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Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]
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Kotomine: This is a battle to the death
Rin: Kirei, shut up
Rin: The holy grail transmitted in our city is a spiritual entity
But because this is a spiritual entity we can't touch it
Do you understand what that mean?
Shirou: Yes... Therefore Servants are needed
Rin: Right. An spiritual entity can only be touched by another spiritual entity

Rin: To say this in the bluntest way possible, the grail war consist of making your servant expel other servants therefore there is no necessity to kill the other masters at all cost

Shirou (That's a good news)
(That mean that if I participate in the grail war, I won't necessarily have to kill Tohasaka)

Kotomine: I see;
It's true that you can think of it that way
But, Emiya Shirou
Do you think you could defeat your own Servant?
>it's a Saber cover
They have to do it now, they won't be able to have regular Saber later.
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Kotomine: Therefore masters kill other masters
If you let one live he could become an obstacle in the future
Shirou: If you were to run out of command spells then?
Rin: WAIT... this is
Komomine: This is true that a master could escape from his obligation that way
Though I don't think that a master that could uses such a powerful magecraft that a command spell would use run out of them willingly
Even if a master such as this exist, this would just be an incompetent novice

Shirou: (he is starting to piss me off)
Kotomine: You can throw away your right as a master if you want
If you're the one providing it, thanks for the translation!
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It's a shame for a monthly series like this to have so few pages. If the author wants to cover everything the manga won't be finished until long after the movie comes out at this rate.
I'm starting to think a long, and thorough, manga adaptation is here to make up for any missed content in the animated adaptation.
Well that would be very disappointing. It's better that both adaptations be thorough. The DEEN movie was horrendous. There's no way their animation of a few quick fight scenes that take place in Heaven's Feel could make for a satisfying movie without all the buildup.
>Its a waste, the manga won't be over until long after the movie comes out, that's not how it should work

Protip; Fate/Zero manga is still going

Fate/Extra manga just ended, Fate/CCC manga just started.

This is how Type Moon manga work. Its not just an advertisement that's rushed out to promote the movie.

Tsukihime manga had a good ten years for it to finish, which is the only quality way to do this shit. At least if the movie is shit, this is something HF fans will still have for a long time coming.
>Fate got a manga
>HF is getting a manga

Makes me wonder if a UBW manga is inevitable. I mean I know the original tried to incorporate some elements into it, but it tried in roughly the same way DEEN tried.
Yeah you're right but a slow moving series is likely to get stuck in translation hell even if it is Type-Moon.
Manga adaptations are really hard to do, as they are the slowest medium available. LNs require only writing and a few illustrations that take close to no time, anime and VNs are done by a huge team. Manga is made by a smaller team, which has to do much more per person, and most of the times don't get much effort and are monthly at most. Some LN adaptations adapt arcs separately so each author works at the same time, and even then they are slow.
>VNs are done by a huge team

When it comes to FSN, the only names that I've heard brought up are Nasu and Takeuchi, and maybe occasionally the sound team.
How popular are TM manga anyhow?
Not that guy, but I'm guessing popular enough to have like, half a dozen running at the same time.
The amount of illustrations is still little if you think about the amount of content, and the teams are bigger than that of manga. Just watch the credits.
>heaven's feel
>Saber on the cover
Every time
That's what I was thinking, but considering how long they go on for and that there's the source material just available to read instantly it must have a pretty dedicated readership even if it has so many running at the same time.
To be fair she does have a lot of screentime in the first part, until she gets shadow'd.

That cover looks pretty great too, the artists draws her well.
Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 4
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