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Listen up, you motherfuckers. Gravity Falls is almost over and this board is a disgrace.

Gravity Falls General and sorry I only really have Billdip to contribute.

Also this board has loooads of tits, so a little dick or gay doesn't harm anybody, anon
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and I am also so sad that it's gonna end, but I think Alex does what's best for the series.
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Probably. Although, the season could have used a couple of extra episodes to slow down the pacing a bit. I'm worried that the finale will feel rushed. After all, there's lots to cover, the bare minimum being:
>Bill's defeat (or victory)
>Saving Ford
>Resolution to Stan and Ford's troubled relationship
>Goodbyes as summer ends.

Other really big things:
>Dipper's true name and the relevance of his birthmark.
>The Cipher Wheel
>Some hints as to what Ford did for the past 30 year stuck in that portal
>Ford reuniting with McGucket

That's a lot to cover, even if it actually runs for a full hour, as oppose to just 44 minutes.
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I think they'll do just those things, but I'd be pretty sad if it turned out that Stan really doesn't have any connection with Bill.

>Stan explains his battle plan. Xonnection with Bill revealed
>Photocopy of Journal #3 might play a part
>There's a battle, Stan saves Ford and they bicker only to eventually fight side by side or for one of them to sacrifice himself
>They win and all is well, thanks to the Cipher Wheel
>Wendy asks for Dipper's real name or someone just happens to mention it
>Ford runs into McGucket and apologizes.
>Dipper and Mabel say goodbye to everyone and leave, excited about the future.

That could all be done with good pacing in an hour. I dont think it will be 44 mins. We probably won't learn anything beyond that.
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I get what you're saying, and I agree, looking back, it could feel a bit rushed. But adding another season wouldn't change that now, this is the showdown and climax of the show and was supposed to be it from the start. I'm positive the people who made the show I love will make an ending i love

Some of the things you mentioned could be tied into each other (like Bill's defeat and what ford did in the portal/saving ford). Sadly, I'm pretty sure that the mug, pen and jotter falling out of a portal in "Rick and Morty" is just a gag and not a reference to a possible connection...

You just reminded me that I'm really excited for the Cipher Wheel, I hope it's gonna be satisfactory. I'd love to learn a bit more about the Mindscape and Bill's magic as well (so we have some more basis for fanworks)

To be honest, I think neither Dipper's real name nor his birthmark are that big of a deal. I don't think that will get it's own revelation.

>Maybe it's because I'm pretty sure it is Mason
>Mason and Mabel
>Alex and Ariel
Stan and Bill? What kind of connection are you thinking about?

I don't think there'll be a sacrifice.

Ford and McGucket would be so funny, imagine all the possible reactions...

I'd also hope the Society would play into it again. Will we learn what Preston Northwest and Jeffrey Cannuck had to forget, and who is the latter? My guess is that McGucket got the idea for the Society because Bill wanted him to...

And THANK you for reminding me, I hope they don't make any more allusions to Dipper/Wendy. Just, don't mention it anymore. It's so stupid if the fate of the world is on the line and Dipper is all "ohmygod Wendy is looking I have to be cool/impress her/maybe she'll go out with me!" - we took care of that in Mabel-land and it's a cheap joke imho
This is a fucking horrible thread.
Not that anon, but Bill/Stan is a pretty popular field of theorizing. I don't know if it holds any water, but the three key components for it is

1) Bill wanted the portal open, Stan wanted his brother back: why not offer Stan a deal?
2) Throughout the series, Stan has been preparing for the end of the world. He mentioned "buy gold".
3) Whenever Bill is mentioned, Stan is nowhere to be seen.

That last one is weak, similar to Robbie is a Zombie arguments, but the first one is kind of interesting. It makes sense for Bill to have contacted him. Should have been an easy pray. However, since the portal remained broken, if a deal was involved, Stan either turned him down or something went awry. That second point has some value too, but I always kind of saw that as Stan just being a crazy old man.
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Well then. Contribute or GTFO.

I will never understand people who click on something they don't like and instead of leaving feel the need to let people know that they don't approve - I mean, they can't possibly think anybody cares about their opinion? It puzzles me.
Huh, haven't heard about that one. Mh, since Gideon somehow got Bill "back" (at least "it is good to be back" implies that he hasn't/couldn't (?) come back to GF for some reason) it means that after Ford "severed ties" with Bill, how could he have contacted Stan?

If his ultimate goal was to open the portal and getting Stan back, why did he want to destroy/steal the journal and laptop in Sock Opera? Destroying the laptop actually got the children on McGuckets trail, so it was a "hint"...?
What would Gideon have had to help him had he gotten him the code for the safe?

If Bill's ultimate goal was to open the portal and get Stan, why wouldn't he just as soon as he had a body run down to the basement, activate the portal and violá?
It's possible Bill didn't know how to operate the portal machine, so he needed Stan to open the portal. This would explain why he didn't make Dipper use it.

Bill may also have tried to hinder Dipper if he thought what Dipper learned would prevent Stan opening the portal.
Hi guys, just finished this one today.
> Bill didn't know how to operate the portal machine

Uhm, I find that very hard to believe. He basically instructed Ford how to build it, made/showed him blueprints, helped with the construction and the maths and physics and whatnot. If BILL didn't know how to operate it, how could Ford ever?

Stan could never have finished his feat of bringing Ford back if it weren't for the third journal that he (by chance) got from Dipper. If Bill had suceeded in taking the journal from Dipper/destroying it, Stan would have had a much harder time finishing his work on the portal, or worse, could have made it impossible...?

I'm really thinking a lot about this right now, pardon (: I just feel like I've hit a dead end here.

Have more porn next to the rambling
Can anyone answer a quick question why hasn't anyone drew Wendy when she was all geeky looking getting pounded by dipper or the women dressed in one eyed jack lingerie I'm just asking
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I feel as if this thread needs a bit more female presence. After all, Gravity Falls has some real A+ girls in it.

Speak for yourself. This board is largely filled with tits and vag, so I enjoy having a thread with a higher dicks per pic-count (: but since the thread is GF-General, go wild!
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>>GF-General, go wild!

Well, then here is this one.
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Can we get some hunkle grunkle stan please?
So...we can say he likes it dipper?
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