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How do I stop being part of the "ADD-generation"?...
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How do I stop being part of the "ADD-generation"?

I recognize myself too much in this stereotype.


I can't go a minute without getting distracted, frustrated and giving up. In that order...


I literally have to read a sentence 3 or 4 times before I get what's actually being said.

Even if I force myself I seriously start to get tired and my eyes get 'droopy'.

Also I'm either playing vidya, browsing 4chin or mindlessly browsing shitty pics on imgur. Whenever I get to something with more than 3 sentences I skip it right away.

>halp mi
Even though ADD-generation is a thing, that does not mean you may actually have the disorder. Don't let your bias of ADD stand in the way of getting a 'cure'.
just keep doing it until you get used to it. worked for me. keep reminding yourself why you do it. im kind of a facebook addict. that keeps me away. doing good stuff feels good if you know why you do it even though your body is not cooperative. try harder, and dont try doing many things at once to impress people or because stereotypes like books=smart told you to do it. and you probably shouldnt be here
Can't help it, get raised with a lot of sugar in your diet and you have to juggle 8 subjects a day which in turn divides your focus.
>How do I stop being part of the "ADD-generation"?

Keep a record of your days - a way to write your own progress, about any aspect of yourself. When you come back to it again, you can see how far you've come, and how further you desire to go still.
This struggle - trying to cut thru the boredom to stay focused - is why people:
>keep journals
>make goddamn archives of goddamn 4chan threads for no apparent goddamned reason
Well if you really have attention deficit disorder than I would suggest getting real treatment. But if you only think that because you "recognize yourself too much in this stereotype" than it could be that you just have too much time on your hand not to much responsibilities so you choose to waste in on things that give you temporary satisfaction like video games or shitposting(which I bet doesn't get your eyes droopy even if you do it for hours). What you can do is try and learn some new things from different fields(try drawing, making music, some diy projects,....) and maybe you'll eventually find something you enjoy, you'll be surprised how focused you can get when doing things you enjoy. Now the hard part here is forcing yourself to try something new because you'll probably get bored pretty soon and just go back to playing games. This is a test sentence just to check if you read it all
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Don't worry I've read all the replies lel.

> it could be that you just have too much time on your hand not to much responsibilities so you choose to waste in on things that give you temporary satisfaction like video games or shitposting(which I bet doesn't get your eyes droopy even if you do it for hours).

100% truth. And yeah... the hard part is forcing myself and that's the thing I struggle with the most.

I'm going to start and keep a journal then. I'll try out new things and see what generates the most interest. I don't know if I can reduce the gaming and mindless browsing but I'll try and put one foot in front of the other and see where it gets me.

Can anyone give advice on how to keep a journal? Do I use it as if it's a diary or put only the best/worst and the most significant changes of the day in it?

Thanks for all the advice lads <3
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well I personally didn't use a "journal" but whenever I come across an interesting topic on internet or any other stuff that seems kinda interesting, and think I could spend some time on it, I put the link or the name in a simple txt file that I kept on the desktop. So even if I don't feel like reading it all the way, or currently not in the mood for doing anything I'll know that I left a link on that txt file so the next time I'm bored and don't know what to do with myself I can open my txt file and get a reminder of things I could be working on instead of wasting my time. Try doing things from your txt file before you open 4chan or a game cuz that is when you're more open to other things and probably have more energy and will to sit trough it because once you start mindlessly browsing there is a high chance that you'll just stick to it and not do anything else. As for motivation do something else take a look at this chart which represents how many weeks you'll live in your whole life. Now Imagine what could you accomplish (or lose) if you'd to improve (or not) yourself or learn something new with every circle on the chart.
Promptly die
meditate. it isn't about not thinking, it's about doing the best you can. let the thought come and go. also, go for a walk, that's an active means of meditation. works better for me than sitting there.
If you're doing nothing, at least listen to an audiobook with 25 minute listen with a 5 minute break inbetween (see pomodoro technique.)
Sugar causing hyperactivity in children is a myth
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Seeing this sure fucked me up alright. Time to stop fucking off.
You need to break yourself down in a whole bunch of ways, that you probably have never experienced before. You have to become a blank page again...a fresh start.

You have to become very rigid and write things down because a schedule is very important to accomplish this. You will also need healthy hobbies to pass the time because no more TV or computer.

What I have done that worked in the past was I sold my game system, and I sold my laptop. I traded in my android phone for a screenless little flip phone. "Omg what do you do!". Your new form of informatice stimulation are books. You will need a library card. This will also be your only opportunity to get computer access if you want to shoot off emails or print stuff off. You have to get out of the house. Our homes have became prisons for our minds and bodies. You need to get into the parks, into the forrest,into the lake or ocean. You need to become social with complete strangers and make friendly aquaintances. When you walk around the corner and you see the store owner you go up to him "hey tom...how bout this weather. Hows business." Crack a few witty jokes and say "see ya laters". Before you know it...you are a really likeable guy and everyone intown waves to you. Smiles to you. Trusts you. Enjoys your company. Then you never feel alone anymore. You feel like the community values you. Then you must exercise and let out aggression as part of the process. I suggest a boxing gym or a brazilian jiu jitsu club. By exercising and forcing your will upon another person is not only healthy, but excellent for mental health. You build confidence and release stress. Again...youll make friends at the club. At home you need yo be productive. You have to create. Art...tools...food..things of use. My friend makes organic bars of soap. My other friend makes wine in their basement. Another guy makes wooden crafts. Toilet paper holders and such.
>tfw no cute messy haired asian gf

wait, is that mariel?
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While I agree with a lot of your points, it's silly to cut yourself off from technology like that.

Your methods are very old school and while they have a certain air of ''freedom'' around them, it is also debilitating in the sense that you're cutting yourself off from the biggest things this age of information and technology has to offer.

I think the best option is to find a way to stay ''connected'' but not addicted to the internet. In this day and age, everyone is online and communicates mainly via the net. I would rather limit my time online to evenings and weekends.

All of your other points are VERY solid and I can't thank you enough for the advice.

Maybe this is me trying to cling to it and rationalizing because I'm afraid of completely leaving my comfort zone, but I've made some good friends through the web and I see no real reason to just cut them off like that.

No idea who she is mate, I saw her picture on some board and found her really fucking gorgeous so I saved it.

>tfw no gf
don't browse the internet as much. your brain will slowly adjust to a state where information isn't readily accessible which helps boost your memory recall and makes you more ok with taking things slow
You are staying connected by going to the library and using the comouter for 1-2 hours.

Most people waste their time on the internet and rarely use it to learn things long term. Just because someone goes to wikipedia a couple times is meaningless. Those are just cheap and quick thrills. The rest is social media and music. What are you gaining from that? Nothing but wasted time. If you want to learn something, there is nothing more powerful and rewarding that physically seeking out a hardcover book and reading it front to back. Wikipedia ruins acedemia to be quite honest.

Technology is the main problem behind her ADD. One minute shes Wikipediaing the English Long bow while Drake on youtube blares in the background. The next minute shes watching Ronda Rousey judo toss some bastard on their head. Then a noise goes off cuz she got a facebook message about her tits in a certain picture. Ita a waste of fucking time.

just do it.

step one ... give up the internet. I did it by giving up my smart phone. I dropped to a text only plan, and stopped FB'ing etc. Now, I have hours a day to focus on what I actually care about, instead of rushing to refresh shit.
well the fact that you used the paint bucket on all the 1133 circles proves that you have enough free time. You're almost 22 and it's a good sign that you feel that something is wrong and that you need to make some positive changes in your life so making this thread is just what you needed for a good start. Also I don't really suggest discarding your phone and your computer as the other anon as it is quite a stupid method of making yourself use those devices less (because they are necessary in todays world and even if you could live without them you'll have more problems than positive changes by discarding them), but yes it would be a good idea to start learning in other methods and experiencing things in other form that on a computer screen. What you need to start doing is gather and hold more information in your head than on your computer because if you have more knowledge your view and thinking changes and that will lead you to search for even more information and learn new things while doing in on a computer is just a momentary satisfaction
It was quite fun to reminisce over my youth and all those other years and events, memories etc. leading up to this moment where I'm filling 1133 circles with a paint bucket...

But I get what you're saying and all the advice in this thread really gave me something to think about and act on as well.

I want to thank everyone. if you're still lurking around, for their replies and their piece of advice. I'll do my best.
I have a similar issue. I have no problem reading books and staying focused, which I do a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn't really get me anywhere, I'm basically unemployable as far as real careers are concerned because I never dive deeply enough into any subject matter. I just learn enough to be able to converse with people at a basic level in many subjects. I've basically turned into a bathroom trivia book.
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