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How do I stop thinking about it?
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How do I stop thinking about it?
>be me
>long story short
>work at banquet hall
>quit around November 2014
>dated ex co-worker for a month in the spring of 2015 and broke up
>needed money for the holidays so I work there again
>have our work Christmas party few weeks ago
>second time I've seen her since I came back
>didn't make an effort to talk to her
>talk to other qt from work instead
>next day is new years eve
>texts me at midnight asking if I'm going to mutual friends nye party
>think it's odd since I haven't talked to her in a few months
>she wants me to go
>tell her jokingly she Should pick me up since I'm right sheen the street and she knows where I live
>she says sure
>I'm more surprised and read into it
>picks me up and we go to party
>she seems happy to see me
>get to party and I commence the flirting
>she's semi going
>as the night goes on i can see she's losing interest
>she starts getting ready to go
>I pull her off to the side and ask her why she texted me
>she tells me that she was looking through hey phonebook and not to look into it
>she still needs to give Me a ride home
>takes me home
>gets to my house, I thank her and tell her not to text me anymore
>texts me later that night asking why, said she was confused
>I drunkingly try to explain that I felt she was leading me on
>at the end of things I reiterate myself and tell her not to text me
>ff a few days, feel guilty about the situation
>realize I shouldn't have lost my cool and not asked her that question
>mfw when I realized I dropped my spaghetti and potentially ruined any chance I had with her
>it's been almost two weeks since then and I keep beating myself up about it
>I still have to work with her
>How do I amend what I have broken?
What caused the breakup?
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Her mom didn't approve of the age gap, ash the time she was17 and I ess 21
> I tell her to let me know when she turns 18
>she texts me every now and then from the time after the break up to a few weeks before her birthday
>a few weeks before her birthday she sends me a random text asking me how I am
>she moves into the meat and bones of her reason she texted me
>asks me if anything would be different if we dated again
>tell her yes because her mom wouldn't be able to legally restrict her anymore
>and I remind her that I did tell.her to Let me know when she turned 18
>she tells me she still will if I want
>I tell.her yea because things will be different
>she says ok she will if we're both still single and it's what we want
>say ok
>ff to her birthday and I wish her a happy bday
>we start talking
>mfw I find out she's seeing someone
>instantly drop the conversation and don't text her back
>that was the last time I talked to her before the Christmas party
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Sorry m8, I'm unloading a lot because it's been bugging me so much for a while now
Shouldn't have let her mom take her away from you, or her ex. The finally you rejected her yourself. You can probably still get back with her if you grow some balls.
For the month that we dated I only saw her 4 times. I was never sure how to address the mom issue. I want to because I really like this girl, but at this point I'm not sure if I can. I wanted to text her apologizing but I think that would push her away more.

move on faggot, you already know that she is seeing someone, she is just playing games with you, at 18 most girls are drama queens and have leading on betas as a hobby, you already finished this in your favor, don't go back and screw it up
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That's the thing though, she is single now. She was at the Christmas party too. Am I wrong in thinking that she was leading me on? I still want to be viewed as a viable sex option for her. Regardless of how anything else goes I still have to work with her. I've worked with an ex before but that one was a more serious longer relationship. How do I remain civil and hold the high ground?

doesn't matter if she is single, she is just messing around, that's what teenagers do, stop crying for a girl that just got out of puberty, you're 4 years older than her, go look for a woman who is at your age and is free of drama.

tl;dr: grow up kiddo
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Fair enough, but I still work with her. That's not gonna change, as it's been the past few days we just exchange awkward glances when we run into each other. How can I remedy this?

By not giving a single fuck, whenever you pass through her, just show indifference, that you still have a life post-her
That always drives them crazy. I did drop the ball this past Saturday though and did try to apologize. She was alone and I went up to her, but she started walking away and told me it was whatever, understandable reaction but how do move past that? I'm ok with the showing indifference part, but I don't want this one sign of weakness to impede that process any further
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