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Sup /x/ I've been an avid lurker for years, never would've

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Sup /x/
I've been an avid lurker for years, never would've thought something this odd would happen to me though

>be germanfag
>always have a lot of cash in my wallet, just in case
>yesterday evening, go to bed
>money is in my wallet which is on a table right next to my bed
>wake up for work this morning
>take wallet, didn't bother to look inside (what for?)
>have to take the train to work
>on the train, take ticket out of wallet
>instead of the five or six bills I usually carry around with me, the wallet only contains two bills
>not even real money
>weird green and orange bills with architectural symbols and "Euro" written on them
>fake money or some foreign currency, I dunno and idgaf honestly
>coins replaced by other weird coins as well

Apparently, overnight my cash disappeared from my wallet mysteriously and instead I find this stuff in it.
How'd this happen, /x/?

Pic are the two bills that were inside my wallet.
If any body's interested, I've got pics of the coins as well, they are made from two different metals (dunno how to describe this) and have "Euro" and what appears to be a map of Europe engraved on them.
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The coins
What is this thread even they are euros currency of European Union countries
How the fuck don't you know this
Is the European Union related to the European Community? I really don't know shit about politics, we had this stuff in school but I forgot most of it.
So it's some kind of special multinational currency? I know brokers and traders sometimes deal with alternative currencies, didn't know they actually print bills though.
Thanks for the info, these go into my collection of foreign coins and bills then.

Even though that still doesn't explain how they appeared in my fucking pocket overnight
There are several kinds of Euro bills and coins, as far as I've studied. Every single one related to the country it is used in, but always using similar designs.
Maybe you took these and didn't notice their design was quite different before you inspected them closely. But, yeah, that's just Euro, used by most nations of the European Union.
Frenchfag here, Germany use euros since 1999, fake and gay
So the bills and coins look different depending on what country they're made in, but they are still one currency that is traded with all over the EC? Seems like a pretty interesting concept. I'm not really into economics and politics, didn't even know this existed, but I guess it makes sense to make trading in the EC easier with a special currency.
Can I just go to any bank here in germany and get these bills changed back or is this only possible at a special place?
Are all the European Community countries in this European Union?
Sorry, I did not know this, frenchbro.
My economics knowledge is very limited
Enjoying yourself? Now that your roleplay is almost done, I think there are fresh fap threads on /b/ that need your vital attention
I ain't RPin, mane.

Actually I don't care whether you believe me or not, I am telling the truth. Yesterday I didn't have these bills, I didn't even know about Euro currency, and today they're in my wallet, in place of all the other money I had. I seriously don't know how they got in there, maybe I fucking got drunk or high and did this shit myself, or its an incredibly complex and pointless prank, fact is yesterday I didn't have this money, now it's right there on my table, and I don't remember anything about how I may have got them.
lol them eurotismcukbux looks like fugging monopoley money :D good to buy 500 gallons of colonge with b/c u never take a shower :D
Le ebin spurdo speag meme :DDDD

They really look like fucking monopoly money though.


imperial system kek
so what currency was your many yesterday?
Sing along, everybody!
OP is a faggot! OP is a faggot!
I had 3 20DM, 1 10DM and 1 5DM bill plus some coins in my wallet, as far as i know, as well as the train ticket,drivers license, bank card and insurance card. I've searched the whole fucking apartment, but the money is gone. I seriously don't know what happened. Nothing else in the apartment is missing, that doesn't rule out burglary, but someone entering the apartment (and my bedroom!) would most certainly have woken me up.
Back to /pol/.
I'm from Europe, so i can definitley confirm: OP is a faggot
>"Hey, look at this fag, he doesn't recognize an Euro bill?"
>"Everybody look at this fag! does he even trade? What a fucking wageslave, right guise?"
>"He probably doesn't even know what Bitcoin is! Haha! Such a fucking fag!"
>"I am gonna call him a fag! Look, I did it! Am I cool now?"
How bout some more details? Any roommates? Were you around anyone the night before thst could have swapped the money as a prank?
>1 5DM

That's where you fucked up. That bill existed but was pretty rare.
Nope, am living alone.
Well, I spent the evening downtown with a couple friends, but I opened the wallet afterwards on the train (I put the ticket in there) and there definitely were 5-6 regular bills, nothing out of the ordinary
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Meh, I'll bite.

So exactly what do you remember doing last night? Or better yet, since you last remember putting the DM in your wallet?
Is it?
Never noticed that, you could be right though. I don't really spend the cash i carry around with me regularly, usually pay with the card, so it's probably been in there quite a time.
Interesting fact though. Are the 5er bills printed less because there isn't much demand for them or are there other reasons?
Of course he is a fag! Says he's German and doesn't recognize the Euro, which, as stated before, has been the currency in Germany since 1999. My post is a better contribution to /x/ and society as a whole than the shit the OPfaggot is spewing
Okay, here's a non-supernatural explanation. Those bills are counterfeit. A pickpocket swapped them out on the train. He did it hopping you wouldn't notice but was dumb about it.
As I said, the cash in my wallet is more of a backup for when a store doesn't accept the card or I need to take a taxi in an emergency or something, I don't really use it regularly. The bills have been in there for weeks.
I spent some time in the city with 2 friends that evening, but when I came home the money definitely still was in my wallet. Spend 60-90 m8ns online and then went to sleep. Woke up next morning, morning routine, got on the train, money gone.
That doesn't really explain anything. Why would he use Euro bills, everybody would see immediately that someone messed with their money, because afaik no regular person runs around with this kind of bills in their wallet
How the fuck did you get so much money? The conversion rate was 2:1 (please, someone correct me if I'm wrong), yet you got ~60 € from ~80 DM.
I see the problem here, friend.
You seem to have slipped from your dimension, where Germany was smart enough NOT to shoulder the dead weight of the EU, and is presumably not the world's cumdump.
You are now in the reality where glorious deutchland joined the EU, pays Greece's and half of europe's rent and phone bills for them, and lets Russia and the middle east have a turn riding them like a housewife at an adult theatre, whenever they please.

I feel so bad for you, friend.
a creative attempt at a "sliders RP," but ultimately lacking. 4/10.
Are you so keked that you had to make up alternate realities?
>deal with it
Migrants picked your pocket
In your world who won ww2?
The fuck are you trying to say?
Germany is in the EU, isn't it? Since they use euro currency as well. What does Greece have to do with this though, and Russia and the Middle East?
Also, I probably shouldn't have turned to /x/ for help, because apparently your theory seems to be that I traveled dimensions or something. I get it, 'it's the paranormal board, but I want a non - supernatural explanation please

Are you assuming I am a RPfag?
Euros have been in use for a LONG time.

>pretending to be a time traveler from the 20th century

Did your pager turn into a weird touch activated device with no buttons?
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 3

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