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hey /x/, you guys seem to have pretty good information on spiritual

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hey /x/, you guys seem to have pretty good information on spiritual health.

How do you become happy, for yourself?

I've been fighting depression and I'm tired of it winning.

>inb4 meditation

I'm having trouble just cooking and cleaning for myself, meditation takes a lot of mental energy.
Get more sunlight and exercise.
I do that.

Also it's cloudy 65% of the time where I live.
So you want to beat your demons without expending too much ' mental energy'? Take it from me, you're dead in the water.
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Eat organic food. Do coffee enemas. Get vitamin k, D!, A. Magnesium. Eat your fiber (psyllium husk and wheat bran (cheap)). Detox detox detox and don't eat shit anymore. No meat is part of the ideal but no nee to rush. Just be honest with your good nature.
I need small steps anon, small steps. I am not against meditation, I just need a first step

>coffee enema

Um, I'm not sure I agree with this. But everything else you are saying makes sense. Although I have a pretty good idea already, I don't eat fast food.
Get off the internet

Eat clean

Think clean

Go outside

Find a creative outlet

Read literature, poetry, listen to music watch great films, look at great art: what you consume becomes you

Drink and smoke weed in very low amounts. Like controlled poisoning. Just enough to give your system a jump-start and a way to break out of habitual thoughts and moods. Only do this at the beginning.

Do things for others.

Come to a severe understanding that the only options left are either death by suicide or living for what makes you happy. That's it. So find what makes you happy
coffee enemas are the shit(no pun intended.) like shoving the energy of a thousand suns up your asshole
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Physical and mental exercise
Social interaction
Good sleep
Good food
Seeing a therapist
Trying to be positive and optimist

I know it is really hard to do so without energy, but you won't get out without efforts. Just start with small things and progress step by step.

It might takes month or years, but if you don't give up and keep working you will get better. Maybe you won't get completly out of it, but you will surely feel better.

Good luck anon.
It's easier said than done. But the way I see it, when people claim to be depressed. You have been going on and on in the same kind of negative thought pattern for too long. So all you see now is the negative aspects of life. You have to turn that all around. You have to switch over to positive thinking. Then you will start seeing the positive sides instead. It is easier said than done, and it may sound stupid to people who are depressed. I know...

Eat healthy

Drink clean water

Try to meditate... just 5 min a day is better than nothing

Don't just stare into a monitor all day, TV, smartphone, 4chan, whatever.....


Try to be grateful for what you got... even the smallest things

Appreciate the good things that happens to you, even the smallest things..

Before you go to sleep, just be grateful and say thank you for living another day. No matter how sucky that day was.

You have to kinda reporgram yourself from negative to positive thinking. It does not happen over night.
I came out of my depression spontaneously after laying in bed praying to God

I was having struggles with my faith after feeling abandoned all the years of silence while I suffered

I promised to God that if I could just be happy in life, I would give my life to God in whatever way I was told. I would do anything for happiness

I finally felt God and understood so much. I wrote it all down and felt the need to spread my knowledge

After I started, my life has turned around drastically

I felt at peace and found myself appreciating things I never did before

My relationship with my husband has never been better

I also just received a promotion and am now making more money than I ever have before

I want to help people and I am getting closer everyday to doing that

Read what God has shown me if you like

Either way, just try to find God within

God is listening and always will

Imagine it as this:
You are born natural happy, you have no insecurities or things that make you unhappy and even depressed. But later in some part of life you start encounter obstacles that changes your views on the world and your self.
Nuff said you didn't lost your happiness you just lost the means to experience it.
Remove what's keeping you in this position and your happiness will return. I know it's very tough, been there my self, but try see your self from the third person, observe that guy who goes mental on the most simple obstacle. Try understand that there's nothing that can keep you from your deserved well being then those silly and negative ideas in your head. No one want's you to bee unhappy, no one has the right to.
A few years ago I got a light box for 30 bux off amazon. Don't underestimate the power.

The only problem I have had is that it will change my sleep schedule if I use it at the wrong time. This shit is no joke, it's very strong.
thanks bros..I'd really really like to see a therapist, but it's really expensive in the USA ;__;


wow dude. thanks so much. really well put together. I've never thought of it that way,
this sounds awesome. I seriously might try this.
you can do a decent job of therapy on yourself with cognitive therapy. If you know how to aquire things online you can get the books written for therapists.

REBT is probably the easiest cognitive style therapy to do on yourself that isn't bullshit.

you can look at this website to get a strong idea about what it is.


I love you guys. This is great info. Thanks so much.
Definitiveness in achieving your goals
(by this I mean identifying what makes you unhappy and putting in effort to change it)

Realizing failure is only temporary

Observing your emotions

Controlling your thoughts
you got good advice this time, but don't let this convince you that /x/ is usually good, it's not.
I can usually see through bullshit pretty well, but thanks for the concern.
It is what it is, but it will be what you make it.
The Buddha is at the center of all things
Sunlight. Exercise. Use the internet to learn something, always try to learn stuff. Obsess over something. Do a psychedelic. Listen to music and stand up comedy and books.
Do you think someone who is emotionally unstable and sometimes paranoid would do well with psychedelics? That's not a rhetorical question, I'm honestly asking....I've kind of been interested in them for a bit. I'm just worried they will make me loose touch with the real world, and the effect they would have on me in later life.
I know dat feel.
What is it that is holding you down? What in your life would you wish to change?
Its tough, you have to get a good ground. there is a root of all depression and you have to get to that, It's all about self knowledge and understanding yourself to feel better
I'm a 25 year old male is who is struggling to make it on his own. I am not where I want to be in life right now. I also am not emotionally mature, and lost my virginity on a whim. I have never had a girlfriend.

Also I fell in love with a girl who is in a complicated ass relationship with someone else. I have friendzoned myself and have gotten to know her better than 90% of the people she knows. I have basically created a super close relationship with her to fill the void of ">tfw no gf", and now she is busy with her life and child, and doesn't have that much time for me anymore.
find a mdma dealer
stock up like a mad man if the shit is actually decent
learn to microdose, small amount everyday

this is not optimal but it will make you feel a lot better, but from there onwards you are going to have to find something more healthy to replace it with though
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Thread images: 4

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