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What's the spookiest thing thats ever happened to you >watching

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What's the spookiest thing thats ever happened to you

>watching fathers house for 3months while he's out of the country
>warned me of trespassers or hunters on his property he said he sees in the woods occasionally
>Kinda think that's strange given the remoteness
>2 weeks into house sitting smoking outside and see a flash light light for about 10 seconds
>hear loud crunching
>go inside and get a rifle from his room and my dog
>see the light again for 3 or 5 seconds a few minutes later
>try to hype up my dog to look
>dog is completely calm like we're alone
>go inside and 2 hours later see a bright light shine into a kitchen window like point blank
>run outside to the window I saw it
>think there is someone near by so tired 3 rounds into the grass
>sleep with rifle and revolver the rest of the night
>tell dad the next day and he says he sees that too sometimes
>never saw it again in those last months
>a month later going to his house late at night and see the flash light again on the dirt driveway

Not sure what to make of it

My father thinks it's a trespasser but his house is very remote and has never been broken into or anything
It was a bright white light like a flash light. Not like those ghost lights or swamp gas.

Makes me worry about my dad living alone. Especially if this is a person and not paranormal. If me shooting a rifle into the ground didn't scare them away and seeing the flash light after that incident concerns me a great deal
Probably pulling into the wrong driveway late at night as a delivery driver in bumpkin ville and having a gun pulled on me because of it
It's a more dangerous job than people would expect
Probably the necklace. When I was a teen I was into occult stuff for a while, nothing huge but once I tried to "consecrate" a necklace with a ritual I found in a book. Later I found out I did it wrong, with the wrong candles in the wrong time or something, so I just put the necklace away on a shelf. For like a month, everyone in the house started acting strange, myself included. We were at each other's throats for minor stupid shit, then suddenly realize "wait a minute, why the fuck are we fighting?". Every fucking time this happened, the necklace was around somewhere. On the table, in a box nearby, but almost always within a few meters. I mean me and my sister were teens, so we got into minor arguments with our parents all the time, but these were distinctly different. Sometimes it happened between my parents too, they never fought like that before or after that. After a month I caught on to the necklace thing, I threw the fucker out into the garbage. A week later I get into a fight with my mother, guess what the fuck I find later in a box of miscelaneous junk. The fucking necklace. At that point my mother, not a believer of hoodoo, was like "okay, we need to get rid of that thing". We threw it into the river, the weird fights stopped. Again, this can very well be a coincidence, but it sure as hell is a creepy one.
This is not the spookiest
But happen two days ago

>Was tired
>Sleeping in a bus
>My phone falling out of my pocket woke me up
>Cant find my phone
>I hear a guy from the seat behind me calling me
"Miss, here is your phone"
>He hands me my phone and and i reply with
"Thank you"
>Cant fall asleep anymore so I stare out of window
>It was late at night so not much to see
>I see a boy next to a tree in the middle of nothing
>Must be seeing things cause Im tired
>On the next stop a family of two (mother and son) come in next to some older people
>Noone got off
>They sit behind me where that guy was sitting
>I turn around and there is no guy, only a mother and her son
>Look outside the window to see if someone got off of the bus on that stop
>Noone did
>be me
>be 11 years old
>moving to another apartment with my mom
>some older lady died in there and noone took her stuff
>I found some awesome pyramid souvenir from egypt and i accidently broke it the 1st day we moved in (thats not really relevant to the story)
>We kept a lot of stuff and gave some to my grandparent
>I keep getting awful feeling of being watched in one room
>It was supposed to be my room but I didnt want it so my mom took that room
>Sleeping on couch in living room since
>In that room there was a mirror and some of our stuff
>Was afraid to look into a mirror
>Rarely went to that room
>Told my mom many times how scared i am
>After 6 years of living there i still wasnt confortable with that room
>I would get paranoid even thinking about it
>One day, idk why exactly, I started crying telling my mom how scared I am (not even joking)
>She tells me the lady died in that room while brushing her hair, looking in the mirror, and getting ready to go to church
>I knew that lady died somewhere in here but i didnt know it was exactly in front of the mirror
>Cried my eyes out and begged my mom to get rid of the mirror
>Since we're poor mom didnt want to throw it away but gave it to our grandparents
>The mirror has some numbers and i dont remember what else in the back of it
>Been feeling so much better since the mirror is not here

Since the mirror is still at my grandparents house
I can deliver pictures of stuff thats written behind it
If anyone wants to see it
yes pls
could he have moved seats?
Would be interesting to see if its relevant to the lady
I might've just been paranoid but

>Be Upper-Middle Class
>Live in Jewish Neighbourhood
>Taking a walk at 3:00 AM
>Have an eerie feeling
>Look at this house which always has the lights turned off
>Walk by hit
>Look back
>Hairs Stand on the back of my neck
>Feel like something is watching me
>Start to pick up the pace
>Feel like its right behind me
>Start to run
>Still feel like it's right behind me but above at the same time
>All of a sudden, street lights shut off
>Feel like i'm about to die
>Get home

I know it's boring but I ran all the way back home all the while, the hairs on my body were pin straight. It was as if something, I didn't see anything as I looked back multiple time was following me, watching me. I swear, it felt like it was just inches from my back. I don't know, I don't walk by that street anymore.
>Jewish Neighborhood

It was a golem
Jewish neighborhood's are usually low income areas that are dangerous. I live near the largest Jewish population in the US and I frequently see crime in broad day light. Not by Jews of course though

You're retarded, New York, California, etc... I'm from Canada though
The crashing sound could have been some kind of problem with the electrical equipment around there, which explains the street lights going out. They may have also generated infrasound, hence the creepy feeling.
>be me
>live in London
>I had a week off and ended up fucking up my sleeping pattern
>would wake up just after sunset and fall asleep as the sun was rising again.
>hadn't seen daylight in four days at this point.
> had only left the flat twice for supplys.

>9 oclock
>go out for fresh air
>my building is deserted
>I live in halls with a shared kitchen and a common room
>usually seen around fifteen people when I leave at this time.
>start walking for no reason
>street lights are orange and giving me a headache
>dont even know were Im walking
>end up going past the underground station and then about 2 miles further than that.
>still havnt seen anybody
>lights are on is some shops but everything is closed.
>suddenly really want to be back at flat.
>feel like Im being watched from windows
>keep checking over my shoulder.
>dont see anybody on my way back to the flat
>lock my door when I get in and draw curtains.

to this day I'm not sure if this was a dream or just extreme insomnia related paranoia

Doubt it, sounded more like a crash onto the house. Like something heavy fell on it, or jumped? I don't even believe in this stuff but I looked back for a good 5mins from where the sound came from and nothing.. oh well, just gonna write it off as anoother one of my paranoid experiences
>>Was tired
>>Sleeping in a bus

This explains everything that happened.
Heres my story:
>be me,13 year old alpha male
>me and a couple of friends want to explore this "ghost house" everyone is talkin bout
>get to the house,just an unfinished abandoned building
>girl friends say guys go first to check shit out
>me as an alpha male agree to go first
>house is 4floors tall,check every room,just bunch of boring shit
>get to the last floor,no windows,barely any light
>suddenly see some motherfuckers head,sitting in a corner on top of a cement block,probs some druggie
>motherfucker turns his head and stares at me
>the guy was very ugly and scary,had a big ass nose smooth as a triangle
>right away i ran down the stairs
>everyone else is confused but still runs down with me just in case
>get out of the house,still speechless
>"anon you fucking pussy why did you run?"
>suddendly hear a loud bang like a big rock hit the floor
>we run away from that fucking house
>tell story to friends
>never looked back

Now this house is blocked from every window and entrance
>13 year old
>alpha male
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 1

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