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Spooky Dreams

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Well...It's currently 03:37 right now, and I've just to something...quite odd.

>Had a fap before going to sleep.
>Go to sleep, nice and comfy.
>Start dreaming about being in a nice mountain resort with some people.
>Suddenly, It's night time, everything is pitch black.
>Everyone is still awake, and then we hear a knock somewhere.
>We all just say someone went to the bathroom, and knocked some shit over. It was.
>A few minutes later, the same knock can be heard.
>We just say someone went to the kitchen. No one is in the kitchen.
>All Aboard the Nope Train.
>I start hearing muffled laughter, which sounded like Matt Helms from No More Heroes 2.
>I start getting scared.
>I swear I see red eyes glinting in the distance.
>Wake up.
>Still scared.
>Tfw I'm not even scared of the dark.
>Tfw I'm a big wuss, and got scared over nothing.
>Tfw I can't go any deeper into the house, because I'm too spooped, and it's dark as shit in there.

...And so here we are.
I dunno why I had this dream.
I blame fapping.

Any odd dreams like this that you wanna share?
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Heres a creepy one.

>Walking down my house's street at night
>figure emerges from the house across from mine and turns on the porch light
>the figure is something like ten feet tall, unsettlingly lanky, white, and furry all over
>has the head of pic related
>swings its arms around in the air slowly and disjointedly
>points at me
>goes back inside and shuts off the light

Thats all I remember, I must have woken up after that. In the dream I couldnt tell if what I was seeing was a terrifying dog thing or a person in a suit. The thing that gets me about this dream is that if it WAS just a person in a suit, thats almost just as creepy. Someone owning a suit like that, of such a creepy looking breed of dog, and coming outside at night to prance around. Thats just as creepy to me.
For reference, it kind of looked like this but more of a human shape, and with that one breed of dog's head. Well, maybe less of a human shape, seeing as its arms and legs were too long.
One when I was around the age 13
>I begin in my old childhood home
>Me goes outside
>(I lived in the country)
>I see amazing golden fields of long grass and fences in distance.
>le me yells for my mother and she responds
>I go inside and it gets really humid for a sec but goes away
(for some back story I sometimes wake up to sudden noises like explosions. Wierd huh.)
>Then I hear her with a distorted voice and I get freaked out
>I see her in kitchen and I spooked cus rust is climbing the walls
>She turns around and gives me something...
>It was a hug. Then It all disappeared and she and I was alone in the dark.
>She says something in a different language that I've never heard before but somehow understood.
>Le me sees her face but you know what's so fucking scary?
>It was that same fucking thing >>16940858
I am acctually remembering alot now and it's freaking me out. Those breeds have freaked me out since.
fucked up shit
Oh shit nigger
Here's mine.
In my dream I'm standing in the street in front of my house. There is strange lights coming from behind the house and I have a uneasy feeling. So I walk in the garage and open the door to my living room, directly across from that door is the sliding glass door to my deck which has wood stairs leading down the the yard where the lights are coming from. I head foot steps coming up the stairs and suddenly I'm paralyzed with fear and all I can do is stare at the door as the steps get louder and then a black figure with a pale white face steps through the door. I try to yell and scream but I literally can't utter a sound cause I'm so scared and right as the figure is within inches of me I woke up in a cold sweat and panic
every once in a while I have a very real feeling dream. Its so real that it will get me to straighten myself up IRL and get my shit together. I feel like it is part of our minds telling us to keep focused in life. I cant remember specifics but it was terrifying.
>I was in the present day
>just go about doing stuff I do everyday
>only EVERYONE hated me during it
>every person I saw/encountered would glare at me or shout contemptuous things at me
>I cant go away I am just forced to live my whole day with everyone making fun of me
It wade me feel so alone and isolated and small I wanted to kill myself. in the dream of course.
not really a dream but
>this happens every single fucking night
>about to go to sleep
>feeling all warm and fuzzy
>get this falling sensation
>the kind you get when you miss a step while walking up the stairs
>whole body flips out
>wake up
>have to wait another 10 minutes before i can settle down and fall asleep
>I wake up in my bed. After shaking most of the drowsiness from my body, I get up and head to the bathroom.
>The journey takes longer than I expect it to. >Once I arrive, I take a look in the mirror.
>I have no face.
>Where there should be eyes, a nose and a mouth, there is instead a blank slate of skin.
>I touch my non-face and the mirror explodes into hundreds of sharp glass shards.
>Miraculously, only one of these shards hits me and gets lodged straight in the middle of my non-face.
>As if instinctually, I grab the shard and begin the gruesome work of carving myself facial features.
>Crudely gouged holes for eyes, two slits for nostrils and a gaping hole in the form of a mouth.
>After that is done, I wash off the blood and exit the bathroom.
>Again, the journey back to my room is longer than expected and this time I am accompanied by this unsettling, twitching creature that crawls along the ceiling above me.
>It stops above the door to my room, extends one of its gangly arms and points inside. >Looking in, I see that someone or something is sitting in my office chair.
>I move into the room and my senses are assaulted with violently flashing lights and a cacophony of sound coming from my computer that the being is using.
>It takes physical effort for me to move towards the chair and once I get close enough, I grab it to spin it around.
>I wake up in my bed.
Hypnagogic jerk. Happens to everyone. That doesn't make it any less unpleasant, though.
>stop fapping
Happens to plenty of people, almost everyone. Although it happening every night seems unusual.
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Thing Liver.jpg
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>Chilling at home.
>There are people at my house who present themselves as my parents
>They are people I have never fucking seen in my life
>Decide to roll with it because fucking dreams
>Go to my room
>Cat comes in
>Moves rather weirdly,walk and then pauses for a few seconds,twists head quickly and unatural
>Decided to have a look at the fucker
>Cat starts meowing wierdly
>Head splits into a fleshy mess and it's still moving
>Absolutely terrified,go into the hallway
>Suddenly realize no one is on the house anymore
>Weird shape at the end of the hallway,coming towards me.
>What I can only describe was a liver with jellyfish-like tentacles moving towards me
>Run towards next room and wake up
>Hugged my cat

I even drew a simple sketch of the liver jellyfish thing.Most of my dreams are rather simple,but this one just came out of nowhere.Fuck dreams

Haven't had a "spooky" dream in a long time, I had a dream though where I was playing a video game, or I was in one and the giant spiders in the video game chased me and someone kept saying "I'm sorry, anon." then the game went from 2d to 3d and I was in a big empty mall with cobwebs being chased by giant spiders so I jumped off the top of one of the escalators, the spider jumped too and as it landed on me I woke up. Shit was terrifying.
>been having a recurring dream I'm in high school again
>every fucking time I can't remember my locker combination
>always feel embarrassed, like I'm trapped almost
>have same dream a few days ago
>I got the locker open, fuckyeah.zip
>Combo is 02, 52, 12

Not really scary, I just wonder what it means....
>go to sleep
>dream of falling off a boat
>sink to the bottom
>can't swim up no matter how hard I try
>after about 2 minutes I wake up gasping for air with my chest hurting
tall lanky pure white figure sitting down like pic related
jsut black around it
no eyes
big wide red smile
claws on hands
large hands
smile larger
puts claws through face
wake up
>have a real-dream where I get eaten by a shoggoth
>wake up just fine and not scared
I fell asleep the other night, and partially woke up around 4-5:30, for some reason I start thinking about demons, and call out in my head "are there any demons here" and I feel this intense sense of dread, like vibrations closing in on my skull. I open my eyes partially and see a blue face of a demon woman. This goes on about a minute, while I'm doing every prayer I can think of and it quickly stops. It sounds like a classic case of sleep paralysis, but it was still freaky since it was my first time, I've never felt anything quite like that moment. I didn't feel safe in my room for a few hours.
Did you post this story to /r/nosleep? Because I'm like 98% sure I've heard this exact story only it was longer and more detailed.
sounds like you have some issues with your image man
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 5

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