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do i cuck or not?
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here's the story

>be me, 18 , 1.85m , athletic beta, the guy that's always friendzoned
>girl really likes me (7/10)
>every one is telling me to date her
>i don't want too cause im not ready for a relationship... friendzone
>i don't like her that way
>shes a realy good friend
>other girl (9/10) wants to fuck and thats all
>she just dumped her sugerdaddy about a week ago
>she happens to also realy hate 7/10
>she happens to be a good friends ex
>she happens to love anal
>she happens to live down the street
>we send nudes, says she realy wants it
>7/10 hears and warns me not to continue
>9/10 invites me over in a week cause "the house will be empty"

both used to be really good friends.

image unrelated, but basically the same girl
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So basically love vs lust

Sorry for sounding shallow but it's hard to determine without pictures
My friend fucked his next door neighbors wife. He said it was fun "like a game" I advised he not do it. It was going really good until he woke up from a 3 day coma and on some many pain killers that he couldn't look at me while talking because of all the hallucinated spiders flowing out of my eyes and mouth.

But hey think about all the times some pussy had been worth nearly dieing. I hope she's Cleopatra.
>you will never have pussy so good it puts you in a coma

life is suffering.
cant post pics, cause i have a lot of friends on here that would defiantly recognize my friends, cant risk that.

but if its looks your asking for, 9/10 wins hands down, no excuses

so basically your saying, if shes worth getting gutted, than go for it?
Are you a virgin? You don't want your first time to be with a hoe like that. I would go with 7 and have it genuine.
Fuck the 9, love doesn't mean anything at 18.

May have the side effect of the 7 wanting you more.
Yea, like if your cool with being found by a jogger in the woods in a stasis like coma that is keeping you brain alive, and having to move out of your house because the guy knows where you live, then yup. Do that shit. Tear that pussy up good. He doesn't even remember to this day how it went down.

>May have the side effect of the 7 wanting you more.
Not true at all, just a sad virgin who buys into memes about girls
I have a lot of sex. Girls want you when they see you with other girls. They may hate you and it may backfire on you, but it also makes you more desirable.

Now, if you want a healthy relationship, that's a different story. I still haven't figured that one out.
Yeah, this has been my experience several times. It's a pretty shitty way to behave, though, and works less and less the older you get. The more mature and self-respecting the girl, the less likely it'll make her want you and the more likely she'll be turned off completely. Also, even when it works, welcome to drama city. Is it really worth adding one more notch to your bedpost?
I'm the first anon who recommended sleeping with the 9/10. (1/2)

In the real world, there was no such thing as passively single. There was no such thing as slow, monogamous dating. In the real world, you had two clear choices: You were either in the game or you were out of it. And if you weren’t in the game, you were already losing it.
And so, I did what any other jaded twenty-something would have done: I brought myself up to speed. I downloaded Tinder. And OKCupid. And Snapchat. I started swiping, texting, dating and ‘talking with’ various people at once. I forgot names on first dates. I made notes on my phone to keep track of who was who. After all, it was what everyone else was doing. And it seemed to be the only way to keep up without getting duped.

The longer I stayed in ‘the game,’ the clearer it became to me why other people acted the way they did in relationships. Everyone had, at some point or another, had the exact same experience with dating:

You put all your eggs in one basket. You get burned. So the next time, you make a point to distribute them evenly. You’re so worried about not getting your own heart broken that you don’t really care whose you break along the way.


You date the person you kind of like to distract yourself from the fact that the one you really like hasn’t texted you back in three days. You sleep with people you have no connection with to convince yourself you don’t need anything more. You keep your options open because when one relationship crashes and burns, you need to have somewhere to run. You don’t want to have to feel inadequate, so you keep the back burner full of people to fall back on.

We’re dishonest because we don’t trust each other – because we can’t. No matter how happy we are with somebody and how invested it seems like they are, we never know when the other shoe might drop. We never know who else they’re talking to, who else they’re sleeping with, who they might meet at the bar or online or at work who blows us out of the water and renders us suddenly obsolete. We are constantly at risk of being one-upped and there’s no way to shelter ourselves from it other than to prepare for it. To always have one foot out the door. To never be totally invested or all the way in.

Check any twenty-something’s phone and you’ll generally see a specific smorgasbord of people they’re keeping in touch with – one they want to date, one they want to sleep with and a few others they’re keeping around ‘just in case’ nothing else works out.

And do we want all of these people in our lives? Not particularly. In fact, it’s exhausting.

The texting. The dating. The small talk, the drama, the hooking up and breaking up and falling half in love and then having it all fall to pieces. After playing the game for long enough, we all inevitably start to wonder if we’re the only honest player left.

Until that scary moment where we check ourselves and realize that we’re just as bad as all the rest.

From the above article. This is why this current generation is fucked, and this is why I personally recommend OP sleeps with the 9/10, because 99% of the time, being in love at 18 doesn't mean shit. In addition to the other logistics of hookup culture.
The 9/10 is a sure thing. The 7/10 may end up resenting you for even considering her rival in the first place, so there's a chance she won't be interested even if you agree not to pursue the 9/10.

Fuck the 9/10.
This is a really good description of one side of it.

The other side is people who open their heart, are honest, trusting, caring, kind, which is a strength of its own that makes you immune in a way to being hurt by the petty envies and spiteful games of the kinds of people you describe.

In the end, everyone gets who they deserve. Like attracts like.
I recommend you read the full article, it more or less explains how a lot of people start on the side you're describing and end up on the other side.

People don't play mind games because they want to, they play mind games because they're scared. I get where you're coming from though.
No one chooses how you view the world except for yourself. That's the beauty of the mind and of imagination. If you fill your brain with enough cultural material, art, books, music, of a specific kind, the world will begin to look like that for you. So why not pick the highest and best kind?

You can create whatever perspective on things you want. It's as easy as opting out of their world view. Making up your own rules. When you don't play by the rules, when you play a different game, a goal that they kick against doesn't tally for you. They're 0-1, you're 0-0.
I've been in this optimistic and for lack of a better word (it's 4 AM and I'm killing time on 4chan, don't feel like finding the proper adjective), 'holy' mindset before. I've realized that sometimes realistically, people are more often pieces of shit than they aren't. Maybe I just have bad luck with people. But striving to be perfect for years, and have perfect relationships, had the opposite effect.

I may still not be in a healthy relationship, but I feel a lot more happy now that I've accepted that the world is generally fucked up, and I'm slightly fucked up. I feel much less stressed out on a regular basis, and I've admitted that I'm not inherently more moral than whoever.

If it works for you though, good for you. I mean that sincerely.
She's going to drug/rob you.
That is what sugar babies that have been cut off are up to.
She doesn't care about your dick, she cares about luxury items and using sex to get them.
I agree the external world is base. A brief meeting with a kindred spirit. Best wishes for your life.
Same to you

I'm actually the girl he's talking about. Fuck, I've been exposed :(
OP here

iv'e decided,
i'm gonna come clean with the 7, its time i told her how i feel. i cant keep avoiding the subject.

as for the 9, ill see how it goes. maybe ill do her, maybe i wont.

i know i'm still beating around the bush still. but at least i'm taking a stand and being responsible for the situation instead of waiting around for it to pass like a pussy.

ill make an update in a weeks time
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gift your soul to a bitch
and you will be fucked like a bitch
Dude this is adv, a place to ask for advice with your problems, not a place to brag. I'd kill to be you. Fuck the 9, date the 7
Fuck both of them. You know what to do.
Do you care about staying friends with the first girl? If not, go ahead and sleep with the second. Sleeping with someone's enemy (or ex-friend, whatever) is kind of like sleeping with a friend's ex
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