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I feel stressed out, sad, angry and fantasize...
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I feel stressed out, sad, angry and fantasize about killing myself for really no good reason. This used to happen to me every so often and I'd be fine but now it happens all the time. How do I stop this?
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This used to be me. I attempted once. I would recommend not doing it. Just force the feeling out. Don't feed the sadness or else it'll get worse
"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
―Yuthura Ban
Its not really "no good reason". Its reason is rather hidden. Most likely a dopamine intake issue
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Yes but strife is in the end only resistance to change. If you cease rebelling against the nature of the universe to change, then what was once strife becomes calm, fear becomes serenity, and despair becomes equanimity. No change means stagnation, true, but strife is a choice we make when we seek to resist change and go against nature.

As a Sith,
It is our goal to be stronger, to achieve our potential and not rest upon our laurels. We are the seekers, not the shepherds.

Why inhabit the universe as lambs when you can bend it to your will?
Fuck off Pegasus, no one likes you
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>Nobody likes me

When was the last time someone said they loved you? Mine was two minutes ago

Anonymous posters even post threads to honor my presence

My name means power
>Anonymous posters even post threads to honor my presence

Prove it. Link me one
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welp, time to kill myself
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That would be a waste

You should join my army
I'd rather kill myself
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You will serve me

In this life or the next
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OP, I'm really sorry to hear that. I've felt the exact same way at times, and often it seems unstoppable. Like the emotions boiling up from my brain NEEDED to be let out.

Here are some steps I would take if I were in your shoes right this very second.
1. You're stressed out. There is an external stimulus that you are responding to with stress. You're carrying a heavy burden, the only way you're gonna feel better is to start letting those stresses go. If I were to guess, your stress is due to trying to be something you are not. Because when you accept yourself 100%, when you forget about other people's opinions and expectations, stress leaves. Just remember that you're worthy and deserving of a feeling of peace and serenity.
2. Don't worry. Everything feels really important right now but I promise you dude, it really doesn't matter all that much in the long run.
3. Be social. Look, we're social apes, the simple fact is that there is a part of our brain that boosts our happiness when we're forming good social bonds and connecting with people. As much as you may hate people (because people can be really shitty sometimes), there are genuinely good people out there who will help you out and support you.

Hope this helps, cheers
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Describe your life. You might be depressed.

also yotsuba images for every post.
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Sure, here's my current situation. It\s really long but I'll just post everything since whatever.

>senior year
>chubby, 164 cm tall manlet
>have really shitty self confidence
>also ashamed of bisexuality and bondage fetish
>not the most popular person
>not hated, just introverted
>complete permavirgin
>never been in a relationship
>started couch25k program
>never played on a sports team
>never been in a club
>nervous about graduating
>unsure about future
>semester is ending
>got exams next week but not really worried
>got decent marks already and I'm confident in my skills
>kinda in this weird stage where I'm trying to figure out who my friends are
>this group of friends I knew since elementary got this new girl to hang out with them
>she's honestly a fucking bitch and we don't like each other
>we don't fight with each other
>we just have this mutual hatred
>this sort of drove me away a little and I only hang out with that group when she isn't around
>this sort of got me to hang out with this other group I always knew but never really hung out with that much
>not like I didn't like them or anything
>i was intimidated because they were all chads
>turns out they think im funny and easy to talk to
>I start partying with them and shit
>makes me feel better but still feeling pretty ehhhhh
>also hang out with this other group of idiots when I'm not hanging out with the chads
>they're honest and pretty mean
>i know they actually do like me so I hang out and give the burn back

That's all there really is. Sorry it\s so long winded
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stressful enough.

You're going through a difficult stage in life. In the next few years, you're going to become a full-time, productive member of society. You'll be saying goodbye to some old friends, and hello to some new ones.

If you're confident about your grades, you shouldn't be worried about graduating, or your future. It's up to you what you want to do. You could continue your education, or get to work and start carving out a living.

>not hated, just introverted
>complete permavirgin
>never been in a relationship

I'm in the same boat. Just keep working on it. You might never hook up for one-night-stands, but do you really want to? If you're interested in someone, you'll figure it out.

>never played on a sports team
>never been in a club

I've never been in a club, or played on a team. I'm fairly certain a lot of people haven't, but it's never too late to join if you want.

Get lots of sleep.
There is no "next life". This is it, there's nothing you can do to change it. You'll die and there's nothing else. The next life is just what people tell themselves so death isn't as scary but they're just fooling themselves
Like Chris Pratt's character in Guardian of the Galaxy combined with Batman and Spider Man.
take that back not batman, flash.
Would you really do it? I had that a long time because I did not have anybody I could make friends with when I moved abroad to my grandmother (I was 17 back then) . I always knew that I would probably be too scared to actually do it. But it gave me the feeling that I had a goal in life and something that I could be proud of (how wrong that might sound). So. What helped me was moving back to where I lived before and, to get to the point, I successfully changed my life. Do you have any Idea how you could improve yours? Different job or a new hobby might help if you can not escape from your current home. You need sonethig that shows you that you are worth living and not somethig that makes you just want to give up
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