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How do I become someone that people will...
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How do I become someone that people will notice? My entire life I feel like I've been a side character, a background character. Never doing anything too important, never being "cool", never being someone that people actively think about.

Im everyone's friend, just nobody's "best friend"
Im invited to everyone's wedding, but nobody's best man

I get with girls very, very occasionally, but I never actually get any loving relationship going

I have hobbies, but I dont have anything THAT engaging or exciting.

I just feel like I'm invisible. I wanna be out there, doing something awesome. Have people notice me, witness me.

I used to really lack in confidence, total sperg mode, but I'm so much better now. I just dont know how to get myself out there. Doing things that people stand back and go "Wow, I wish I could do that"

My one talent that I would say I could do better than most people is talk. I can talk a politician to death, I can talk fast and talk a lot and talk well. Thats it. Don't really know what to do with that.

All its really gotten me is a reputation for being a chatterbox

I feel like girls are never really gonna like me once they actually know me because Im so fucking dull and boring. Im not exciting enough.
let someone put a note on your back that says "kick me" and you will get noticed alot

but honestly, to be noticed in a positive way can be good and bad at the same time

celebrities get noticed all the time, have people at their feet and lots of them hate it

Try talking about something interesting rather than just talking, it may be that people find you annoying. Listen when you're in a conversation and comment on what the person says rather than just waiting for your turn to speak.

I already do that. Talking is not something I have an issue with. Like I said talking is my one talent. I do really well with presentation projects and shit and have had people tell me multiple times I tell really good stories and stuff. Which is nice, but its not exactly the most exciting "gift" in the world


I would rather receive good and bad attention that be invisible. At least there's drama and excitement with the former

Whats the latter? Nobody knows you're here then you die alone after accomplishing nothing

>Whats the latter? Nobody knows you're here then you die alone after accomplishing nothing

accomplishments are different from being noticed bro

>I already do that.

Meh, if you actually were well received then you wouldn't have this problem.

Are you ugly and/or fat? That is a big impediment as well.
become a political assassin, youll get a wiki page out of that
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If you want to be noticed, you need to be a shredded sick kunt.

How so? I mean I get your point but really aren't they directly tied to one another?

e.g. I pickup a new hobby, say skating or snowboarding, an accomplishment would be getting gud at it, being able to show off my hard work. That would get me noticed, get me new friends in new circles around that hobby, make me more popular for doing what Im doing etc.


Im 140 lbs and fairly decent looking. I get "Cute" a lot with my baby face, so I'm not ugly. Still would rather get HOT than cute but hey, genetics is genetics.

The point is, being a good talker isn't good enough. Its not made me as popular as I want to be.


Maybe if I get older and have nothing to lose. Hilary clinton really pisses me off

i agree with that, if you accomplish something great there's a good chance that you will get noticed for it

my point is that many people accomplish great things and are not noticed

many are noticed only after they die such as painters

some people accomplish things that have immense value for themselves, but has no value for other, but yet they are proud
clinton is a drone, you have to go higher, towars the source

Im on my way bruh, my brother is already on that lifestyle. He worships zyzz like a god (As if he isnt) but I've just started on the path to sick cuntness, start going gym a couple weeks back. Leg day tomorrow

Thats step one I guess. If I'm a shredded sick cunt at least people will appreciate me instantly on a physical level

I was going to ask how tall you are but really that doesn't matter, at 140 pounds you'll look like a kid no matter what.

Maybe you should consider starting to lift weights. If you're telling the truth about your rhetorical skills and being cute then maybe people are just embarrassed to be around you because you're scrawny, that is the only thing that I can think of.

Im all about that pride, but I want recognition. I wanna do something to get me a little glory, a little taste of that popularity.


Who is the source? Help me out Im not big on american politics


I've already started that if you look at the reply about yours. And I know, I think you're probably right.
People probably do judge me for being young looking and scrawny. Cant help the way I am naturally, but I can work out and change my appearance. And thus I am.

To be honest, I feel a little bit like I could be the coolest person in the room, but that wouldn't matter because other older looking guys are bigger and weigh more than me, so people automatically respect them and give them more attention than me.

But whatever, thats what the gym is for. I'll get shredded and then I'll get some attention

>But whatever, thats what the gym is for.

Do you have your own place? I bought a power tower and some dumb bells for my gym $150. I canceled my membership to the place I was going since it was just a waste.
well pretty much no one knows who is actually at the top top, bilderberg type people, because ofc theyre very powerful so can protect themselves. but for example soros would be a much better target than hillary
You know why you're no one's best friend? Because no one is your best friend. It's like you don't care about being around someone because you like them, only because having people around will make you feel better about yourself.

You don't have hobbies that are engaging or exciting because you're not engaged or excited by them. And you're not thinking about doing something else because you're interested in it, but because you think it might get people to notice you.

Find things that you want to do because you want to do them for you. If you want close friends, then make an effort to build real friendships yourself.

I go to a local gym. When I get paid I'm gonna get a pull up bar for my room, and maybe some dumbells too, for supplemental lifting. But I like my local gym and can get there easily and regularly, +I only rent a room in a flatshare, I dont have the space or funds to make a proper home gym.
Besides I have to move every year when the contract for my place ends regardless, so may as well have a local gym rather than my own home setup.

Besides, 150$ is like 5 months membership at my gym. Its really not that expensive.



T25 has some really good pylometric exercises you can adapt into your routines. My legs are buff as fuck and the workouts are only about twenty minutes long... I hate running and squatting so it is a great alternative for me.

I cant run. Like at all. Im not 140 lbs on purpose, its my metabolism or thyroid or some shit I dunno, but I avoid all cardio like the plague. I already lose weight like a hoe loses her iphone, but cardio makes me lose weight even faster. Gotta stick to strength training

Huh. Do you not have any way of getting medical attention?

A friend of mine just thought she had good metabolism but after passing out a couple times she ended up finding out that she has this congenital heart defect and she had to get a pacemaker. Would've died if she didn't see a doctor.

I highly doubt its anything medical. I saw a doctor when I was young (I vaguely recall it, I must've been like 11 or so) and he said "Yes Anon is healthy and in proportion, he's just in the skinnier side of things"

He recommended I eat more fish, because my diet was limited at the time, thats it. I mean I've got a healthy BMI I'm just naturally very skinny. I dont think theres much more to it. My body just processes shit really, really fast and doesnt cling on to fat well.

When I cam to uni in september I weighed about 8stone 10 (Roughly 122lbs) and I've put on about 18 lbs since this. But its been a concerted effort of eating lots of high carb meals.

I just dont wanna fuck up my progress by running and having the weight drip off me again
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