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When will I get a proper chance!?
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Holy shit /adv/.. I am never lucky when it comes to women.

Every girl I have asked out always says the same crap. "Given my job and school and stuff, I am just not ready to be dating someone" or SOMETHING along those lines.

Everything else could be perfect like, location, age, interests and shit but the HUMAN CHOICE FACTOR HAS FUCKED ME TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

What bothers me most is that there are no second chances. I will NEVER get to date that girl possibly be her boyfriend. EVER.

Its a fucking shit show and it makes me incredibly sad. I hate the RNG factor in dating. You never know what the girl is thinking. Its fucking impossible and never adds up properly.

Am I wrong? What am I not seeing? They all say the same crap too. "You are a really nice guy but I am just not looking to date anyone. Don't change yourself though. You are good!"

not sure, maybe you are trying for girls out of your league. What's your age?
Start here http://theredpillroom.blogspot.com/p/the-red-pill-primer-for-boys.html

You must be doing something wrong. Start with this easy to read, then you can move here https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/
don't, red pill is for faggots. It wasn't tell I stop doing red pill shit, then I started getting play
This would be perfect. OP could be among his kind (total faggots) and there's no way he would pollute the gene pool that way.

>When will I ever get a proper chance?

You've been getting proper chances all this time, OP. You've been screwing them up really fast -before you even realize that a chance had come along, it seems- but you HAVE had them. I suggest figuring out what you're doing wrong, and fixing it. This may mean making some personal changes.

How come every girl has told me not to change then?

I am 25 and never had a girlfriend.
You're doing something wrong. Girls don't like nice guys. They like interesting, rich, hot, masculine, spontaneous, accomplished, charismatic, passionate, stable guys

Most guys who keep saying "but I'm a nice guy why u date asshole alphas" lack all or many of the above things

Also, you may be less socially apt than you realize.

If a girl is really into a guy, she will date him. Not make excuses. There are rare exceptions. Rare.
do you have a job? are you considered handsome? are you tall? are you in good shape?

It good be a lot of things. Usually, these women are telling you they are not attracted to you. Shit happens, and life is tough. Sometimes the women we think should like us don't. I would advise you to be friends with these girls anyway, maybe they will set you up with their friends.

Be nice and polite of course, and keep asking girls out. Dating is a numbers game for the average guy. Eventually, you'll find some women that like you. Try going out with a few 6-7/10 with good personalities.

I have a good job but no car. I don't have a car because I am paying back student loans.

I don't think I handsome personally but some girls have called me good looking so I really don't know.

I am relatively tall. I am 6 feet. I am in good shape.

Honestly, I think my issue is that I have a fucking baby face. Can't grow a beard or do any of that "NU MALE" shit(not that I want to).

I also feel like women are just so... unforgiving when it comes to dating. Like if she can't date a guy that has a car to drive, is available on weekends(EVERY WEEKEND) or has a bunch of friends and access to parties.. why would she date that person when she has a million other thirsty dudes WITH CAPITAL and are CHOMPING AT THE BIT!?

Thats the problem. Women are flooded with options so why would she choose the worst option?
>How come every girl has told me not to change then?
Probably because you're not making your feelings known quickly enough. Women aren't telepaths: they're only slightly better at figuring out peoples' feelings than men are, if even that.

You don't make your interest clear, so they assume you aren't interested. You do this so that you will not risk being rejected quickly, but this only makes certain that you are rejected slowly. It's frustrating -I get this- but it's also an easy problem to fix: just ASK HER OUT. No more of these Nice Guy games.

There is another possibility, but it's darker. In this scenario, the girls know exactly what you are up to, and it scares them to death. They let you down like this because they think it's the gentlest way possible: the one that runs the least risk of you sperging out or worse. The fix for this is actually the same as above -make your feelings and intentions clear from the get-go- but the reason it works is different. In the first case, you're trying to prevent mistaken assumptions. In the second, you're trying not to be a creep.
not having a car, probably is an issue. I wouldn't say you're the worst option, Just get your shit together. Get a career started, get a car, and then meet chicks. Maybe you're meeting them in the wrong place. I try to look for women that have similar interest as me. Board games, shit like that, also do yourself a favor and learned to dance. like a salsa, or something like that. Chicks love that.

umm.. I made my interest clear as day. I asked them all out on DATES. I explicitly used the word DATE and wanting to get to know them better. I don't know how much more explicit I need to be..
>autismchan wonders why no girls reciprocate his creepy ass unwanted advances

You've got nothing to offer women OP, you want a gf for your own reasons and that's why you will die a lonely faggot

it's hard to answer the matter briefly yet explain myself in a way you can understand.

basically, it all boils down to you not being focused on her feelings/thoughts, but instead focusing on yourself for once.

be selfish, it's okay. everyone is.

stop being outcome dependent and you will be a lot happier.

please excuse if i'm unclear, but i don't think i could help much over a forum. i'd like to refer you to a youtube cannel called RSD (Real Social Dynamics), they helped me an awful lot with my issues with women.
that's also true, listen to this guy.

he's being harsh, but he gets his point across.

don't be a leech, nobody likes that. instead of demanding/asking, give/take.

a relationship is based on mutual contribution. if you've got nothing of worth to offer no wonder you can't get into one.
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