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Doctors/psychologists who are specialists...
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I went to a psychologist last year who seemed to really think I had a disorder that she had no experience with. She gave me the phone number of someone who did (the only specialist where I live) and greatly encouraged me to get diagnosed.

What I'm concerned about is, are specialists more likely to see things that aren't there? Particularly if it's a fad diagnosis? I know doctors who really over-prescribe ADHD medication for example, if you want to get yourself or your kid Adderall, you go to him.

I've thought of seeing someone else, with a clean slate, and explaining my issue again to see if they also think I have the disorder. But they would probably be as clueless as the first person I saw.

what was the diagnosis? why did you go to see this doctor in the first place?
I didn't get diagnosed, she wasn't qualified. Her hunch was mild autism. I went because I have no friends and have had difficulties with social interactions since I was a teenager. I'm skeptical of being able to diagnose autism in adults.

I also only started showing autistic symptoms when I started spending 7-14 hours a day on the computer as a preteen. Before that I had a good group of close friends.As a young kid I never had problems with eye contact or reading people's faces (unless others can do it to an amazing degree) and I can read cues like when people are getting bored and stuff like that very easily, always have.

i guess the thing to consider here is whether or not getting diagnosed will help you in any way? it sounds like she might be over-diagnosing here (shut up about technicalities) and this tends to be a big issue in the mental health field. instead of someone having issues in one area they put it under a bigger diagnosis.

so think about whether or not that would help, cuz a lot of treatment seems to just be placating someone instead of actually helping you. there arent any medications to make you social after all.

sound sto me like the diagnosis woudl be useless.
Are you telling me to shut up about technicalities?

But yeah I said I didn't think the diagnosis would help, but she kept insisting that she thought it would. She didn't feel qualified to help me and wanted me to talk to this guy. I'd really like help to fit in better and to make friends, but my experience made me feel it was mostly quackery.

>Are you telling me to shut up about technicalities?


>i didnt think the diagnosis would help

then dont pursue it
It was just a short description of how the main symptoms didn't match up IMO. You could've skipped it, no need to be rude.

I wouldn't be seeking a diagnosis, I'd be seeking the help available if I did match the criteria. Was looking for people's experiences/opinions.

the issue was
>the person you saw diagnosed you with autism (not technically because they arent licensed to do that)
>i bring up that she diagnosed you with autism
>you say 'no she isnt licensed to do that'

you were pointing out a technicality, so i told you to shut up about it. 'diagnose' was the easiest word to use for the scenario
Oh. Sorry, I'm a little touchy about it since it wasn't a formal diagnosis, which she insisted it wasn't.

thats fine and all, it was just goign to get annoying if you kept saying 'i wasnt diagnosed' everytime i say 'she diagnosed you'
Has anyone had these worries before?
Last bump, does anyone have experience with this?
This is much in the same way as how sports coaches cannot legally or technically determine injuries since they are not doctors, but in their profession with informal experience, they can make hunches and recommend you to a specialist (which your therapist did). I don't see anything wrong here.
I don't think she did anything wrong, but I'm hesitant to see a person who specializes in a specific mental disorder. Like the expression: when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Mental health disorders are not as clear cut as physical injuries...
While I agree that the mental health institution isn't perfect in America (or anywhere), the purpose of a specialist is to better confirm or deny something. Your current therapist is unable to do this because they feel unqualified but retain a suspicion.

If I had to exaggerate the situation for a second for you to get my point, imagine if your current therapist was just someone who looked up mental health disorders online but can't personally diagnose you so there suggest you go see a therapist. That's sort of the point that's being made here in why you should go see the specialist.
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