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Well I meant to put a message on top of that but whatever.

[TN: The title is 'Pudding']

Nashimoto Yukari
Year 2 Class 2 Cooking Club

Weight: ?1kg
It's fine. She'll lose weight afterwards

Compared to the figure of the boy I like, I... feel as if I got a little fatter again

But, today I made my special pudding for him!! With this, he [won't think] I'm just a fatty...

"Huh? Nashimoto-san, are you eating a snack over there?"
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Comic 1
"S...Sonobe-kun!? You're wrong okay? This isn't my snack...."
"Is that so? It looked so tasty..."

Waaahh... I've completely become a gluttonous character....
"No... actually I made this in the Cooking club..."

"Wooahh, you can make snacks?"

"Nashimoto-san, you look like a snack"

Comic 2
"Hu....huuuh? What do you mean 'I look like'?"
"How do I say this... it's the ambiance"

"Perhaps it's 'fluffy', perhaps 'stretchy' "

"You have that sort of feel"

Wait that's my entire appearance isn't it!!
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Just read all the translated chapters. Diabetes the whole way through.
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Comic 1
"I... I can make things besides snacks okay?"
"Amazing. I'm [no good] with cooking at all"

My confidence somehow disappeared... What did a marshmallow man like me do [to get] a love interest...

"A person who can cook like you, Nashimoto-san, is nice"

Comic 2
"Th...then... do you have interest in something like handmade pudding?"
"Huh? Is that for me??"

"Well........err....... you could say that it's for you, Sonobe-kun, [but] I had some leftover ingredients and made too much so..."
"Thanks. Actually I was a bit interested in them"

Yeess!! I really [wanted] Sonobe-kun to think of me as a cute family oriented girl.......

"But Nashimoto-san, I also want to see the side of you that eats"
Makes me wonder if fatasses are becoming more common in moonland.
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Comic 1
"Nashimoto-san, you always seem so happy when you're eating, so when I see you it calms me down"

That just makes me look completely like a hamster...!!
"W..well.. I only have one pudding so...."

"Then we should split it in half"
"B...but... I only have one spoon as..."

"Then I'll go ahead"

Comic 2
"Err... welll.... huh?"
"Hm? Am I gonna eat first?"

"No no... it can go whichever way, but won't that... be an indirect kiss...?"

"Oh, Nashimoto-san... are you a person who worries about that?"

".........no? Not particularly??"
He's doing this on purpose right?
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yes thick girl time.
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Comic 1
"Indeed. When you become a high school student, you don't worry about that huh"
"I.... I know [the feeling]...."

I don;t know that at all!! Is everyone in high school like that?? Am I the only one who minds??

Or is it because I'm his partner in this...? Does he not think of me as a girl? If that's the case, then this isn't the time to be happ...


Comic 2
"Oh! It's delicious!! Nashimoto-san, you're really good at cooking!!"

"Okay, have the rest"

He really gulped it down!! He really gulped it down...!!
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Comic 1
"It was delicious. Thanks for the meal"
"N...no problem..."

"I can't be happy about this! If I do, I really will be just a gluttonous....."
Pant pant


Banzaaaaaaiiii!! [TN: 'Banzai' is an expression of celebration and/or defeat depending on the context]

Comic 2
This sucks.... it sucks but it's delicious!! It tastes of Sonobe-kun...!!

"Nashimoto-san, you seem really happy when you're eating"
"Uughh... I [have no idea] anymore what happiness is..."

"I like that"

"The part of you that eats"
"Huh? Oh... really??"
"You're like a hamster"


I might dump some Michiru later. But for now, we shall endure of summer never coming.
Thanks Anon.
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thanks, anon.

>summer never
Reminder that fatasses and hamsters are disgusting. Parents both eat their children that may have been born recently, and store the remains in their cheeks, with the mother more commonly doing it.
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Okay I put them up on MEGA now. If there's any necessary corrections, please tell me.

I'll take a break then trans dump Michiru

Yeah. He's been promising summer for 2 months now but he wants to wrap up every couple before doing that and think about what's next
>beach trip
>star gazing trip
>(disasterous) Comiket date
and probably more

Now now, don't be mean to the furry thing. Vore doujins when
>This sucks.... it sucks but it's delicious!! It tastes of Sonobe-kun...!!
Holy shit, you've been on a roll lately.

What's with the increase in pacing?
What increase? This has been on a week per week basis since I've already caught up with the scans for the past 2 months
Ah, you caught up. I see.
Yeah so I've just been dishing these out every week. For whoever happens to be online
Post the best reaction faces.
Is it just me or did his art get more samefaced than before?
Sonobe somewhat acts like a sociopath, it's kind of scary. Chinese cartoon Hannibal.
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Well, I got my rest. Let's dish out some Michiru for why not's sake



"What's wrong?"
"I forgot my world history book at school"

"Then let us study for another class"
"But I have a quiz tomorrow, I have to go get it..."

Hmm, I can imagine that. Would make things more interesting come post-summer.
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"Then let's go together"

"Then I'm sorry, but until I get home..."

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"T together with you...!?"

"Yes. It can't be helped if I wait"

"You need a guardian when going out don't you?"
"W well that's true too"

"Why are you facing the other way?"
"N no reason!?"

"Something you forgot?"
"Then please leave it to us"

"No... you guys aren't students so you can't enter. You have to prepare dinner right?"

"But why do you seem so happy..."
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"Can you enter school at this time?"
"There're still students left with club activities!!"

"Don't get too near me at school okay? If a rumor goes around that we're dating it'll be troublesome"

"Will such a rumor even come about?"

"If I walk around with you, who has a small stature. Actually won't we seem like siblings?"

"Onii-chan, could you help me study?"
"Think for yourself once in a while"

"Don't treat me like a child!!"

"Well that aside, that might not be bad okay!!"
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"Do you not get treated like a child at school?"
"Of of course, everyone calls me Ninomiya-san and pine for me..."

"Oh Michiru-chan, what're you doing this late at night?"
"I I had something I forgot...."

"Are you hungry? I'll give you snacks"
"So cute!! Can I pet you??"

"And this person? Your onii-san, Michiru-chan??"
"N no, my household tutor"

"Whaat!? A male teacher??"
"No way! If it was me I'd get nervous!!"

"Michiru-chan, don't you get conscious?"
"N not really?"

"Well it's still to early for love right!? In the future in the future!!"
"Huh what does that...."
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"It seems you're being favored even by friends"
"Th that's every so often"

"Why do you not give in like that? Your childishness is a good point Ojou-sama"

"Moreover, when that part gets taken away, what'll be left for you Ojou-sama?"

"Killing intent"

"I'm already a high school student!! Don't treat me like a child!!"

"Being like a child all the time will certainly be troublesome. I might have also been overprotective"

"Then I'll wait here. Please go to the class by yourself"

"Uh don't restrain yourself. I'll tour you around the school"
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"Sorry, I'm gonna go to the toilet for a bit. Wait here"

"Don't go anywhere until I come back"

"It's not like I'm afraid okay!?"
"I understand"

"Are you really there Sakaki!?"
"I am"

"Isn't there a sensei coming to patrol?"

"It's fine so please hurry up"
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It's empty...

"Sa sakaki!! Come here for a bit!!"
"What is it? Are you actually afraid?"

"No!! There's no toilet paper!!"

"... you're scared so you're panicking"
"N no!!"

"Then will I throw it above?"

"One two..."


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"What!? Why did the electricity go out!?"
"The patrolling people probably turned it off"

"Then turn it on quickly!!"
"If I turn it on now, the people patrolling might come back. If that happens my situation will become a little bothersome"

"Then I'll explain..."
"You're not reliable"


"Ojou-sama, please get out right away"
"But it's dark and I can't find the toilet paper..."

"What if you use your cellphone light?"
"Oh!! I see..."

"...Sakaki, give me your..."
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"If you don't hurry up, the school gate will close right?"
"Even if you tell me that..."

"Then I'll come in and look for it"
"Huh!? Come in from where??"

"Ojou-sama, you forgot to close the door"

"Hey!! Wait a minute!! I look really embarrassing..."
"It's okay, I can't see you"

"That's wrong.... uhhh... what'll you do if you touch me!?"

"Please don't worry. I'll properly wash my hands afterwards"

"Notice me!!"
Eat-girl is really growing on me. Thanks op!
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"In any case, get out!!"
"I'll find it right away so be quiet..."


".... it wasn't on purpose"
"Please don't move"

"Can you use your cellphone light? You could look around my feet area... it's my fault..."

"You don't need to give concern. Making mistakes is a student's job"

"Moreover, please be helpful in watching for it"

Here!? Here!?
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"Huh!? Your glasses are here!!"

"Here here!!"
"Ojou-sama, please don't move"


"....couldn't you stay still?"
"B but you...!!"

"In any case, my glasses please"
"When you put this on, get off me quick..."

"Is there someone here?"
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Okay, my dump's done. See you all next week.
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thanks for Michiru and our weekly dose of waka
Thanks and see you!
she's only going to get fatter
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Short anime series when?
Dogakobo please do this. It will be awesome. Unless they mess the order up
>sponsored by funi
that is a massive cast. Would it be acceptable to hire different VA's for each character?
I figured they probably use a bunch of ni-name VAs for the most part and splurge on the more popular characters. Like the Love Master.
Who would even voice Yamane?
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Never say that

>he wants to wrap up every couple before doing that and think about what's next

okay let's list some couple that haven't been wrapped up yet and not included in beach trip, stargazing trip, and comiket date

>first romance with a yandere sidekick
>love master
>this week couple
>unsentimental one
>rest are too new to be wrapped up

another 2 months at the earliest but that should be a breeze to wait
i love you man
there's still the fag no one wants to let join a team

I don't understand this guy at all, it seems like he is playing with her in a very almost too subtle way.
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waka ambivalent.png
66 KB, 450x336
Will he ever see his girlfriend smile?
Don't ask such hard questions anon.
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waka eh.jpg
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We have to, for mankind to progress, Bill.
There's so many active characters in this.

I hope not all his works do the same.
What a troublesome ojou.

These two are amazing. Then again all the couples are amazing
Your least favourite pairing?
>Rainbow Road

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tc imouto2.jpg
44 KB, 400x300
I like this one.
File: tc kouhai.jpg (49 KB, 450x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tc kouhai.jpg
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and this one
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When the fuck is best boy going to appear again?
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