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Let's have a Viz celebration since so...
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Let's have a Viz celebration since so many threads are dumping WSJ, does anyone want to read their translation of the first chapter of My Hero Academia?

for some reason they put it in the middle of the issue and didn't use the color pages either
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in case you didn't notice they're using quirks
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if no one posts i'm just gonna stop because the post box is being stupid and i just wanted to complain about them not using the colored pages
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also i wanted to complain that they didn't get a comment from horikoshi

now i'm really stopping
Why would the characters not be using their quirks?
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Are they really going to summarize 26 chapters rather than translate them because they want to catch up fast?!
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No, they used the term "quirk" rather than coming up with something else. I think using "quirk" rather than "individuality' or something is a decision on the translator's part.
That's the dumbest thing to do. Why are they doing it?
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Yes, since they're assuming people have read the unofficial versions and by doing so also promotes the sales of the eventual GN release.
But they didn't change his name to Bobby Green.
Are we sure this is Viz?
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I volume or 2?
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Viz doesn't normally change names anymore. I'm am completely confused why people thought they would.

ALL OF THEM (that contain chapters before next weeks) However someone's stated that they won't be released until this fall.
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Gotta keep reminding myself to wait until the timer hits 0 before adding the image, otherwise it won't post until i refresh the page.
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holy shit i just realized what the second panel/area between panels is showing
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No one notices the Potemkin rip-off on this cover?
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i think
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at least i can fill out the captcha
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although i would like it better if i could prepare the whole post ahead of time
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after this i'll dump owari no seraph in a different thread

so if you want that to happen sooner don't reply

if you don't want that to happen find and kill my internet connection
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although there'll be a short pause as i find the chapters and rip them
>One of the earliest heroes was a guy covered in fire
Any link to Endeavor or Icyhot?
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Is it me or Viz translation seem better than Fallen Angel.
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i don't know

why would you think i would know

i'm not the author

go ask on twitter

Can't believe you people pay for this shit for ants.
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it should be considering its official and both translators know each other in some capacity
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i know, its sad
Yeah, it's definitely better. The only thing I can't sit about is the " cuz I am here".
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I think that's only because of space constraints.
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actually he died on the last page, everything else is his dying dream
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I like FA's "For I am here" better.
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i agree in that respect.
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are we sure his quirk isn't grabbing onto legs
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don't kick bottles kids
File: 148.jpg (322 KB, 784x1145) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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don't be rude
Nice. I didn't catch that.
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Oh, so a lot of quirks are family related.
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his chin is literally an angle
So All Might is from America?
File: 151.jpg (321 KB, 784x1145) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no, he just likes yelling out american things for fun
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do your homework people
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But he call Japan " a strange Land".>>120753571
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i'm deciding now i'm not joining pages for seraph, people can do that themselves if they want to.

you literally just line the images up next to each other in paint
Now it's cleared up, Venom Chainsaw was just a fodder, huh.
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everything is possible through our lord jesus christ
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why do we have to wait a full minute to post in the same thread that we created if it doesn't bump the thread

this is taking forever
The worst.
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gotta think of cool lines in case i need them in the future
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yes, viz is cheap and awful at storing their images

i can't change that
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okay auto posting works again for me, yay
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wait, no it doesn't
File: 170.jpg (305 KB, 784x1145) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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okay, it does but it has to be captcha solved, then image added

image being added before solving the captcha breaks it
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Thanks OP.
okay seraph notice: I'm not dumping them since they're already here:

now i remember what a fucking douchbag was kechan
Hey, I've got a captcha!
After only 20 minutes, it will let me post now!
The translation is pretty good, but i like some FA lines better

>You looked like you needed saving.
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Toxic Chainsaw.png
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Already got a pic to prove it
If I didn't read FA's cheesy "For I am here" line I'd say this translation is pretty good. I like cheesy shit it my cape comics no matter which country produced that shit.
Yeah the cheesey stuff is really good. Hope they change that. Especially for his awesome entrance during the villain arc which FA dropped the ball on.
Also shamelessly requesting the edit of this page.
Did anyone ask them why they didn't go with the cheesy rhyme for this scene? If I had to guess it would be intentional for some crazy reason instead of a fuck up, but here's hoping I'm wrong.
He came angrily, alright.
what was he suppose to say here?
I am cum.
It's kinda nerdy but I think it would have been much more awesome if he had said "Have no fear for I am here". I know it's a small thing but it would have been the perfect level of cheese
I'm guessing they probably didn't think of it at the time
I assume people expected that to be translated as "Never fear, for I am here"
The person translating this for Viz is a mod on apforums. Same guy who used to do powermanga for One Piece so we didn't have to read MS's awful translations.

Later MS will also prolly pick up BnHA. Good thing Viz has it
As long as Viz sticks with 'Midoriya my boy' i'll be happy
Oh god I hope they don't change that. It's already too good I don't know what they'd change it to.
>"Have no fear
>for I am here"
It's suppose to rhyme
That's still one of, if not, my favorites chapter to date.

>You CAN be a Hero
That fucking line, fuck.
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