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How does one "just do it"
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24 year old college dropout. For the first time in my life, the path to success clear. I have the talent and the opportunity to dig myself out of the prison of living in my parents' basement. All I have to do is put in the work.

But instead, I continue to fritter away my days on the internet/vidya/fapping and skimp on my progress with the bare daily minimum. If I put all of my energy into it, I would be a financially autonomous adult in a matter of months. So why can't I? Why do I continue to postpone my development and happiness for the (extremely) lonely, mundane life of a manchild?
Don't wonder about the "Why"s. Posting this is a form of procrastination. Stop ruminating about your problems as you're only masturbating your laziness.

Instead, act. Do something. Allow yourself to feel like shit until you're ready to act instead of think. The whys don't matter.
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I'm hearing good things about this chemical
>how does one 'just do it'

thats the thing about 'just doing it'. its literally a matter of forcing yourself to do it. all the advice in the world wont change that. there is still that spark that forces you to get up and do it. what point is advice if you wont actually just 'do it'.

there are a seires of systems that help... reward system... buddy system.... master system...

but at the end of the day when you say 'well id just eat all the cookies anyway' in regards to a reward system then you literally have no sense of control over your life and literally no advice will help you
Oh my friend, I wish I knew...

I'm in similar situation. I like to joke and say that I'm a late bloomer - but the truth is I never did "bloom"

I still live at home, supported by my parents, work a crappy part-time job. It's become embarassing. Really embarassing. All my friends have built careers, families of their own, buying homes, etc. Not me. I play video games and jack-off.

Recently an opportunity presented itself (Lord knows I didn't pursue it). I offered a chance to take a class, so I did it. Passed it with ease (I'm actually pretty damn smart so it came easy - Had it been difficult I probably wouldn't have done it). All I gotta do now is buckle-down and prep to take a certification test. Once I'm certified I have a job offer paying twice the hourly rate I currently make and at full time hours (basically my income will quadruple). From there doors will open for me to continue my training. Opportunities to take on more responsibilities make more money.

All I gotta do it get off my ass and get the ball rolling.

>Instead I played WoW, fapped and now I'm killing time on 4chan. Probably fap again in a bit. Anything rather than take responsibility for myself. Anything to avoid finally growing up.

I dont know what the answer is. Wish I could just flip a switch and be the man I should be. The man I know I could be.

You find out how to break the cycle of procrastinating and masturbating (procrasturbating?) let a brother know

Read this, seriously
OP here. Read it. Cried like a fucking baby. "Saw myself in every page," to paraphrase the foreword. Changed my life for a day, but then I fell back into the same old habits...

Fuck this shit dude. Fuck this life.

I don't even get any enjoyment out of vidya anymore. Nothing wows me like it did when I was kid. Its all just going through the motions. The escape has become the prison.

Same goes for browsing. My constant response to everything I see online these days is "this shits retarded." No joy. No wonder.

Porn is still awesome, but it saps me of all my motivation. I've gone a grand two days without fapping in recent memory, and on that third day before I broke I found myself so much more productive. Hate to sound like a noFap faggot but there's probably something there worth trying.

I found this article on the subject very interesting: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:BU6KX7lfmWMJ:www.asianefficiency.com/health/sex-productivity-and-motivation-part-04-sexual-energy-and-transmutation/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Might be bullshit but I'm willing to go for a placebo at this point. Anything to dig myself out of this hole. Anything to have a fucking LIFE.

So here's my plan of action, starting TONIGHT:
>Uninstalling all my vidya

Goes without saying. Won't miss it one bit.

>Physically taking out my wi-fi card and putting all at-home internet use to the side for a good long while (like a couple fucking months at least).

Clearly this is the crux of all my life problems. If I really need internet I'll go to fucking starbucks for a couple of hours. This shit is worse than heroin to motherfuckers like me. Sorry but you have to go. BYEEEE. BYE BYE.

>Deleting every microbyte of porn on my PC

Indulging in one last fap sess as I go through my entire harddrive deleting shit. Might even be cathartic or something. Either way, best of luck to you, Anon, and farewell to 4chan at large. I'd like to say its been swell but meh
just get the fuck off 4chan and DO IT
not kidding, not trying to be rude. It's that simple. fucking do it
Thank you. I appreciate the recommendation.

I'll order it from amazon.com tonight
Consider the military.
I joined the Navy, I didn't make it through basic, but when I got back I had the discipline to get myself started.
I worked a retail job and did some independent studying for a few months, then one day I was offered a full-time job and took it, and I'm going back to college in the fall.

Maybe don't actually consider the military, but force yourself to spend some time away from your regular habitat. If you give yourself the option to go back, you're probably going to take it.
Maybe stay a week in a hostel in a nearby city? If you have a laptop, don't take it with you.
Well you could fucking kill your self to save the remaining air for more productive people that are worth something.
>Consider the military

Definitely worth considering. I've heard that the structure and discipline you learn can be a real asset. Even just joining the National Guard or the reserves could be a good thing.

I kick mysepd on a regular basis for not joining the Coast Guard with my best friend after graduation. He's enjoyed it alot and it's helped him build a good life.

>Meanwhile I'm about to go to /b/ in the hope that there's a "Chubby Thread"
I was the exact same way, I dicked around on 4chan until I shipped out
Now, thank god, this is the first time I've come here in months

If I could have mustered up the self-discipline to meet up with the recruiter, then you can do it, too. Even if you're like me and aren't cut out for it, it'll still probably do for you what it did for me. I also got a good $1,700 out of it in pay, too.

It's a pretty good deal, and it sounds like you're into the idea, but like I said... Keep in mind that it's not the only option open to you
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