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Twintail Thread
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I've come to post twintails and discuss the treatment of fujoshis.

Updates in the usual place and I'll be posting some bits from the first chapter of the author's new series
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not enough twintails threads lately

nice update
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Story is set in Aomori, Japan and centers around a Starmagical Girl(Masei Shoujo) called Hoshigami Hina aka Layer Sol who has just finished fighting off an alien threat to her world after a year(four cours) of fighting. She discovers through some very questionable means that her magical mascot has been hiding the truth behind her fight from her. As it turns out her fight has been broadcasted back to her mascot's home planet as a children's superhero show and that unless she manages to find a replacement to take care of the next invading faction, she'll have to continue serving as the world's protector for another year.

Hoshigami Hina - MC. 16yo highschooler. Lives alone in a 2LDK her protective parents rent for her. Loves Unidentified Mysterious Animals(UMAs) to an unhealthy extent. Wants to retire from being a magical girl. Finds the weapons Uma-chan gives her too complicated so she prefers fighting with her fists and legs. Unprecedentedly strong and considered the monsters she fought to be all weaklings. She figures she'd be able to destroy the entire Aomori prefecture with a full powered punch sans powerups. Worries about her flat chest and has some self-esteem issues. Has twin ahoges that turn into twintails when she transforms.

Uma-chan - Magical mascot. Speaks politely with "boku" but is of indeterminate age by Hina's count. Producer in charge of Hina's superhero show. Tried countless times to get Hina to use the weapons he gives her to sell toys but she never did so they're all in bargain bins back home. His face doesn't actually change expressions and can operate machinery without fingers. His name happens to sound like Uma-chan so it stuck.
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these fujoshi guildies just make me want to read about them getting slaughtered even more
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Chihira Haruka - A girl one year junior to Hina and her only human friend. Hina saved her once before and accidentally revealed her secret to her thinking she was out sight. Hina only realizes that she's been stalking her after she invites her over to her house as a potential successor and that she's a lesbian pervert after her body.

Sakura Mitsuki - A young girl seemingly of elementary school age that claims to be a thousand year old immortal that does youtube reviews of toys and heiress to a famed toy company. Uma-chan is a huge fan of her work and consults her opinions on toy design. He tried to recruit her as Earth's protector before picking Hina but she refused his offer. He chose her as the 3rd successor candidate.

Gatta-kun - Giant Humanoid Ningen UMA with a sense of justice that Hina picked as the 2nd potential successor that now resides in her handy dandy pocket dimension.

Calamity Satan - A Starmagical girl siding with new the invading faction. Has several modes: moeblob, sadist queen, actress.
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>Novel starts off with a cold open in the climax of Layer Sol's final episode
>She faces off against the boss of a machine empire expy on mars
>Uma-chan tries to get her to use a bazooka to finish him off
>Hina just splits him, his mecha city fortress and that region of Mars in two with a kick. She did not find him tough at all.
>Warps back to earth and ends epilogue with telling Haruka that her fight's finally over
Chapter 1
>Hina shops around for her retirement party. She uses her pocket dimension magic to carry her stuff. Finds a UMA gachapon machine and goes for one but waits till she gets home to find out what it is so she doesn't spend too much on those devilish machines.
>Returns home to find Uma-chan anxiously busy with something but he dismisses it and they get down to their party.
>Hina reminisces about how things went for the past year as she breaks out the sodas and snacks for their party of two. She feels like she didn't have much of an impact since the news barely ever covers her and she's not popular the way she thought heroes would be. She didn't get to have much of a social life with friends either since saving the world kept her busy.
>She's got some questions about what went on but leaves those matters be and goes for her and Uma-chan's relationship.

What follows simply must be read and not summarized.
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"But regardless of how we're different species it's still going to be problematic if you hug me like this."

"Why would it be problematic? ...Uma-chan, could it be that you have a girl back on your home planet?"

It was half in jest but Hina questions him out of suspicion of being unfaithful.


Seeing Uma-chan writhe and wildly shake his head around in her hands, Hina's decided that leaving it at simple teasing simply would not do.


With last room for keeping secrets finally all but gone, an emotion in dire want of a description rears its head.

"Ba-basically, keeping a suitable amount of distance between us will make for a good relationship is what I'm saying here..."

Even if it does not stem from the love between a man and a woman the desire to keep it all to oneself is still the same. The moment her assurance in that she was the one who understood Uma-chan the most crumbled away in her heart it was only natural for Hina to think, "I'll just have to get closer to him using skinship. Then he'll tell me the secrets he's hiding from me."

With the light of determination held within her eyes, Hina slowly gets up. Casting her eyes down below, she leisurely undoes the buttons of her shirt. Uma-chan makes no particular outward display of interest but... once she leaves her shirt atop her sofa and lets her skirt fall to the floor, he hastifly averts his gaze away from her with a snap the moment she starts fiddling away at her brassiere.

"O-Oh? If you want to change then I should step out of the room while you..."

"No need for that. I don't mind at all."

Hina flatly addresses Uma-chan's consideration and takes off her brassiere without the slightest hint of reluctance.

They weren't at the level of being so hopelessly flatchested that you could spin off any number of amusing gags from them but they certainly weren't large enough for one to be at on the matter. They really were small by any normal measure. It would be extraordinarily difficult to make out where on the body line they lay even with prolonged staring.


Uma-chan turns around with nowhere to go from where he stood.

"Okay then. I'm completely nude now so-"

Hina vacantly says that aloud as if to drive the final blow in. Ever since she started living on her own after becoming a highschooler, her slovenliness had taken itself to remarkable places. Even now, there were stripped off clothes just lying around strewn about on the floor. The reason for this room's neat appearance is that Umachan takes care of the cleaning without anyone else catching onto him. The degree of said symbiotic relationship between them probably only served to enforce Hina's sense of cohabitation with him though.

Hina silently reaches out for Uma-chan's back and soon has him in a deathgrip.

"Now then, how about we take a break from the retirement party and go take a bath together. That sound good to you Uma-chan?"


It would be all too pure to call it a session sweet tender touching between lovers. She suggested it the way an awkward father would try to communicate with his son by saying "It's been a while so I'll be climbing in the bath with you!". With that sort of hospitality intact, she carries him with her to the bathroom.
Perhaps picking up a tinge of Hina's impatience, Uma-chan speaks out when they enter it.

"So you're thinking that by taking a bath together as friends that you'll get me to talk without hiding anything away huh... It's no use Hina. I will only tell you what I feel you need to know and for us to move ahead from the best possible relationship we have now is... Mphoh!"

As he talks to himself in a drunk sounding tone he gets interrupted halfway through.

Uma-chan feels a cool pleasant sensation wash down his back and shivers at it. It has a faint aroma to it. Shampoo? No, bodysoap.

"!? My body is kept clean through Starmagic power so this isn't at all necessary..."

Turning around back to speak out against her actions, Uma-chan gets a full view of Hina's naked body and quickly faces away from her in a panic.


Uma-chan feels Hina diligently rub the bodysoap into his body with her smooth silky hands. He concluded that she was foregoing the explanation and focusing washing him anyway and that he was jumping to conclusions. However, it was when Hina grabbed hold of him and lifted him over her own back with her right hand and pressed down on him with her left that a foreboding omen pierced through his whole body.

".................................just what are you planning to do?"

"I've always thought Uma-chan's body feels just like a sponge. A really nice one."


"So I wondered if it'd feel good to wash myself with you like this so..."

So said the bare naked beautiful girl with the slightly flushed skin as her pink lips hung ever so slightly open.


Unable to tell her to stop in time, Hina begins washing herself with the bodysponge turned Uma-chan.


Being the UMA that he is, Uma-chan screams out in a monstrous howl and trembles in fear afterwards.
"Ahahahaha. Why does it feel so ticklish? Still, I didn't expect it to feel so good. It's the best feeling I've ever had on my skin! There's nothing as smooth as this on the market!!"

"There's plenty out there in the shops! You just haven't been around enough to know that!! Now put me down and let's go on an adventure to find them!!"

Even if he relied on the infinitely optimistic phrase that is, "Please stop!!", Hina's hands showed no sign of stopping.

She was done with her arms. Next were her shoulders.

"Hey wait! Sto-HIIIIIIIIIII!?"

And then came the neck. The back followed after. The horse-shaped plushie scrubbed away at the soft skin of this girl of problematic age.

"You do realize that you and I are from different planets, different lifeforms even!? I don't find the sight of you naked appealing at all! Not one bit! You're not going to move my heart even if you keep on doping this! In fact, you're freaking me out!!"

If one were to imagine having some towering beast catch hold of them so it can rub its body down with them then it would probably help communicate the immense terror that Uma-chan is presently feeling. The only ones who would regard the barenaked body of a beautiful girl as a reward would be other humans. If it were any other lifeform then it serve the opposite effect. Things however were different to Hina.

"Well I'm enjoying this so it's fine by me!!"

"You have one crazy messed-up nature earther!!"

During the gaps between each scrubdown, Umachan's eyes are strangely drawn to Hina's twin antennae hair sticking out at the top of her head. Amidst the rest of her hair that stay flat down from regular washing, it is just these two strands of hair that still manage to stick out and retain their shape that evokes the the image of claws. To Uma-chan right now, they looked like a pair of deathscythes waiting to ready to reap his soul.
"If we go on staying with each other naked like this, prejudices like species or anything of that sort are going to break down and disappear and we'll be able to spill our guts and share everything with each other... How about we identify those unidentified mysteries that still lay unknown in our hearts together..."


Hina's eyes were transfixed. "I want to get closer and closer to you". Hina may have wholeheartedly believed he would open up to her if she communicated that to him but for Uma-chan this attempt at skinship had turned into a torturous session of interrogation.

"Nghh... I'm not going to lose to this... HOHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!?"

The low wailing of a newborn babe reverberated throughout the bathroom.

Eventually, Hina finally gets to her humble chest and uses Uma-chan on it. On top of that, she was scrubbing away with a somewhat softer touch compared to before. Uma-chan's body now being assaulted with a significantly softer sensation now.

"Uma-chan... The thing you're hiding from me. The important thing. What is it...?"

Calling out to him louder than before with a smile, the tickled girl had a mesmerized look upon her face.

"Hey! Why the heck does your voice sound kinda excited there you little braaaaaaaaaaaaattt!!"

Coming back to her senses at Uma-chan pointing that out, Hina pays that unidentified sensation she felt little mind and move on to washing other parts of her body. She started out uneasy about touching each other like this but thanks to Uma-chan's excessive reactions Hina quickly found herself enjoying it. And because of this, she feels the urge to trouble him a little bit more.

"I'm a bit embarrassed about where I'll take it from here but... I'm not backing down on this..."

"Get embarrassed when you get to your chest!!"

Having unleashed that retort without thinking, Uma-chan finds himself witnessing the borders of the Eden that lay hidden beneath the shoulders opening up.
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Reposting my Christmas pic
"Your armpit!? You're going for your armpit!? That's a no go for a girl isn't it!? Armpits are no gGYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!"

Uma-chan regrets it. He regrets Hoshigami Hina, the girl who protected the earth. There is none so daring as her on this planet. She's different from himself who'd tremble in fear at other species. Whether it be extraterrestrial life forms or scrubbing armpits, this girl feels not one particle of fear or hesitation...!!!


Overwhelmed by the terror of having your whole body used to scrub another's armpits, Uma-chan's power of speech breaks down.

This is the horror of torture. "I don't want to suffer anymore". "Free me from this now". By precisely aiming for the gaps in one's heart, what meager courage and self-respect there may be will crumble away all too easily.

"Say Uma-chan. Isn't it about time you tell me already? What's your true objective? Why do you try so hard to get me to use those weapons? Was all the fighting I did really just for sake of protecting this world?"

"I-I'm not telling you a-a thing..."

The time that's passed since Uma-chan's reincarnation into bodysponge has yet to pass 3 minutes. That voice he spoke in however held within it the grief that a person who's been tortured ceaselessly for three days and three night without a moment's rest would be afflicted with. For him, the one upside to all this was that Hina was not accustomed to the art of torture.

Not seeing the end of this torture in sight, while facing an emergency situation and not knowing how much longer has to bear it all before he is released, Uma-chan's heart is crushed by it all. But once he overcomes the hell of scrubbing her armpits, shouldn't his release come right after?

"Still not ready to confess are you...!?"

But hell is called as such because it has no end.
Hina spreads out her legs to line up her feet at shoulder's width. She scoops some more bodysoap into her palm and rubs it into Uma-chan's back.

Feeling the hand that had him by his torso lower itself down, Uma-chan thinks to himself that all that remained were to scrub her legs and the bottom of her feet and it'll all be over.

Believing that the peak of this torture to have been her armpits, Uma-chan's fragile hope is smashed to pieces.

".........wha, y-you're kidding right... you wouldn't..."

"I'll be cleaning down here too."
There hasn't been a precedent for Starmagical Girls possessing the ability to manipulate time but... In this instant, time had certainly come to a halt.

"...with me?"

"...with you."

"Phu-pha-hahaha! No way, it's impossible that you would! Of all things that is jus-!!"

Trying to escape the reality before him, Umachan raises his voice in the same fashion theater actors would.

Hanging onto one last sliver of hope, he looks to Hina's face. He sees into the eyes of girl bequeathed with the Sun's name of Sol.

He sees an inky blackness. Pure black like that of black hole that blotted everything out without end.

She already lost sight of what is and what isn't she going to enjoy.

"...if you tell me that it's impossible for me then it just makes me want to do it even more...!!"

Hina... She said it with the gallantry and brimming spirit of Earth's mightiest warrior.

Uma-chan is drawn in closer towards the nether region inch by inch.


A scant few milliseconds away from making impact with the base of her legs, Uma-chan summons up the courage to make a decision and the courage to submit, and saves himself just in time.
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>After Hina skinships the truth out of Uma-chan she learns that she's the star of her own show back on his planet but her merchandising sales numbers were abyssmal since she never used any of her weapons. He shows her mountains of unsold toys back in stores on his home planet not even going for 100yen prices.
>He tells her that her fight isn't over since another invasion is coming.
>The first scout arrives soon after. It's a small hamster head with the body of a buff macho man called Muscle Hamster. He came to buy tokusatsu toys from a store while scouting out the planet.
>Hina accosts him and he preaches on about evolution and how her flat chest proves her to be at the bottom of the evolutionary chain.
>Hina proceeds to beat him up. Before she sends him flying and turns him into a star, she explains away some misconception of evolution that he missed.
>Back at the apartment, Hina gets down on having to go on for another year embarassed now knowing that her fights are being broadcasted.
>Uma-chan strikes up a deal with his superiors and tells Hina that if they can find a successor in time before the new season starts properly she'll be able to retire for real.
>Chapter ends with Hina watching a bit of her show and concluding it sucked.

That's it for now. If this thread lives by the time I get home tonight I'll finish summarizing up chapters 2 and 3 then.

Additionally, I am very certain they aged Hina up from 14 and middleschool to 16 and highschool at the last moment. I distinctly remember reading the earlier sypnoses saying she was the former and not the later and the volume cover certainly does not look 16.
I just realized I forgot to scan the color spread of the bath scene. She doesn't look 16 in there either.

>Hina is bad at working with machines and complex toys

Gee, I guess that's why she never used the Prominence Staff as seen in >>135727066 and basically fights like Aika then

Speaking of which, shouldn't the author actually try to finish Twintails first?
Partially. The main reason is that she doesn't NEED to use them. It seems like she's even been given form change cards too but she never used them.

He says he's still got plenty more twintails on the way and it seems like a good time to start a second series now that twintails is in endgame mode.
Source for laptop image?
Deleted from pixiv sadly
That's why i have a script auto download pics for me from various sites so i never lose them if few others get them
This is not one of such pics however since it's on danbooru
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Is it just me or do twintail threads get way more posters when you start it with Aika?
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there's such a thing as too flat
and she's it
There's such a thing as being too gay
And you are
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Only because her fat went to all the right places. Surely you won't argue that is the case and that she makes flat look good?
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Aika is perfect

I hope you guys are watching Bahamut this season
Battle academy haremshit is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Damn right I am.

Bahamut was supposed to be pretty decent, right? I think it was Hundred that was supposed to be awful.
File: 1450155971434.jpg (369 KB, 1500x1071) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I honestly have no idea, I just watch all battle harems every season.

>going through the pain of watching Isuca
I considered doing the challenge last Winter, but never went through with it. Watched all of them besides Shinmai last season though. Even Lance N' Masques.
I was going to but when I read the actual synopsis I got turned off by it. I don't think I can suffer through that just for you lot.
>not watching 6 harems in the same season

AD = World Break > Saekano > Fafnir = Shinmai >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Isuca
>not liking Fafnir
>Has twin ahoges that turn into twintails when she transforms

Fucking masterpiece.
I liked all of them actually. Yes, even Isuca which was fucking shit, I somehow managed to enjoy it for main girl going dere
>even the ultimaguil hate fujos

Damn, they really are literally us.
Hello anon, just stopped by to let you know that I appreciate the effort you are putting into twintails.

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>an emotion in dire want of a description
>They weren't at the level of being so hopelessly flatchested that you could spin off any number of amusing gags from them
>She suggested it the way an awkward father would try to communicate with his son by saying "It's been a while so I'll be climbing in the bath with you!".
>If one were to imagine having some towering beast catch hold of them so it can rub its body down with them then it would probably help communicate the immense terror that Uma-chan is presently feeling
>Overwhelmed by the terror of having your whole body used to scrub another's armpits

His descriptions are amazing. As are his deep understanding of a wide variety of fetishes.

Of course. I assume a lot of Twintails/Dandelion anons are just for Kasuga Ayumu.
>Watched all of them besides Shinmai last season
That's funny, because I dropped all of them except Shinmai. I always start watching all of them, but as soon as one plummets to unwatchable shit I drop all the mediocre ones too.

Lance N' Masques wasn't really a battle academy harem and was far more entertaining than any of them, even if it was complete shit all the way through.
Just wanted to say thank you.
they have good taste
So lewd. On one hand, I want this animated in full, lewd glory. On the other, the mental picture is more erotic. But putting a voice to her would be great.
Shinmai wasn't a battle academy either as far as I'm aware, but they were both close enough. LnM was amusing at times when it wasn't trying to take the drama seriously.

I actually thought all three of them last season were pretty watchable. Rakudai was probably the best of the lot, Antimagic was a mess of an adaption but had some interesting things going for it (and was the only one that succeeded in getting me interested in the source), and Asterisk was...there, I guess. The epitome of average for the genre. None of them were especially good, but I'd take any of them over the likes of Absolute Duo or Blade Dance.
File: 1420644492845.png (1 MB, 1288x915) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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They're not actually attending a magic battle academy in Shinmai, but they do attend a school and there are magic battles and it definitely is a harem.

LnM isn't really a harem at all. There's only one love interest and even that is wholly in the background. It's mostly about caring for potatos.
>but I'd take any of them over the likes of Absolute Duo or Blade Dance

What a fucking faggot. Rakudai was pretty good I must accept, but taking taimadou or asterisk over Absolute Duo or Blade Claire is blasphemy.
Can't nail down a voice for Hina but someone along the lines of an imouto-type or Yuushabu voice would fit.

For Uma-chan Koyama Rikiya. Didn't know why I read his lines in his voice or why it was so fitting until I remembered the bunny from Service x Servant. It helps to imagine him being animated in obvious cg for all his breakdown scenes and writhing around like a turtle on its back.

Hina's stalker is definitely a hyper Aoi Yuuki character though and I've got Uchida Maaya pegged for the bad magical girl between her Zero and Rikka voices.
Is the new series up on ultimagil also? Or a different site? Or is the summary we got just now it for now?
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Just summary here in these threads. I'll probably set something up on the site so you can find it there but I won't be doing translations of it since I barely have enough time for twintails as it is.

On the upside, to any interested translators or moonreaders, the reading difficulty is significantly more accommodating for this series. The prose is written in the third person fairly competently even cleverly at times, it flows much better than his style in twintails, much less abstract with descriptions, less screwy with grammar and no archaic and stylistic guildy speak. He still uses some obscure words in places and since the content lampoons a lot of behind the scene action for toku shows you're going to need to be fairly versed with super hero time shows to get a fair few jokes.
Thanks for the summary plus preview at least.
A man can only have so many fetishes. There must be something beyond his grasp.
feels bad that you'll never hug a tail red
I'm pretty sure he's already gone past the acquiring fetishes phase of life and has moved on to forging new ones. He's one of the great pioneers of our time.
File: 46700727_p0.png (625 KB, 900x1150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
625 KB, 900x1150
That depends. Do you look like a Pteradactyl and have a thing for mothers?
Holy. This art is great.
File: 46791923_p0.jpg (329 KB, 724x871) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
329 KB, 724x871
I think I already posted all the tailred art from that particular artist.
File: 51547927_p0.jpg (276 KB, 717x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What about an absolutely flat chested being of universal terror?
I can't imagine a hug from aika being very nice, it would no doubt feel more like some sort of wrestling hold than something I would wish to feel.
It almost broke through the tailgear defenses and nearly put Souji out of commission for that fight. That hug was when Souji basically had full hp and it took a miniature sun and a beatdown from Yuno to bring it down to zero.
Does this even exist?
Where do you think the pages come from?
No title, no author, no publication year, no Japanese title or character names.
File: Saija2_Lux.png (128 KB, 200x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why can't Lux turn into a cute little girl like Souji?
ふぉーくーるあふたー (Fokuru After)
by Yume Mizusawa
Publisher: Shōgakukan
Release date: December 18, 2015
ISBN-10: 4094515860
ISBN-13: 978-4094515862

Still no raws out too.
Fuokuru after
4 Cours After as seen in the star >>135726943
Would Aika kill a human in cold blood if they insulted her bust hard enough?
File: blue rage.webm (2 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
blue rage.webm
2 MB, 1920x1080
Who says she already hasn't?
Consider that at some point that AIka didn't know that Twirl could recover super fast and still hit her with what could be lethal force to others.
Is Twintails done with then? Or is he just starting another series concurrently?
See >>135728722
what is this about 100 being bad?
I read vol 1 so far it been nothing specially (quite in the middle for this type genre )
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And here's the color spread of the bath scene. I'll get to the spoilers in a bit after I take care of some stuff.
This looks way too similar to trap Kirito.
Just change the color to a different shade of black, and you're golden.
File: CXus5CiUoAAdYfo.jpg (65 KB, 859x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 859x680
File: img009.jpg (954 KB, 1520x2260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
954 KB, 1520x2260
Some bits I left out from the first chapter
>Umachan thought he could convince Hina to keep going for another season by revealing that Masei power keeps the body eternally young. Hina does not take that well at all since she's always suspected that was the reason her breasts haven't grown even a mm over the past year. Narration outright says it's not.
>Hina was actually scouted by Umachan after having already called out to a whole bunch girls on the street like some seedy idol recruiter. He placates her possessiveness by saying that he realized there was special quality to her that made her suitable for the role even though his superiors were wary of picking her at the time.
>He was actually going to offer up becoming a UMA herself since they checked her background and found her hobby but thought better of it and went for the whole fated encounter deal. Hina's not entirely against the prospect and teases Umachan about indirectly proposing to her. He obviously wasn't.
>Both of them wonder why is it that invasion forces have always lasted a whole convenient year in their starmagical girl franchise when his people send help(producers) to the defending worlds
>Chapter 2 starts with Hina diving to the deepest fathoms of the seas looking for something.
>She later returns to the apartment to introduce Uma-chan to the candidate she found.
>It's Gatta-kun. Polite and admirably well intentioned he may be he's still a giant UMA that's taking residence in the pocket dimension that was originally meant to be his base of operations had Hina not insisted that he stayed in the same apartment with him so he blows a fuse and goes into tsukkomi overdrive.
>Disapproving of Hina's find and admitting that his own chosen candidate is unlikely to accept, Hina messages Haruka to come over. She's bad with phones so it takes her some time to send a few words.
>Hina immediately changes her mind but before she can send the new message Haruka's already at the door, ringing the bell like crazy freaking out the two occupants inside.
>Hina lets her in and Haruka says she came in a hurry since she really wants to help Hina out since she's been looking in need of help in the past few days. Hina notes that Haruka shouldn't have seen her in that time period.
>Hina tries to call it off but Haruka just says recognizing when troublesome women need help is part of being a good woman. Umachan wholeheartedly agrees on the troublesome part.
>SHe asks who's she been talking inside and she points to Umachan who she expected to keep pretending to be a doll instead of snapping at her for revealing who he was
>They go quiet and Haruka pretends to react surprised. Hina's internal alarms go off at that and asks her what her objective is. She answers all she wants to do is lighten hina's burden and be there with her.
>She explains by what stalkerish means was she able to find Hina's home, get past security and arrive so quickly. She even says she would have rappelled in from the floor above if Hina hadn't opened the door.
>She hugs and sniffs Hina's sofa cushion and downs the soda Hina was drinking before she got there after asking if she was drinking from it.
>Haruka listens to the deal and accepts right off the bat while Hina tries to dissuade her. She asks if only Umachan's people will be watching and he explains that his planet is full of people just like him. Hina's estatic about the idea of there being planet of UMAs while Haruka compares it to the inside of a UFO catcher machine. And later on milked out gunpla variants.
File: img010.jpg (1 MB, 1528x2282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1528x2282
>Meanwhile on a giant UFO mothership, the new invasion force full of buff macho bodybuilders are hailing muscles like they were the third reich if their saluting was doing handstands instead
>These "Evolivers" are discussing the death of their scout by flat magical girl. Their leader Gigantkumamushi(Some sort of microsopic bug that looks like a mutated pillbug) says thus:
>"One must never incur the wrath of the flatchested... To do so would be to violate one of the unwritten rules echoed throughout the universe...!!"
>No one knows the source of that universal myth but it continues to be passed on
>A whimpering voice calls out and Gigantkumamushi greets Calamity Satan in her eyepatch moeblob mode as he starts doing superspeed squats
>She's wondering about the cloud floating at the top of the hall. He laughs and explains that it is the Man Cloud, the aggregation of the sweat of all these musclebound machos from their contant pursuit for muscles.
>He asks her in a welcoming voice to show her stuff with an implicit tone of challenge to it
>SHe hesitantly takes off her eyepatch and goes into S&M Queen mode
>She commands them to stop doing handstands and to suck up the Man Cloud before she blows a hole in the UFO ceiling
>She then takes center stage and tells them what they need to do now is use their brains instead of their muscles to invade earth successfully.
>Gigantkumamushi explains that they've turned all their brain matter into muscles so they should go with their muscles instead.
>Satan orders him to knock off the squatting and drink up the entire man cloud all by himself
>Narration closes off with her being described as an "actress"
File: 1431297418861.jpg (1023 KB, 2000x1309) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1023 KB, 2000x1309
this is how twintailfags actually live
Question for Woods, are you translating the "technical specifications" in >>135727066 ? I'm curious if the Magicial Bust section really says "Small, no other explanation needed", the Destroy Keeper actually blinds enemies for looking at her panties, and her finishers (Prominence Slash/Smash) were not used for the whole series since she never bothered using the Prominence Staff
Maybe later on. All that is correct except the needed and blind parts. It's more like "Nothing else to say about it" and the usual mysterious beams of light dwell under her skirt.
File: tsundere twintails.png (523 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tsundere twintails.png
523 KB, 600x600
>"One must never incur the wrath of the flatchested... To do so would be to violate one of the unwritten rules echoed throughout the universe...!!"
>No one knows the source of that universal myth but it continues to be passed on

This fucking author.
>Nazi musclemen
I'm scared. All those Van Darkholm and Aniki clips used in some NicoNico MADs.
File: 20151223_1191128.jpg (115 KB, 394x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115 KB, 394x400
Translating a bit more before I post the last part before I hit the sack. ETA 30 min?

He will not stop mocking Aika even outside her series. Almost makes me want Aisaka Yuuka for anime Hina to extend that mocking to her.

Musclemen with animal heads.
File: 1445807313784.jpg (901 KB, 3864x2040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
901 KB, 3864x2040
I want an S2; just for Yuno/Ponytail Red.
File: 20151223_1191123.jpg (92 KB, 372x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 372x400
>Back at the apartment Haruka's getting the gist of things and accepts. Hina tells her to think it over and not just go with the flow or do it just to repay her debt from being saved by Hina. Haruka says she isn't so Hina and grabs hold of her hand with a determined look.
"...So I really can't get you to understand if I don't put it into words then... Senpai, I am in love with you!!"


"That's why... I want to be there for you!!"

"Wh-what are you saying you idiot...! I, we're both girls aren't we!?"

"I'm serious! It doesn't matter if we're both girls... I just, I just love love love love you senpai! From the very first moment I saw you I just couldn't stop thinking about you!!"


Hina goes red in the face as Haruka comes in closer to her.

"Senpai... Do you hate me...?

Haruka's eyes get watery and Hina shakes her head in a way that buzzing noises reverberated through her spinal column. Hina would actually get along with weirdos since she can't make small chat with the girls in her class and thus could never make friends. She's brought back to her senses when Hina realizes Haruka's face was close enough to feels her breath on hers and jumps away in a panic.

"The thing is Haruka... I happy that you feel that way about me but... I already have someone I like!!"

Hina reaches out for Uma-chan on the floor and hugs him to her chest to hide away her embarassment.


"And that person is this Uma-chan."

Haruka is struck dumb.

"Eh... So you, you're into THAT!? The furry kinda stuff...!?"

"...of course, it's a little different from the sort of love you're thinking off..."

"I get it too. My tastes are a little different from normal girls... look."

She points to her metal racks of UMA figures in the corner of the room which consisted of not just deformed toys but also a grotesque evil looking mask(Jojo?) that was sure to creep people out.
"I always had an interest in unknown animals so I enjoyed watching the invaders when they came too."

Hina points to the figure of a three headed dragon(King Ghidorah) with eminent presence on her rack and says she was hoping something like that would come. She fought to protect Aomori. To come in contact with unidentified. And for her beloved Umachan. Hina kept on doing so to match up to the wishes of the person she liked(?).

"...You won't know how long you'll have to keep fighting. You'll lose your reason to fight too... Just thinking about the person you like isn't enough to keep on fighting."

Haruka goes quiet. Hina hugs Umachan even tighter and he suffers from the pressure due to lack of female cushions to ease the hold. Hina expected her be dejected but Haruka flashes a wide grin.

"So you're saying that horse doll is my rival in love, is that it?"

"...love rival!?"

"I'm not gonna lose Umacchi! By the way, is this sort of romance plot going to be included in your program as part of its drama portion?"

"As if we could include lesbian and interspecies romances on a hero show of all things!!"

So rebuffs the producer turned unwilling actor of a trending drama.

"Haruka. You..."

Hina swallows her words looking away from the, still not ready to accept it. Haruka takes hold the lost looking Hina's hand once more and beams an invincible smile at her.

"We may not be lovers just yet but,.. We are friends aren't we...? So lemme kiss you."

"Friends... Thank you Haruka. You're my first human friend."

Hina's distress fades away with the gentle touch as Haruka's word play on a refrain in her heart.


She was told of her liking once more but there was an unmistakably odd phrase thrown it. Hina cranes her neck thinking she misheard. Haruka's shoulders tremble as her smile crumbles away to wickedness.
Yes, ponytails are the best.
"Kuku... You're so simple and cute senpai... To value friendship so highly, that's just nonsense people old enough to get tired of life would spout... Us young people place bonds of love above than everything else."

Desire turned to words escaping out from her mouth, Haruka's smile now matches them.


Hina's face turns into a simplistic emoji.

"Crap! I accidentally let out a teensy bit of my real feelings!!"

"Just how big a desire are you hiding if that was just a teensy bit!?"

Hina retreats from Haruka holding herself. Seeing her trembling figure reminds Umachan of what happened in the bathroom days before.

"Now do you understand a taste of that terror I felt from you!?"

Haruka climbs over the table between them and not paying any mind to Hina who tries to stop her with a yelping "Ah", she grabs Umachan and pulls him up close to her face.

"How about we join forces then? Ummachi,,, Hurry up and make me a Starmagical girl this instant!"

"...Wh-what did you just say?"

"Once I become a starmagical girl, I'm gonna push senpai down with everything I got."

"Seriously, what did you just say!?"

Haruka declares her dream the way an innocent child with untainted innocent eyes would say their ambitions out louds for their parents to hear on a parental observance day in class. Parental tears would be unavoidable here in a different way.
"We'll both get something out of it won't we?"

Pinching at both of Umachan's cheeks, Haruka grins.

"Senpai loves you, you need her power but you don't want to have to rely on it and I want senpai. It's a simple three way relationship."

"Can you really call that mutually benificial!? I can feel a more sinister ring to it!?"

Pulled into a bermuda trinagle of desire, Umachan tries to surface at the risk of life.

"What are you, an amateur!? If you can't tell by instinct and compare me to senpai and not think to yourself "I could make use of this girl" while chuckling to yourself then you are a second rate producer at best!!"

"Are you sure you're not mixing up televison producers with demons from hell!?"

Going from the spectator's ide to the business end, Umachan and Haruka's basttlefield widens.

"If you really are a producer then you should have dumped that weakass sense of ethics outsdide the solar system and use and dispose of your actress as you need to. If I were a producer they'd be worth as much to me as a single stick of lead for my mechanical pencil."

Umachan's unmoving facial muscles give it everything they got to make a smile and he turns to Hina happily suggest a proposition.

"Okay Hina. I say we're going to have to pass on her and go for a different girl. Yep!!"

Hina pulls Umachan away from Haruka and returns him to his proper place on her chest.

"Agreed. We only have one day left so let's pass out tissues until we rope someone in!!"

Haruka panics at this unforseen development.

"I already know all about Starmagical girls don't I!? I can't got back from that!!"

"Starmagic is allpowerful. I should be able to wipe out your memory with a magical punch."

"That's the same thing as smashing a hard disk to bits isn't it!? You're not handling the soft side but taking things out on the hard part!!"

"It's because I see your true colors now! Why I keep running into you. Why you know my where I live and what room I'm in. It's all because you've been aiming for me for a looooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnggg time you pervert!!"

"Jeez! Yeah yeah, you got me! I just followed you every day thinking I could get some tongue on tongue with you the whole time! Is that really so wrong!?"

That defiance that'd make its mark in history explodes.

"How could that be anything but wrong!?"

"Ptui! jeez, women are such a pain! You take the initiative and take care of something to get them to like you and they turn on you cause they feel like it!!"

So spits out Haruka with saliva for effect.

"You're a woman toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!"

"Yes! I finally got you retort for meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!"

Hina let's loose a magical punch and sends Haruka sailing into the corner of the room joining the rest of the UMA display.

For the time being, she's gone from a friend she's acquainted with to an unwanted friend.
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That's it for me. I'm going to bed.
>Hina hugs Umachan even tighter and he suffers from the pressure due to lack of female cushions to ease the hold.

>"As if we could include lesbian and interspecies romances on a hero show of all things!!"
They totally should. Think of the eroge they'd be able to sell!

All that lust. Holy shit that's far more than Tsuarle ever had.
File: 1429895865899.jpg (1 MB, 3834x2039) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3834x2039
Ponytails are supreme.

I'm so glad they're a simple hairstyle many end up using, even if only to get their long tresses out of the way; and with just a bit more effort, can look just amazing.
What would happen if you put an elemerian through elemera stealing ring?
Also, elemerians are supposed to feed of elemera, but was it shown at least once? Every time elemerian found 'his' elemera, he begun to simply admire it.
>What would happen if you put an elemerian through elemera stealing ring?
They lose their primary fetish, but retain the need to claim Twintail powers, I'm guessing.

Draig Guildy though might just revert to a little girl, given that his only desire and reason to fight was Twintails.

Christ, how can a writer be so lovably /toku/?
>They lose their primary fetish
Aren't they just fetish, elemera, incarnations?
File: 48508449_p0.jpg (118 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So is the Twintails LN over?
All of them have some primary fetish, with one or two subfetishes.

Maybe they change forms or another one of their existing fetishes takes place if their element was stolen. We don't know.

I'm just going off the assumption it just takes a specific elemera. By default, the steal rings are all set to take Twintail Affinities. So if used unchanged, it'd just make elemerians not interested in twintails, but more interested in their base fetish. But if modded, that leaves them with only the twintail fetish.
no just he's starting his new work for when it is
So how many more volumes will there be? has he said anything about that?

Still hoping for a second season.
Is all of 5 translated yet?

He is working on it


>the usual mysterious beams of light dwell under her skirt.

Damn, it would have been hilarious if it was an actual defense mechanism against peekers while act as a censorship tool for the show
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Twirl isn't human so it's okay.
>Satan orders him to knock off the squatting and drink up the entire man cloud all by himself

Well, the last evil invasion group was /a/, so it might as well be /fit/ this time.

This story takes place in the same multiverse as Twintails and Aika's legacy echoes still.
I need more twintails in my life.
This better be how Twintails ends or I will be disappointed.

>Over-use powers defeating End Boss to the point he shatters the Tail Gear and stuck as Solar forever
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