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>Gaia is Scooby
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>Gaia is Scooby
There's no way 13 year old Baki beats him
He's got the Hanma blood in him, he's 10 times stronger than the average 13 year old
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But does Baki actually win?
Gaia is shit
spoilers: baki wins
But he's comparable to Ogre as someone who's seen real warfare
Yeah you nerd

Also, did you notice the increase in quality of the text?
I offered my English/typesetting services to them; figured I might as well make $5 donations a little more worth it.
I thought something was different. Good job

>all caught up on Baki scans except for whatever series it is with Gaia climbing through a man's asshole through his mouth
It hurts
Gaia isn't shit, he wrecked Sikorsky - but do you know who's fucking hype beyond reason right now? Motobe. He one-shots Gaia in an upcoming Baki Dou chapter
Problem is that the TL apparently doesn't have that much free time. If he did, I'm sure that he'd be willing to translate more than one a week. Also, I don't think anyone's donating for Baki Dou - the cleaner hasn't touched it yet, so I'm assuming they haven't gotten anything. I'd love to pick up the pace of course.

There's one guy who's donating for the original series, idk anything about him or if he's even reading Baki Dou.

Pic related for Motobe vs Jack hype.
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Oh, and
>whatever series it is with Gaia climbing through a man's asshole through his mouth
That's a special/one-shot, not a series.
Have you read Scarface? I actually haven't; probably should. It looks dark as fuck, but I can't get over the fucking midget.
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>trains every day
>eats more than a /fit/izen on a bulk
>takes 20 types of steroids
>undergoes painful length surgery three times
>almost gets killed at least twice
>gets beaten by a smug old manlet b-rate "ninja" fighter who chain smokes and engages in homoerotic activities with his discipline
Motobe's so weird. He's shit tier at the start of the series who is weaker than pro wrestlers and shinsekai nobodies, but with weapons he can punk the killers or Yujiro

Scarface is comfy
What is going on here?

hanayama gets wrekt by a bodybuilding midget with hypnotic powers
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>engages in homoerotic activities with his discipline
I don't remember that. The fight hasn't happened yet anyway, that's the latest chapter. Could go either way. And
Motobe's like 6'1; Jack is an even 8 feet tall now.
Trust me when I say that Motobe is way stronger than anyone thinks, though. Pic related for obvious evidence.
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>hanayama gets wrekt by a bodybuilding midget with hypnotic powers
Not quite. I wouldn't say being baited into sniper fire is being wrecked *by* the midget.

We've always kinda had a hint about Motobe being more than he seems though, despite the reader never thinking about it or assuming it's a plot device: Motobe's always the one who knows every single technique that's used in a fight, no matter how esoteric. He recognizes the super obscure techniques used in the Doppo vs Yuujiro fight in the first series, and nobody really questions it.

Now that he's also spent a year or however long training his body, he's almost able to fist-fight on par with Retsu post-Xiao Lee training. That's pretty fucking strong. Also, there is the matter of what's been implied but not really outright stated so far in Baki Dou translations: there's a distinctive difference between a "fighting match" and the "art of war". The latter is extreme pragmatism and *always* life-or-death, whereas the fights that Baki and friends are used to engaging in don't typically go that far. That's why Retsu died. He didn't understand that a blade can and will kill you. That field is where Motobe is the dominant king, presumably behind Musashi.
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That being said about Musashi, I can't quite tell what's going on in the latest chapters because there's no public Japanese scans. If there's anyone who speaks Chinese, it'd be a considerable favor to me if you could explain whether or not Musashi is stronger with his hands or his swords. The Yuujiro fight implies the former, and is extremely fucking creepy.
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I will, of course, post the related page in hopes for a Chinese samaritan.
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This fucking spread is nightmare material. If anything, Musashi is the scariest villain the Baki characters have fought.
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Motobe is only really trained in the art of war. Most modern martial artists are not, so he has an edge on them, but he is not an actual combatant like Yujiro or Gaia or even Che. I feel like when(if) he fights Musashi that will be a big point
you think motobe will end up like retsu?
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Man I fucking love how stupid Baki is.
I wish I could see the inside of Itagaki's head.
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Fuck no. He literally goes to tell Yuujiro to stay out of it; that it's not his fight to fight and that he will *protect Yuujiro*. Obviously Yuujiro flips his shit, but Motobe bails. He's going to have an actually epic battle with Musashi. I can tell it's gonna be great. I honestly get the feeling that Baki won't fight him again. Doppo and Shibukawa have both strongly implied they don't intend to fight him a second time. Baki might have to fight someone even stronger.

The problem with my thinking, though, is that Itagaki has cleverly fused all of the super-relevant swordsman of Musashi's era's techniques into his depiction of Musashi. He talks like Sasaki Kojirou and two-hands his sword frequently like him (something Musashi explicitly says not to really do in the real Book of Five Rings) as well as using Itou Ittousai's entire school of swordsmanship as the basis for his "telekinetic" ability to read other people's intentions before they even think to do it. There's a few more things, but I can't remember them right now.
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>that picture
Puts me off from reading Scarface even more, but I know I will.

Motobe is a real combatant, just not as well-versed in "unarmed" martial arts as well as the other characters. That's why he takes the "false-sword" stance right before Kaku KOs him - it was implying that he would have beaten Retsu with that stance, as such combatants treat their bodies as swords: Musashi makes mention of this earlier in his fight against Baki, and it's obvious in the pictures I'm posting as well.

I do wonder if Che is coming back though, I miss him. He was a great character; far too short-lived in the plot. Gaia came back out of nowhere, so I'll just assume Che can and will do it too.
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Any Chinese readers anywhere? Please?
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When did Baki jump the shark?
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After this, Yuujiro just rages and beats up Motobe for a couple minutes, then goes for drinks with Musashi. A confusing turn of events for those of us who don't speak Chinese/Japanese. Pls help.
Nobody stronger is going to show up unless Kaku Kaioh trains Pickle. That's the whole point of Musashi, all of the guys were yawning because they plateaued and the strongest warrior in history came back and kicked all their asses with deadly force

Motobe is not a real combatant, the same way most people aren't real combatants. He's a modern martial artist, skilled but has never actually had to rely on killing another person with those skills in order to stay alive the way the soldiers in the series have. Everything they do in fighting other human beings has been by choice, a bloodsport
Ch. 1, Pg. 1
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The only "jumping the shark" things that ever really happened in Baki were him grabbing Bush (which was kinda covered up, so partially excusable) and the publicity of the father-son fight. Had the father-son fight happened more in private, it would make more sense that nobody is actively hunting down Baki and Yuujiro. While there are extremely large amounts of "fans" of the two, with that level of press coverage, there would have been mass rioting worldwide and a huge jump in people trying to become closer to that unbelievable ideal.

Then again, perhaps my last point is going to play into the plot of Baki Dou: Baki *did* say that "Now is the time when the strongest in history will be decided." Take that as you will.

Yuujiro and Musashi chilling. An amusing sight.
Baki's full retard full time, it's immune to that
Remember that Kaku is probably training himself privately. He said he wanted to fight Yuujiro in 100 years and that he wanted his title; we haven't seem him in the wheelchair since, and he looks and acts much healthier. Can't imagine what role Pickle is going to play in this series, if any. Pickle vs Musashi would be neat nonetheless.

>That's the whole point of Musashi, all of the guys were yawning because they plateaued and the strongest warrior in history came back and kicked all their asses with deadly force
But *is* he the strongest warrior in history? We dunno yet. Goroukou is ridiculously good at finding people that shouldn't even exist (eg: Kosho, Dorian). I know I'd love to see Yuichiro in action..
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Forgot to reply to the other part of your post.

>He's a modern martial artist, skilled but has never actually had to rely on killing another person with those skills in order to stay alive the way the soldiers in the series have.
We've never really seen Motobe training, but that is a very fair point. I get the impression that the vague description of his retreat "into the mountains" was intentional. There must be something up wherever he went to train that's leveled him up ridiculously.

That aside, this page comes up in the middle of the drinking conversation between Musashi and Yuujiro. Fairly sure that he just told Musashi that there's another strong person like him, with a similarly archaic skill set.
I want to see Pickle vs Musashi with Pickle using the mercury whip, but it seems almost impossible to think of any reason for it to happen. Pickle should be part of the series though, because like you said, this is to decide who is the strongest in history.

There don't seem to be any more really strong guys. Sure, plenty of mid tier guys I guess like Eyes, Mouth and Ears but Baki vs Yujiro was the most exciting thing ever seen. Strong guys did not pop anymore. Goroukou found the Shinogis before the Maxim Tournament and Dorian was a Kaioh who escaped with four of the other 'strongest'. They're not really out of the ordinary and with Dorian from the Kaioh Tournament we know that the Kaiohs aren't really impressive

All of the strongest fighters know each other and this point and they're all bored
Reminder that Yujiro's grip strength is supposedly enough to crush a coal into diamonds, which requires 3 quarters of a million PSI to do. The Nile Crocodile who has the strongest bite strength on Earth clocks in at 50K.
He can crush a coal into dust and give it to Obongo, not turn it into a diamond
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>All of the strongest fighters know each other and this point and they're all bored
I wasn't quite clear; I was referring to other historical figures, hence the Yuichiro comment. I wish it would happen, but I know it won't because of how complex an ordeal getting Musashi back turned out to be on its own.

The issue with Pickle as an active fighter in the series is that he's an extreme isolationist, both out of nature and because he needs to now. He wouldn't be able to contact (or understand) any of the other fighters, hence can't really know Musashi is even there unless he got magic precognition like Baki.

>There don't seem to be any more really strong guys.
If they exist, the father-son fight might cause them to come out of hiding/obscurity in order to challenge themselves.

Imagine Kaku with actual, physical strength on top of his ridiculous martial skills though - shit could be cash. Love this last panel of pic related, he looks so intense.
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You forget: he does in fact turn it into diamond when he barges in on the G8 (?) secret meeting.

The Baki world is one wherein you can get almost infinitely stronger, without any major plateauing. Don't you think that's a more interesting idea than something like Ippo, which is just the same fight x1000?
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The convicts all immediately escaped and arrived in Tokyo after the Maxim Tournament when they shouldn't even know it happened all at the same time just because of synchronicity. Nothing has happened with any new fighters showing up after Baki vs Yujiro, another huge event. Pickle is one of the strongest, so when the time is right, he'll probably get magic precog and show up. It's synchronicity don't gotta explain shit

Kaku Kaioh looks so gross as a leather handbag, I love it. The fight scenes in Baki with little SFX are amazing when you stop and take a good look
Fair nuff about synchronicity. A dumb issue I've noticed with the sfx is that sometimes they're in speech bubbles, so we can't really touch them or it looks like somebody's saying "pyouiiiii"
Actual Baki>Younng Yujiro
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Of course. That's part of why he ceded the title.
Poor Ali jr. everybody shat on him
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Much better looking too

I really doubt Yujiro had any good rivals when he was Baki's age
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>Poor Ali jr.
He was the biggest faggot in the series. Not the most evil, mind you - just the biggest fag. He had more than what he got coming. That being said, Shibukawa beating him senseless was the best part of the Ali Jr bullying.
Favorite moment was when Jack put him in his place and the whole narration about "perfection" when Jack makes absolutely sure that Jr. stays down.
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The Jack part was the best part in the Ali Jr arc overall but in just the re-matches, Shibukawa's was the best. That page right after this with Ali Jr's tongue all fucked up. Love it.
So wait is Gaia actually hanma level or what?
Winced so hard. "Grit your teeth" is a classic comment, but this showing the potential consequences of not doing so was a first.
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Oh yeah, in related news, we should be releasing Grappler Baki chapters in png after this one. Unfortunately, spiny apparently doesn't have enough bandwidth or something to host both that and Baki Dou in png, so Baki Dou will remain jpeg for now.

The struggle keeps us all alive.
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Best fight.
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I'd place him about equal to Doppo. The point of the comment about Gaia being equal to Yuujiro on the battlefield was to later reveal that it was a misleading comment: the statement was made in reference to their respective abilities to survive and fight against opponents with guns, grenades, napalm etc with whatever resources you have. Gaia is very good at that, but he has nowhere near as much pure strength as Yuujiro.
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Ah! I forgot that I was gonna ask the fanbase: do you prefer it to be written as Xiao Lee or Shaori, or something else? Wild Fang (I think) used Xiao Lee, and I'm rather fond of it. Spiny has since translated it as Shaori, so if the term comes up again, what would you have me typeset it as?
Just finished the anime.

Quick question, is Hanayama a recurring character? I liked him a lot.
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Yep, I love him too. His *role* in the story changes after a while, but he's still generally around, even in the newest series.
Yes, he comes and goes occasionally, read Scarface if you want him as the MC.
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img000020 (6).jpg
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Anybody care? ;_;

Well I liked Xiao Lee, because it sounds chinese.

Shaori seems too japanese, even if both are the correct form
Doesn't really matter
Might as well keep it as is to avoid confusion
We can always just make a v2 of the earlier pages that use that word. There's like 8-10 of them total.
It's all up to you m8
Do what you feel is right
nobody is going to get confused f@m
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oh god the pressure
I'll probably just change it to Xiao Lee since it is a Chinese form, after all.

Next question: while we did make notes for the majority of the cultural references in Baki Dou, we didn't cover the fact that Musashi's telepathic ability that allows him to react before "the trigger" is a reference to Itou Ittousai; and it looks/sounds retarded devoid of context. I should put a note about it somewhere, right?

Pic is what I'm referring to.
Go for it
You have become spinyback
Daily reminder that Retsu was a jobbing faggot who got what he deserved.

Has Yujiro wombo combo'd Musashi yet?
File: img000011 (2).png (285 KB, 873x1393) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
img000011 (2).png
285 KB, 873x1393

Not unless I get back into nip classes (which I really should regardless). As it stands translation-wise, I just cross-check dubious words/phrases that I think he might have translated wrong.
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Continue to make it look not like shit typesetting wise

Posting dark horse candidate to fight Musashi
Fuck you.
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img000004 (4).png
1 MB, 821x1200
Mmm, sort of. See: >>136318676
Musashi's down for a bit after that, then goes back to fighting Yuujiro, but with psycho-crazy hands, which can be seen here: >>136318204

Motobe intervenes before Yuujiro could murder Musashi. Then they go out for drinks and discuss how weak other people are.
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Oh god no. Can he even fight anymore? The Scarface pages that I have in my dropbox all show him being *near* assassins/fighters, but never actually doing anything himself.
That's rad.
Nice, he has lots of charisma.

I did see there was a spin-off but I thought it wasn't being translated
I'm starting to really dig Motobe now
I hope he doesn't die but I'm not holding my breath since Retsu got dead
I wonder if anyone else is going to die this arc
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Well the yakuza in that pic is trying to hire him to kill the midget and that's where scans end

I want to see him fight. He's supposed to be a top killer and his design is cool
File: ruhsirch.jpg (275 KB, 1100x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Spiny does it whenever somebody pays him. I think it was canceled at some point down the line..? Maybe that was a different spin-off. Either way, there's still many chapters to be released once the donations are complete.
File: 192.jpg (263 KB, 1100x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Kunimatsu vs Katsumi
oh god i just realized that's possible
eugh why

That's not where my scans end. My scans end with the midget dressed up like Napoleon for some reason duking it out with Big Guy while Hanayama watches for some reason and Kunimatsu hides in a nearby car. Pic related.
Given that Jack is fucking preparing to brawl with Motobe, I'd say that we'll get at least one more death before ebic Motobe vs Musashi. If spoiler name died, it'd also give Baki a lot more incentive to be pissed at Musashi.
Always liked his crazy eyes, I would love spin offs of several characters in the bakiverse. shit like olivia going on missions. Gaia in an actual military battle.
The midget makes no sense for Baki really. Someone that small should not be able to be punched by a freak like Hanayama through a building then get up and knock Hanayama out with a punch. Or even crush someone's head with his bare hand. Big Guy(T-Rex) is Hanayama's buddy who wanted to die because he had gout that ruined his body and mind as he got bigger and bigger and wanted to die. Hanayama saved him by throwing him around so he's no longer in pain

Oliva gaiden is what I want the most. He's perfect
>Hanayama saved him by throwing him around so he's no longer in pain
I'll just take that at face value and not look any further into it

Oliva gaiden would just be him banging his fat chick after showing up 3 minutes late and working out
Oliva isn't Unchained just because he's the strongest. He gets the privileges he does for taking in dangerous people as a hunter for the government. There have to be some mildly interesting cats for him to bag inbetween eating tons of meat and fugging
Im surprised Baki isnt super pissed currently considering retsu and him seemed like close friends to me.
I'm imagining Musashi running around like that, waving his arms like crazy and I'm cracking up
agreed. Hanayama always gets fucked up though, if he gets into one more actual fight I think that nigga gonna die.
what's the proper order? baki son ogre, then new grappler?
Grappler Baki, New Grappler Baki, Son of Ogre, then Baki-Dou

out of these, the first part is the only one that isn't completely scanlated yet, but the anime covers it so you can watch that instead.
We actually haven't seen Baki ever since that fight. There's been like 25+ chapters without him appearing. I'm sure he's in his bomb shelter, angrily training hard against his imagination to get revenge/get stronger in general.

But if they were strong enough for him to have any sort of struggle, don't you think the rest of the main cast would be on it before him? 'Course, you could always have him going around the country solving mysteries. I'd read it.
File: itsgotime.jpg (200 KB, 831x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200 KB, 831x1200
I wouldn't even bother watching the anime. You get the gist of everything just fine starting from NGB

That's exactly what I had in mind to be honest, great minds think alike :^). Realistically(for baki), there's no way anybody could be a threat to Oliva. But Oliva is an intelligent character, so it would be best to just have him find extremely dangerous people using his skills.

also give him a cute japanese girl assistant
Well, remember that America is a different continent than Japan. Say somebody around Sirkozky's level is hanging about - is that worth Doppo or Baki taking a plane across? Maybe not really, but they would still be strong enough for the US government to justify sending Oliva after them.
I read a few chapters of Son of Ogre at random, realized I needed more of this shit, and marathoned NGB because at the time it was the only "completed" part. Then I checked out the anime long enough to realize it sucked, so I just read what little there was of the first part, and the rest in Raws, supplemented by the wiki to know character names and plot elements. Finally I got around to Son of Ogre, putting those crazy random chapters into context, except for that gap in the middle.

Seriously, getting into Baki was a fucking pain in the ass until very recently. I kinda wish it got the support JJBA has gotten.
File: literally why.png (3 MB, 2180x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
literally why.png
3 MB, 2180x1600
>Hanayama always gets fucked up though, if he gets into one more actual fight I think that nigga gonna die.
Pic related. Here's Hanayama tanking a fuckton of bullets for no reason because mad.

Baki Dou isn't completely scanlated either; we're 21 chapters behind because nobody has been donating or something. I haven't actually asked if there's a reason beyond that.
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>I wouldn't even bother watching the anime. You get the gist of everything just fine starting from NGB
Ehh. Maybe you could skip the rest of the childhood arc, but I would definitely watch Season 2, which is the Maximum Tournament. I think it's actually probably faster to watch it than reading the manga, it skips over tons of unnecessary shit.

Fair point, but it wouldn't be a challenge for Oliva. He mashed Sikorsky even before he started training again. You'd need to introduce tons of supporting characters to job to make the fights look really any amount of entertaining.

>I kinda wish it got the support JJBA has gotten.
All it would take is for one person to want to translate the series, one person to clean, and me to typeset. I shouldn't think it would really be all that difficult. The only particularly bizarre text is the shit that Gaia's been saying (and a little bit of Musashi) - Baki's not being retarded in the most recent chapters of the original series; what Gaia says in the original is barely coherent on its own.
Broads don't like Baki, it was impossible for it to get jojo support
There's only one doujin and they don't even bother to draw Retsu's peg leg and just keep it out of sight like Rob Liefeld

I'm glad I only got into it recently though, remember threads from way back in the day during the Ali Jr arc being incomprehensible
I don't think women are the reason JoJo is as popular as it is, anon. Maybe they're a part of the modern tumblr-core audience, but it's always had a strong fanbase on the internet.

Meanwhile, Baki is even more homoerotic and shit-eating insane, almost as long, yet almost completely ignored in comparison.
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71 KB, 344x302
I dunno, basically nothing from that part of the series has been referred to since aside from Baki being the champion and explain who all of his friends are. But really, people got the gist of who the Z-Fighters were in DBZ without Dragon Ball, it's fine for Baki too

A lot of the fanbase on the internet was women. Yes super macho manly manime dudes were also part of it, but there was always a strong female presence. It also looks relatively 'normal' when it comes to art style as odd as the designs may be, they look like human beings.
Baki characters do not look like human beings and most of them are old men, but not like abstract Fukumoto old men, very detailed gross old men
File: who are you again.jpg (208 KB, 746x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
who are you again.jpg
208 KB, 746x1200
>Rob Liefeld
why did you have to remind me that he exists

>Broads don't like Baki
Probably in part due to the fact that there aren't any in Baki
Like, Kozue just evaporates whenever it's not convenient for her to be there.
File: biscuit oliva.jpg (555 KB, 757x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
biscuit oliva.jpg
555 KB, 757x1200
You tellin' me women ain't slobberin' over this hunk of chocolate beefcake right here!?
>Almost all of the first half of son of ogre, where the fuck is Baki's girlfriend
>She was heavily showcased last series
>Suddendly she appears just were things left off with her
>The author make it seem like it would be a big reveal that she didn't go with Ali jr.

That was funny as fuck in an embarassing way
File: lol get fucked on.jpg (165 KB, 640x1010) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lol get fucked on.jpg
165 KB, 640x1010
>basically nothing from that part of the series has been referred to since aside from Baki being the champion and explain who all of his friends are
There's the origin of the "perfect seiken", there's the knowledge that Dorian is why Retsu even got the title of Kaiou, there's Jack's cancer mage form (which could come back at any time), why Jack hates Yuujiro (and where he comes from in general) and a few others that I can't remember at the moment.

While they aren't *necessary* to understand the series, for the sake of complete knowledge of the events therein, I'd say it's important to watch/read it.
File: Baki Saga - 082.jpg (71 KB, 341x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Baki Saga - 082.jpg
71 KB, 341x366
Hasn't shown up yet in dou either

That's why you don't need them
Never thought of this before, but is that the same technique that Yuujiro used to kill Baki's mom? Or is it just a strong-ass hug.
what are the best scans for baki? i'm reading Txjin's and it's making me wew with the quality.
File: img000006.jpg (581 KB, 1531x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
581 KB, 1531x1200
Nonsense, every woman loves men who are tall, dark, handsome and always have their hands in their pockets. That's why the Asian lost this fight.
File: 008.jpg (104 KB, 728x1078) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 728x1078
i mean look at this shit
File: saikyohug.jpg (378 KB, 783x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378 KB, 783x1200
File: img000016 (18).jpg (209 KB, 741x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
img000016 (18).jpg
209 KB, 741x1200
>what are the best scans for baki?
hahaha oh wow
There aren't any good scans, unfortunately. What you see is what you get.

It's the same thing in that they're both breaking the other person's spine. Baki doesn't believe that Yuujiro did it on purpose, though. Pic related.
Itagaki's composition is godlike. I love how he draws his characters in full-body shots, a lot of other artists would just show from the shins up or something. And the flat floor makes them feel so grounded, too.
File: doubting thomas.jpg (16 KB, 281x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
doubting thomas.jpg
16 KB, 281x350
File: 014.jpg (114 KB, 728x1135) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 728x1135
it's beyond real
File: baki13_158-159.jpg (2 MB, 1667x1341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1667x1341
With everything that's been revealed about Yujiro being the strongest(and one of the most popular characters), it almost certainly was a full strength hug out of joy. But she couldn't take it, oh well. Still not that bad a guy anymore
File: img000015.jpg (347 KB, 1518x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
347 KB, 1518x1200
what the fuck is that
that is not what it says
did you edit that yourself, or was someone actually enough of a memester to do that

Agreed. I like that he does sometimes draw people in seemingly bizarre/awkward positions, as that's the reality of what natural movement can look like. This spread that I'm posting is a particular favorite: it feels like everything is moving at once. Your mind starts to draw what happens immediately next.
it's one of the scans man, that's why i'm asking. i'm cringing at the thought of 20 volumes of this.
File: img000021 (3).jpg (142 KB, 750x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
img000021 (3).jpg
142 KB, 750x1200
Nigger, I am sorry, but you got tricked so fucking hard. To think that this makes the S Jump scans look good... Just read it on Batoto.

Aye. The father-son fight seems to have sated his need for a rival, thus kinda killing his bloodlust that made him such a dick in the original series. Then again, he also did some bizarrely nice things before that too, like pic related.
noob here. i read several different series of baki many years ago. i want to read them again after randomly stumbling on this thread.

can anyone recommend a place to read them? and is there a chronological order that I should read them in?

Thanks in advance.
batoto, as usual. Order is >>136326435
is UMAD better than the S scans?
appreciate it! must have missed it as i was typing that.
File: img000009.png (312 KB, 887x1399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
312 KB, 887x1399
Good news is that there aren't 20 volumes of it even out yet, but I'm running QC/typesetting patrol for the new releases of the original series so that there won't be anything particularly terrible from here on out.

Bad news is that for quite a while, you'll still have to go through terrible English/scans, but not nearly as wretched and downright inhumane as that shit. Good lord. Oh, and you'll have to either watch the 2nd season of the anime for the last arc of the first series, or you can skip it and just pick up New Grappler Baki and extrapolate from context who the new characters are. PHG seems satisfied with doing the latter, but it depends on what kind of person you are, really.

Pic is what your first posted pic is supposed to say.
Yeah, but they dropped it at some point around chapter 25 or 30. You have to deal with S Jump for a little while. It's bad, but not naruto-memes-level torturous.
File: baki vs retsu 1.png (779 KB, 1537x1198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
baki vs retsu 1.png
779 KB, 1537x1198
You owe it to yourself to read the raws for the Maxim Tournament. Even without understanding the dialog, the fights are gorgeous.
File: baki vs retsu 2.png (808 KB, 1538x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
baki vs retsu 2.png
808 KB, 1538x1200
i'm probably going to watch the 2nd season. is there a particular episode or do i just dive in when i'm caught up to the 16th vol?
oh dang... i might do that too then.
File: img000002.jpg (125 KB, 959x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 959x750
Oh, I did do that - I just did it after the anime, so that I could understand what was happening. Can't wait to get to pushing out those releases, but it seems like such a distant future. Maybe we'll have someone who can redraw by then, and/or a faster release schedule.

I wonder if any company would ever even consider an official English release of Baki. I mean, they released some of Nihei's poorer-selling works; I can't imagine it would be that much more of a gamble. The US loves nonsensical superhumans fighting, just look at any of our comics.
Seeing how long it took JoJo to come stateside, I wouldn't be optimistic. The manga boom in the West has ended, the days of any old shit-ass manga getting picked up because kids who sit in the aisle of Barnes & Nobles would buy it are gone.

Also, the format of Baki is very different from your average capeshit comic - it's strictly about the fighting. There's very little over-arching plot going on, and US audiences find it hard to attach to an action story without some easy-to-follow macguffin or revenge plotline.
File: homos frenching.jpg (635 KB, 1200x844) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
homos frenching.jpg
635 KB, 1200x844
Technically, starting at the 2nd season isn't "caught up" as the childhood arc does go on a little longer, but nothing happens in it after the Gaia fight that can't be logically deducted, expected or summarized in a sentence. I'll post said sentence in a spoiler so you can just get to Season 2 instead of dealing with the significantly crappier season 1: Everybody shows up to watch Baki fight his dad; Baki loses immediately - big fucking shocker; his Yuujiro-obsessed mom drops her obsession for 2 seconds to defend her son and Yuujiro accidentally kills her, then beats the aforementioned everybody up and leaves.

You start at Episode 1 of the 2nd season after that sentence, there's really no "bridge" between the arcs so it comes off as sudden, but it is what it is.
File: img000019.jpg (410 KB, 723x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410 KB, 723x1200
>without some easy-to-follow macguffin or revenge plotline.
>revenge plotline
Well there you have it! No, but I understand what you're getting at. And they can't ever do another season of the anime to make it more popular because of the constant extreme graphic content, which also sucks. I live near a massive 90% Asian college, I wonder what would happen if I shilled it there to every student I see. Could raise the Western popularity a little bit.
I did a Baki panel at a con last year. Just trying to do my part.
File: img000003 (3).jpg (583 KB, 764x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
img000003 (3).jpg
583 KB, 764x1200
I admire your dedication, friend. I don't have any opportunities/means of doing something like that, so I'm stuck with just recommending it to everyone I know that reads manga and improving the quality of the product released.

The fate of the Western fanbase rests in the hands of people like you.
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