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Would you fuck a girl with autism?
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Would you fuck a girl with autism?
It's okay I'm autistic too
Raw and balls deep, nigga.
if you fucked /would fuck any girl into anime you prolly fucked autism

yui is just extremely stupid
Who wouldn't?
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Mori Summer Dess.jpg
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Yui is only for cuddle, You sick fuck
I would fuck Ui + 2 hairpin though
Why not? Although I do wonder how fucked up a kid with an autistic mother would be.
Nice meme.
If by "fuck" you mean "hug tightly" then yeah I'd fuck the shit outta Yui
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No. Would I fuck Yui? Hell ja. And cuddle afterwards.

Plz do not sexual the k-ons
Selfcest needs more of everything.
Autistic girl? Sure.
Mentally Retarded like Yui? No.
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K-On! [Beach].jpg
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No need m8, they take care of that themselves.
my wife on the right
Me on the right.
Are you me?
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>bullying Yui

Me on the left.
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dumping some old ritsu fanfic i found on my computer

>You first met in a music store. You were looking to pick up a new pair of headphones - listening to music is just not as fun when only one ear works.
>Unable to find your headphones, you tried to find a store clerk, but somehow stumbled into the instrument section instead.
>And then you saw her.
>You could've sworn she looked familiar, and soon it clicked - she was a drummer for that school band you've heard a lot about recently.
>Doing something that you've never done before, you decided to approach her.
>You introduced yourself, and asked if she was with the band.
>Expecting rejection, you started looking for the closest exit.
>But her face lit up instead.
>You spent the next twenty minutes talking about HTT, music, and just random life stuff.
>You've never hit it off with a stranger like that before, but it seemed to be impossible to not be social around her.
>Your talk was cut short when she checked the time on her phone.
>She was running late to meet her friend, it seems.
>Somehow during the whole haste you've managed to scribble your email address for her, half-jokingly asking to inform you if there's a HTT concert happening.
>And then she was gone, muttering something about scary movies and bass guitars.
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>You never actually expected to receive a reply from her. And you couldn't even write to her yourself - you didn't have her address.
>But a couple of days later, you got a message - she was asking if you were free to hang out today.
>As it turned out, she messaged her entire contact list because she was bored.
>Somehow you turned out to be the only person free. At least that's what she told you.
>You let her pick the destination - although you've lived here for quite a while, you've never really explored the place.
>Through the entire day you traded stories with her, with her telling you about her band, and you trying as hard as possible to not sound completely lame to her.
>You even made her laugh a couple of times, so you must've been doing something right.
>It was already dark out when you parted ways - and this time around you made sure to trade phone numbers.
>You were exhausted when you got home - and there was a text message waiting for you.
>Even though you just spent an entire day with her, you proceeded to text each other until it was morning.
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>Soon you were hanging out with her all the time.
>You started looking into local concerts, and just researching music stuff just to have more things to talk to her about.
>She just was happy to have a new person to talk to - and she actually was quite interested in what you had to say as a listener and not a musician.
>Over time you even got to know her friends a bit.
>You didn't really hang out with them as much as with Ritsu, but it was still fun meeting them.
>You even got to drink tea in their club room one time.
>Still, you mostly liked to hang out with Ritsu - to the point where your friends started calling you a couple.
>The last time you met Ritsu's friends, they were cracking jokes as well.
>You were just friends, though.
File: 1411527813536.jpg (136 KB, 1186x1176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 1186x1176
>You've been waiting for this concert for a while - it's a miracle that you've managed to get these tickets, friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend type of deal.
>She's been talking about that band for quite a while now, and was devastated when she couldn't get a ticket.
>So you pretty much had to get her to see it.
>And the concert was really good. You've never actually heard any of that band's songs, but you've loved every second of it.
>As both of you were heading back, the weather started to worsen.
>Just as you got near her house - she lived closer to the arena, it started to rain.
>Although you'd often meet Ritsu near her place, you've never actually been inside before.
>Seeing how you didn't even have an umbrella, she invited you in.
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886 KB, 500x357
>Ritsu's home was clean. Cleaner than you expected.
>She casually pointed to some slippers, and directed you to the living room.
>Her brother was staying over at his friend's.
>Her parents weren't at home either.
>It was just you and her in the house.
>You never really thought much about all those couple jokes before.
>So now was the perfect time to be reminded of every single one of them you've ever heard.
>Your descent into embarrassment was cut short when Ritsu flicked you.
>Somehow you didn't notice her coming back to the living room.
>She changed into more casual clothes.
File: 1409987231860.gif (458 KB, 312x234) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
458 KB, 312x234
>You just stared at her.
>Before either of you could say something, the silence was interrupted by a stomach growl.
>"Eheheh... Let's get some food."
>She lead you to the kitchen, where you helped her cook.
>You never knew that she could cook so well.
>After the delicious meal, you went to her room.
>Both of you were pretty much exhausted.
>Ritsu crashed on her bed, and you followed suit.
>You just laid there, staring into the ceiling, near Ritsu, who stared into a wall instead.
>All the couple jokes came back to you.
>"We really are like a couple, aren't we?" - you muttered, not even thinking.
>You knew what you just said, but you were just too tired to visibly panic.
>Instead you just kept staring into the ceiling.
>After what seemed like an eternity, you heard a reply.
>"Why aren't we a couple?"
>"Should we be a couple?" - you replied to her, your mind totally blanked.
>"We'd make a great couple!" - she chimed loudly with a fist pump.
>You both turned to face each other. She was blushing. So were you, probably.
>Your heart was beating like crazy. You had to do something, say something.
>But before you could even think of an action, she kissed you.
File: 1411439635116.gif (1 MB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x225
>You both just laid there staring at each other.
>She seemed embarrassed, and waited for you to say something.
>Your brain still wasn't responding, though.
>Still, you had to act.
>So you hugged her - and that was a good enough answer for Ritsu.
>While still a bit embarrassed, she relaxed in your arms.
>You heard quiet sobbing from her.
>She had a tough exterior.
>But on the inside she wanted the same thing as everyone.
>She just wanted to be loved.
>And now you were there.
>You kissed her on the forehead, and hugged her tighter.
>Smiling, you both drifted to sleep.
bro, got link?
>i wanna a commoner date with Mugi
idk, i've just had it sitting in a text file dated october 23 2014
on weird fb link
cant post fb link, identified as spam, go >>136190538
and google search the first sentence
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>mfw there are people browsing /a/ RIGHT NOW that will repost writefaggotry to facebook
I don't trust any man who says they'd be able to stop themselves from fucking Yui until they were sore.
If she's on birth control, I dont need to spread my genetics.
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Only Mashiro.
yeah but billy not really
Hi Ritsu
File: 1451447851674.jpg (206 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I love Yui. I wouldn't sexualize her
File: 1398232660547.jpg (910 KB, 1280x1532) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's not worth it.
My ex was an autistic furry from /v/ who more than once tried to roleplay as her recolor Lion King OC in the goddamn bedroom. She was also schizo as fuck and would tell complete strangers she thought she was an alien.

Some pussy just isn't worth it, man.
What's autism?
Are we talking awkward nerd autism or CWC autism?

What's happened to him now?
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What the fuck man
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he still thinks pretending to be a transsexual will get him a boyfriend free girl, also got off scot free for felonious assault for like the third time because retard handlers are still white knighting for their precious misunderstood violent little angel
I am literally going to marry Azusa.
How are you going to do that?
I'm going to destroy Azusa's pussy.
>still using the autism meme
fuck off
here is your reply
Everything ruins by the fact that
>You are 27
>Have wife and kiddo

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I want to play in bed with Mugi.
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