directly replies to tripfag

Are you dumb lol? Thats not how you play the game

Interested in the response to this^

And other thoughts pertinent to OP
You fuckers are beyond useless.

Making /r9k/ look quasicompetant.

For fucking shame.
I think you mean competent


My bait caught by the one useless cunt I didn't want to bite.

Fuck it. I'm clearly not going to get a useful response ITT

Might as well indulge you.

Who are you and why you trippin'?
Who I am is not important

What's important is my plan

I presume that involves crashing a plane... With no survivors...

To what end?
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I'm gathering as much data on human interaction as possible so I can use it to my advantage in the next step of my master plan

Oooh... You're special.

So we've established that all human interaction is self serving.

How do you intend to manipulate said matter to fit your goals? All horses have their own courses.
the forced evolution of humanity

I get a feeling you're more shy than obtuse. Your ambiguity isn't borne of dis-ingenuity, I can tell that much.

Indeed, unless your plan is a return to chaos, I don't think you actually have one to call upon. If you had, I would have been beguiled at least, if not completely aroused. Right now, I'm completely flacid.

I reckon you're a poseur.
I'm not shy

I just don't particularly value human interaction because its usually monotonous and repetitive

But surely you'd have to manipulate people who could potentially useful to you in order to fulfil your masturbatory dream?

Otherwise, you'd just be an informed observer.

If that.
I won't be capable of realizing this dream

But if I make enough ripples in the pond someone might

Ripples to inevitably be washed away in an Ocean of Piss.

I don't really care enough about you because you're just another anon to me. But you've indulged me enough that I'm interested in your ultimate vision.

In your idealistic world beyond the deaths of yourself and me, what do you foresee?
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My idealistic world would involve separating the consciousness from the biological body using technology

To what end? I want to see the beginning and end to all of creation

Realistically I'll settle for space travel since we barely understand quantum mechanics and don't posses methods of using energy in such ways

Maybe in a few generations

Fair enough.

My kid brother thinks along the same lines as you.

Eerily so.... I wonder if you're actually him.

I was going to shit all over your premise but I have a soft spot for said particular brother.

In terms of quantum mechanics and the acceleration towards human/robot equilibrium, you might not be far off.

What you're doing on /adv/ bemuses me since you are completely bereft of sexual enticement (which is the gold standard currency around here).

In any case, enjoy yourself and have a nice day/evening.
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I doubt you're one of my older sisters

Maybe I'll meet him one day

Have a nice time yourself
That in no way is like me.
Thread replies: 31
Thread images: 8
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