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Gun x Clover 37
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>tfw your harem protagonist has a fucking daughter

goddamn gun x clover the best haremshit guilty pleasure there is. Fingers-crossed that she's both blood-related and not another brainwashed cumsleeve sent there to fuck around with with Morito.
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Sounds pretty trash then again what can i expect from a harem ay?

Will read a bit to see if it's a shitty mc.
She's probably gonna be a clone of Morito of some other bullshit like that.
Now that the island arc is over I should reread it all in one go, it was a pretty big clusterfuck and felt mostly pointless reading it semiweekly
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>implying Morito hasn't definitely dumped his load in multiple ovens

He seduced 3 generations of women in a single family. Virgins can't do that.

But he's at least not a manslut.

My guess is adopted child. But I'll be pleasantly surprised if I'm wrong.
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It's literally his face though. But maybe the artist is trolling like when he said pic related is a man
Loli Master is hilarious. This chapter made me like her a lot more.
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img000014 (1).png
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>liking loli edgelord

you monster
But which one is it? Solid or Liquid?
What a stunner.
>Rank S
Everyone's a fucking S in this manga.
>the two cutes in Morito's homeroom are the youngest Rank A ever! They're supposed to be amazing!
>get rekt every damn time by enemies that even give Rank S a rough time
Its what happens when your MC is so blatantly overpowered.

You either introduce a fuck ton of stronger enemies so everything's not a breeze or you have scrubs fighting scrubs which while more interesting you never have any sense of urgency since even if your classroom scrubs lose they aren't really in any danger since MC could step in instantly
Honestly it's barely about the whole "mahouka highschool mercenary version" past chapter 3.

I've never felt the MC is in danger too. Basically the imperative that "This character might kill ____ without MC being able to stop them" is completely replaced with "This character might break _____'s hymen with MC being able to stop them"

But yeah this is definitely not a series to take seriously, it's like a B movie with gratuitous sex and gore.
That scene and her wiping the old Master out was what made me drop the manga.
I get that they're building up the antagonist as some really bad person, but this is beyond retarded.
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Pussy C4 has been such a huge mood killer since Ground Zeroes.

Fucking lolis can get away with anything though. That shit would never fly if some bald black dude did it.
>fishnet stockings

Good indication of a slut
>mc from aiki
>akatsuki for hagure yuusha
>grisaia guy -though a bit too robotic at times-

why are there so few based harem mcs? what other harem mcs do you consider based?
I always feel like Yuuji (grisaia guy) is just fucking girls likes it's a chore.
Also I'm mad that Joukyuu (Aiki) hasn't fucked anyone else since the very beginning. He met a girl character and then within a day fucks her, but never does it again.

A lot of series seem to do that to establish a character as alpha.
Like Koinzell form Ubel Blatt fingerfuck NTRs a loli village girl, and then /ss/'s a christmas cake for money in the first 1-3 tanks. But past that he never has sex again.
as long as they
-don't pass out from lewd sights or nosebleed
-don't get bossed around by their harems
-DON'T GET BEATEN FOR COMEDY, I can't stress how important that is
-aren't "I'll save everyone at all costs" types
-have a bit of selfishness now and then
-are capable in whatever tasks the story throws at them and don't always rely on their harem
they're good.

though, you would ubel blatt count as a harem? heck, is it even an ecchi?
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p (4).jpg
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Ubel Blatt is totally both of those things

He dropped the girl on the left and has a sexy GILF and a Hime type now too though.
sweet, will move it from my plan to read to my reading pile
I should stop trusting mangafox tags
I'd technically call it ecchi, but only because of the early parts. It's tame as fuck now.
>mangafox tags
This is the kind of person who gets triggered by tsundere antics, /a/. Remember that.
>triggered is now code for "doesn't want to read about"
>all caps
>I cannot stress how important this is
That's more than "I don't like reading this."
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26 (1).jpg
931 KB, 1938x1400
It's still ecchi as fuck but Koinzell began to become less of an edgey character and the villains start getting the pussy he is rightly entitled to.
Yes. It's "I absolutely don't care for it and have seen it far too many times for my liking"
Still, it's not like I think there's something wrong with it or that it shouldn't be made.
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Why is that guy even alive? Why revive people in a story that is all about killing a bunch of traitors?
Because he stopped liking the traitor plotline. To be fair, it was going way too fast, but killing and resurrecting him is just stupid.
Koinzell was cooler when all he wanted to do was revenge and unknowingly NTR. I liked the dark not!berserk setting it had originally.
Because they had it right the first time, he was actually the hero mentioned in the prophecy; the big bads are the supposed heroes.

How does Hiromi's body work?
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