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If you could win the lottery, would you want...
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If you could win the lottery, would you want to? And if you did, what would you do with the money?

With the ongoing powerball craze in the US, it's fun to daydream what you'd do if you actually win. But if you did actually win would you had wanted to? I heard stories of where people won and they got scammed, targeted or even killed. Friends and families become parasites or show their true face and some winners have commited suicide.

Realistically, what would you do if you won the lottery? Or would you had wanted to win at all?
>buy rental properties
If I had a billion dollars. Hm. I guess I'd buy a huge patch of land and live in it. And build a giant wall around it.

Better yet buy an impenetrable mountain vale, less wall and more water supply.

Maybe the wall would fuck with the ecosystem though. And you know I'd want to hunt.

Buy an island.
Hell yeah I would want to win.

I would immediately give my two best freinds anything they wanted cause
i know they would do the same for me.

As far as the risks. I wouldnt tell anybody about it until it was safe in a bank. I had a good ass financial advisor, and a personal body guard.

I would give my parents 2 mil each and then rarely talk to them.

Winning would literally give me the ultimate independence to do whatever I want and to go places and do things that I could only dream of right now.
My big dream in life is to build a complex. Something like those crazy Mormon fuckers without the religion and child rape. So, like, a small private town filled only with my friends and family. Maybe even expand it to a legitimate town or city if I don't get scammed by too many developers. I really like to daydream about making a community where all of us eat breakfast and dinner together in a grand hall and also having our own little homes behind a big fucking wall with a guard shack.

I also feel like the smart thing to do is to invest 90% of it and spend the rest on paying off my family/friend's debt. But I don't think I could also create the complex at the same time, even pulling in $1M/year off of interest.

It sucks that you can't remain anonymous in the current Powerball. They should really let you retain that option because so many bad people are going to come out of the woodwork.

I hear the smart thing to do is if you win the lottery you should immediately hire a team of financial and legal lawyers to protect your from scams and other bad stuff.
My friend said that if he won the lottery he would immediately move the next day. He'd move out of state to avoid all the people that would come after him and his lump sum.

But I think that's stupid because even if you did move out of state your name is still known by everyone around the country. Unless your state gave you the option for anonyimity, which you wouldn't have to be so fearful for your life int he first place.
1. Tell no one
2. turn in ticket and remain anonymous as much as I can
3. pre order Oculus Rift for me and my friend
4. buy us both parts for new computer setups
5. buy a pizza and some Pepsi for us to enjoy
6. think about the rest later

I could accomplish this with much smaller quantities of money, but I'm not good at having a job and worrying about money, so if I could just spend the rest of my days in the dream/wonder land of VR, that would be pretty amazing

I can have this plan now, but if it actually did happen, I'd be really surprised...
>Watching your only friend slowly grow resentful as you squander your fortune
Reddit has a great post about how to legally operate to minimize the fallout of winning.

As for what I'd do with the money? Try to modernize American education, because we're currently falling farther and farther behind all of the other first world countries.

Oh, and travel a lot, and have sex with my girlfriend on every continent, even antarctica.
I'd give my friend and among my few family members that are close to me and I care about all they'd ever need financially.

And I'd grab the annuity, so I can invest some of that stuff, but I have no idea. I'm just saying invest cause I heard other people say it. In stocks or something like that. If I had to be one of those press conferences they hold for the winners, I'd conceal my identity by wearing a mask, and I'd do my best to avoid all questions.
I would not let my fortune ruin my life. I'd still torrent things, drive a crappy car, walk places, and be depressed and probably even more of a social retard, because I'd be worried everyone there was just nice to me for my money, when before they didn't give a fuck lol
If you won the powerball in the US, are you allowed to move out of the state you bought it in? Would you be allowed to move out of the country with your winnings?

I have a feeling that would be illegal because the US would want to keep that currency within their own economy.
I think it's fucked that lottery winners face so much more danger now that they won something.

It's like John Steinbeck's novella, "The Pearl".

Can you link it? I"m reading some threads there but just wanted to be sure I read the one you were talking about.

It's terrifying how badly targeted the lottery winner becomes. I'd just leave the country.
https://www.reddit. com/r/AskReddit/comments/24vzgl/you_just_won_a_656_million_dollar_lottery_what_do/chba5nw

Buy me a bass if you win
With a trust fund
Or just put it in a box in a shady alley

After reading all this I think I'll just pass on buying a ticket.
Sightly better chances for me then!
As long as the taxes are paid accordingly the government doesn't care. It's your money now, except the government takes half, states may want their share too.
My family already has a plan on how to split the cash if any of us ever win the lottery, but ultimately I'd just use my share to live like I do now; I wouldn't want to suddenly go out and buy a bunch of expensive shit or anything.

The one thing I'd really want to do is contact some of the anons on this site that have helped me out and give them some of the money.
I'd hire a TV crew to broadcast me setting it all on fire just to piss people off.
Easy way to get arrested, and murdered in prison
1. Tell no one
2. Find a financial advisor, ask for his opinion on how to best handle this sum of cash (diversified investments)
3. Pay off my current debts
4. Buy a new house on the beach
5. Travel
6. Do all the shit I wanted to do but can't since I'm stuck in a shithole
7. Continue to tell no one
A check.
The winning ticket.

Only one of these is actual legal tender and thus against the law to destroy, dipshit.
20% in dedicated accounts for friends and family

Pay off my bills

Quit my job and fall off the grid as much as possible

Randomly donate a million dollars to charities or organizations I liked every few months

I think it was Joan Didion who said that money is the only thing in the world that can guarantee you both freedom and privacy
Prob pocket a cool million, buy a place to live, a nice car and then I would donate the rest to various charities.
Even at a 1% interest rate, you'll be making $20 million in interest a year. With that in mind.

>Put in bank immediately, don't touch it for a few years to build up interest
>Pay off my debt and that of my family and close friends
>Wait another year for that sweet interest
>Buy a nice house for myself and family
>Wait for free money from the bank
>Make my close friends lives comfortable
>With all my loose ends tied up, start living large
>Develop a cocaine habit and die in my 30's

10/10 plan imo
>setting it all on fire
>it all
>not knowing the difference between singular and plural terms
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its always been a dream of mine to go to space, so I'd pay the russians to let me go up to the international space station
>being this autistic

I bet you go in a rage over people using 'literally' wrong
I'd get some cosmetic procedures. Brazilian butt lift, maybe a breast lift with fat transfer augmentation. I'd get a small house with a large amount of land. Maybe I'd get a dog or something. I'd probably donate a lot and still have a ton of money leftover for my son's inheritance.
Banks don't pay shit for interest. If you want a safe investment go for treasury bonds. Returns still suck, but you'll make some money as opposed to the ~.05% a bank will pay. Dividend paying stocks in a diversified portfolio would be the best.

If I were to win
1. Hire a team of tax lawyers to make sure I'm covered as to what the government's going to take.
2. Give ~80-90% of what's left to charity
3. Pay off family debts.
4. Buy a house.
5. Invest whatever is left.
6. Wait for the world shattering meteor that's far more likely than my winning the lottery.
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There are old missile silos for sale. I would buy one of those, 50 years of canned ravioli and lock myself behind 5 tons of steel. Then I would shitpost on /adv/ for the rest of my life.
This is a horrible time to invest in property. Do some stocks and wait for the next crash and invest in housing. Then in 20 years take out your stocks and be super rich with nothing to do.
The stock market is pretty volatile right now. A friend of mine previously made a killing trading, but he lost a shit load of money recently.
Hence, wait 20 years. You're guaranteed a profit if you're smart and patient.
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