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I have a problem
Summary : I have a severe case of Exam Nerves, nothing is working and it's becoming a huge obstacle in my education.
I'm sure It's NOT just the fact that "Im not studying hard enough" or that "if you studied good enough, you wouldn't feel anxious during exams since you've practiced enough and are familiar with your subject"
I attend every single class.
I have literally never been absent once all semester long.
I take notes of pretty much everything.
Studying and solving examples is practically everything I do all week, I don't go out with friends and when I'm not studying I'm probably watching an episode or two of a TV show I like.
Hell, I even got pic related and used the stopwatch mode to pressure myself when solving math or physics and it worked, I can solve quickly and correctly most of the time but only outside of exams.
Whenever Im in an exam I make stupid ass mistakes and forget extremely easy concepts and misplace numbers in the easiest calculations.
And no, I don't underestimate any subject and I do give attention to both the easy and the difficult stuff.
Granted, not all the mistakes I make are dumb ones, sometimes I make legitimate errors in solving or calculating because I didn't understand something correctly. It's a test after all.
I tried mental contrasting.
I tried deep breathing to manage stress.
I tried to keep my self in a happy place but that just distracted me.
I'm starting to think I'm just an idiot and it's frustrating.
What do?
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Go to the hippie store and buy a little bottle of lavender essential oil. Smell it as you study. Then before the test, dribble a little on yourself or nearby.

Thanks a lot for the advice but:
1. Couldn't the same effect be obtained with chewing gum?
2. I have no idea what is a hippie store nor do I think there's one where I live or what this lavender oil is. it's scaring me, is it some sort of drug?
You need someone to study with, this gives you confidence in the amount and depth to study. Find a kid who is going to get an a and just talk out the material with them. It's easy to bullshit yourself that you have memorize something but hard to bullshit someone else.
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Whole Foods has it.

Anyway, lavender oil is said to even out your mood and reduce your nervousness. But it doesn't do it instantly. Rather, you need to tie together your success in studying with the test situation.

My problem is with the application not memorizing itself
I evidently memorize definitions and equations well.

I even do this thing where I create a symbol for something that I want to memorize so that the shape would reflect the idea sorta in the same way Kanji works if I'm not mistaken

Is it addictive? Even a little? Are there any side effects?
Sorry for spoone feeding me but I wouldn't trust Google with this.
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It's just a smell. Futhermore, it's used in a lot of products you have already used or been exposed to, like lotion.
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And it worked for me, or I wouldn't suggest it.
Lavender can be both taken orally and smelled; it has calming effects. Similar herbs that are not addictive that may help with nerves are valerian root (which may make you sleepy) and lemon balm.

L-theanine may help with nerves, as well. It's a nonaddictive amino acid found in tea. It helps even if you don't use caffeine, but if you use caffeine it's even better.

Meditation also helps, but it may take a month or two to start seeing the effects. If you look into studies, meditation is not religious bullshit, but actually helps with well-being.
Thanks, I tried meditation once but I didn't carry through, I'll give it another shot.
Im assuming this is a good starting point, correct?


Also, any comments about the chewing gum instead?
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Chewing gum improves test performance by about 4% by increasing blood flow to the brain.
Search for "thomas frank" on youtube
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