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I know most alleged cases of gang stalking are just paranoid

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I know most alleged cases of gang stalking are just paranoid schizophrenics with fanciful imaginations, but has there ever been a case when somebody WAS actually gangstalked?

That doesn't count

I think there was a video on YouTube of a sheriff being pulled over by another police car with ghost tags while falling someone after that person called police

Why doesn't Chris Chan count? He's been stalked/recorded/trolled for almost a decade. People have taken on false identities and maintained them for months or even years just to get close to him and dig up more dirt. The CWC Wiki has thousands of articles covering every aspect of his life, no matter how mundane or trivial. Christ, his SHIRTS have their own articles. There's an entire subsection devoted to his fucking dental hygeine. People drove across state lines to go to his court hearing and risked getting arrested for B&E by sneaking into his house after the fire. There is someone who monitors his PSN activity and posts daily updates which include what he played and for how long.

If the Chris Chan saga isn't the most elaborate, massive, privately-undertaken gang stalking effort in history then I'd love to see what is.
He brought it on himself by being a douche in public.

There are millions of idiots/losers who let their online shenanigans spill over into real life. None of them have garnered even a tiny fraction of one percent of the attention/study that Chris has

I'm not saying it's wrong or that I don't find it funny, I'm just saying its a textbook example of gang stalking
>I know most alleged cases of gang stalking are just paranoid schizophrenics with fanciful imaginations
How do you know that?
Not really supposed to be a funny story but it kinda turns into one.
>friend's little sister likes going to concerts
>goes to see pierce the veil
>gets checked out by some greaselords the entire concert
>came with friends so at least she was moderately safe
>all of them leave the venue and get followed by the same group of guys
>they run to the friend that drove them their's car and high tail it our of there
>guys are doing the mafia car rule down the freeway
>like insane bad luck their phones are dead
>try to rationalize that they could just be headed to the same area
>girls swerve through neighborhoods to see if they are right
>guys still follow
>speed up and get far away enough from them to where they make it back to one of their houses
>girls run inside
>guys circle the street until they park at the adjacent house
>friend's sister in tears tells her brother the situation
>he calls everyone that's still awake and close by including me to help
>another friend was over at my house so we show up to friend in trouble's house with baseball bats and display swords
>other two friends show up as well
>one of them in their pickup with about 7 other mexicans
>forgot that he used to role with a bunch of bad eggs
>so lets address the scenario now
>2 scrawny teenage guys with swords n bats, 2 other friends unarmed but with 7 scary mexicans, and friend in trouble with an airsoft pistol
>blocked the stalker's car off
>think we can talk them into leaving
>one bald guy gets out and tries to swing at a mexican
>entire clique goes in on him
>bloody in seconds
>other guys try to run
>one tackled by unarmed friend and held down
>mexicans chase down the other one and drag him back
>they fucking take their shirts and key the car they came in
>friend in trouble makes them apologize to his sister then kicks each of them in the nads
>greaselords apologize and skeedaddle
>everyone shakes hands and leaves
>friend and I stand off to the side still holding out bats
If true, that's actually pretty awesome.
I recall seeing YT links here a few years ago of some crazy bitch in Boston who was convinced she was being gangstalked by UPS drivers and would confront them about it. was actually kind of sad to watch

any update on her?
moar shitty bitstrups!

Her youtube handle is effectsofmaledominance and she's still cranking out tens of videos per day
Maybe some of those "paranoid schizophrenics with fanciful imaginations" really were gangstalked, but weren't trusted.
Original night stalker
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So be a douche too. That's makes sense.

You sure showed him how against douches you are.
>I know all alleged cases of gang stalking are just paranoid schizophrenics
Fixed your post for you.
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>if you think you're being stalked by the government, notify the government

I can forgive schizophrenia but this person's just a dumbass

I said "most" in case there was an example of it actually happening.

I mean, the idea had to come from somewhere, right?

...Really? Just, seriously?

That's a fucking joke, right? God that's sad if it's not.
She's completely lost all connection to reality. It's sad she can't function in society, can't hold down jobs etc... check some of her hundreds of videos out. Lena Kotchman
The idea came from paranoid delusions which pervade a sick person's waking mind at all times. The definition of schizophrenia is to make connections between events where there are none.
I'm sure some government agencies have at least experimented with it.

It's documented that the CIA slipped drugs to unsuspecting civilians in the 60s to see how they'd react. It's no stretch to think they'd test mind control tech on innocent citizens. I seriously doubt they have any, though.

All the spy agencies regularly conduct surveillance. It's plausible to think they'd do some training maneuvers on the safety of home soil. Tail some guy for a few days, that sort of thing. And if they do that, it would make sense to use the same people over and over, since they're known quantities and the results can be scored.

The standard schizo test is to ask yourself if it were real, would it be reasonable? Harassing some random schlep for the lulz isn't a good use of funds and manpower. To test tech, to train agents, that's something out of it. But then they'd pick someone conveniently close to use.

>The definition of schizophrenia is to make connections between events where there are none.

So most statisticians are schizophrenic?
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>has there ever been a case when somebody WAS actually gangstalked?
Excluding alphabet soup agencies, religions like the jehova's witnesses gangstalk people, usually as an intimidation tactic. If you were in the jehova's witnesses and leave, there's a good possibility you'll be stalked, especially if you were high ranking. And, similarly, if someone higher-up has close family that aren't in it, their family might be stalked.

There's not a lot of recorded cases of it because it's hard to prove. If you mention it to someone, they immediately assume you've gone schizo, and if they believe you, the only way something can really be done about it is if the stalkers admit intention on record, physically harass you, trespass frequently, do an old B&E, or some other crime.

Source: have close family in the jehova's witnesses and have had some spoopy encounters with them.

A. I'm not schizo

B. 99% of people who claim they're being gangstalked are schizo

C. Stalking random people for no discernible reason, and doing so using dozens if not hundreds of undercover field agents instead of just tapping their phone and email, seems like an unwise use of the government's money and resources.

D. Our intelligence agencies can't even keep the lid on NSA spying did more than a few years. Shit, some kid hacked the email of the CIA director a couple weeks ago, You really think if they had massive networks of agents in metropolitan areas, an entire infrastructure of fake businesses, vehicles, buildings etc no one would have noticed by now?

>>Falling someone

Schizo here, we imagine this entire earth collectively. I'm literally just you talking to your self.
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Everybody is gangstalked...

...MOST people are hired to stalk "normal" "gentile" "plebeians"

Else it would be chaos.

Read a book!

Boy! This cartoon is a riot!

I'm surely convinced gangstalking is/isn't real!

(Which one is popular right now? [lol])
No civilized person deserves what Chris Chan has lived you alarming little mutant

If he ever gets the means to get even

It's cool. The house of cards is finally falling and that means justice will follow.

You write like a schiz, shouldn't you be looking for jobs during your half-hour allowance of computer time at the home instead of shitposting here?
Church of Scientology gangstalks critics and ex-members
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>inb4 someone baits a bunch of Scientologists into breaking into their home
>inb4 said Anon mows them down with an M1919 while Gregorian chant plays loudly
>inb4 one of them turns out to be Tom Cruise
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A. good job.

B. prove it

C. It was a widespread in East Germany.

btw money isn't an issue when you can borrow as much as you like without ever paying it back -- yours is a government that *loses* billions of dollars a year in at least one bureaucracy.

Spending resources to keep dissent in check isn't waste. Keeping tabs on people isn't enough to keep them orthodox. A wall of FUD between the margins of thought and acceptable thought is needed for that. Feeding paranoia is part of maintaining the wall.

D. feigned incompetence

t paranoid android

East Germany didnt have to deal with the Internet and literally everyone having access to smartphones/cameras

It was much easier to keep intel ops quiet back in the Cold War

I'm THE schiz!
Does killdozer count?
I believe you. I used to have a creepy Jehovah visit my house and talk with me and my mum when I was young. Tell your other spoopish encounters, pls.
Good thing Chris Chan is neither civilized, nor a person.

This movie (which is on netflix) is about shills and how shilling came to be.

I forget the guys name, but, the first half of the movie is about this dude who lived next to a USAF base. He got into their communications and started trying to research whatever they were doing on the base. He eventually gave a presentation to the base commanders about everything he'd gathered through their security failures. At that point, the base commanders basically set him up for "gang stalking."

The NSA set up in a house across the street from him and started broadcasting fake messages into his radios. He was under constant surveillance from like a zillion people. And the star of the movie, a former USAF shill, was assigned to befriend and intentionally misinform the guy.

So, yes, gang-stalking can happen if you piss off the wrong people.
I checked the movie to find the guys name.

>Paul Bennewitz


The wikipedia article says he was like any other UFO conspiracy guy. However, the guy in the movie, Richard C. Doty, said/claimed that like 80% of the shit Bennewitz believed was intentional misinformation being fed to him by Doty and other intelligence workers.
This movies pretty good, it's about a woman who escapes from a cult and gets gangstalked by the members


How does a smartphone and the internet help someone who is legit being gangstalked? The pictures wouldn't mean anything, and when they talk about it on the internet people think they're crazy for having paranoid symptoms.
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STASI and KGB used to "gangstalk" people. It was all about psyching people out to make them seem insane. Sometimes they'd break into a house move a pen to another room, or readjust a painting on the wall. If a political dissident were to talk about how someone broke into his/her house just to psych them out, they'd seem insane, thereby discrediting them.
While similar tactics might be in use today, it's much more likely that someone claiming to be a victim of gangstalking is just clinically paranoid.
>imblying gangstalking happens to non-high-profile people
>imblying people who'll never make a documentary might ever get gangstalked

Record enough evidence to be able to sue them for harassment.
>display swords
It's not like he was being stalked for no reason and then it became an internet thing. It started as an internet thing, and he let it become public because he's too stupid to think people won't troll him irl. He's only been trolled, not gang stalked.
i used to live in this lady's neighborhood and i stumbled upon this video and recognized that i know that house. her channel is all about experiences with gangstalking. the police even made chemtrails in the shape of a swastica atop her house.
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they think cars are following them
because someone elses fucking energy is projected into them
dumb thread with shit responses
It's textbook gang stalking because the trolls are encouraging his paranoid fears of gang stalking.
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just mind control not gangstalking

they tell everyone its something different

stupid christians think its angels
stupid athiests think its gangs
stupid muslims think its djinn

==phantom of the opera sighted==
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and no im not that crazy
its a real thing

death metal: >>16949473
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