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This isnt RP i'm worried I made a large post about my great

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This isnt RP i'm worried
I made a large post about my great grandad and how I think his spirit is around when my family is together, i'll try find it.

Regardless, ever since then I have felt there is something in my house watching me. Now I think it's trying to make me scared, and manipulate me???
I see things out the corner of my eye, look back and nothing. No sound or physical stuff, touch wood.

I had a nightmare last night, this morning, and it was of this thing running for me. I woke up immediately, and was in, for the first time of my life, sleep paralysis, i think anyway. I couldn't move but was semi conscious, this lasted for a minute then I fell asleep.

Now do you guys suggest I do not get scared and these feelings I get will go away??
I'm genuinely frightened whether or not I'm going crazy or if this is real, what do I do?
Shooosh anon, all's well.
Have you tried banishing yet?
I laughed so hard at that picture, I'm sorry I can't even read what you posted.
I'm not really sure what that means. I just think there is something in this house trying to manipulate my fear and I would like it to go away. Can I just ignore it all and block it soon it'll realise it can't affect me and fuck off?
Essentially that's what you're aiming to.

There's a few things you can do. Smudging, lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, or even just visualization.
It depends on what you feel confident with. The key isn't chanting this and that three times and hoping it works, but making sure you do something you're CONFIDENT with. Your confidence strenghtens your intent, which would be sending this entity away, out of your house.

Do you believe in any tradition or religion?
No I haven't I've thought about buying a crucifix idk, just some sort of religious stuff which is like a cliche of getting rid of horrible stuff.
What do you actually think this thing is? Is it me making it all up or is it something?
I'd rather just try and block it all out, I'm not confident with pentagrams or anything. How does the whole visualization go?
Might be your imagination, might as well not be.
Practicing some psychic shielding ain't gonna hurt you anyway, so might as well try it.

This is a decent guide that gives a rundown of the basics, try what you think you could visualize best - just try a little every day and be confident that you're gonna get results.
dude it happens to me all the time. the paralysis, i mean. i had it through my entire childhood. there was a night i had it four times in a row, it was crazy. the worst part was that i was awake and yet as soon as my body could move again, i couldn't get up, only fall asleep again.

i also sometimes see things from the corner of my eye - especially at night - and feel someone or something is watching me, so whenever i'm in a room, i never stand in a space too far from the wall, i want to feel my back touching the wall or otherwise it feels like someone is behind me. especially if my back is turned to a door, it's just a no-go.

i know how the mind can be tricky but i just fall into it every time, i don't know how to chill when those things happen. i'm really scared.
but unlike you, i don't think anyone from my family is inside my house trying to make me scared or manipulate me, but i mean, you never know for sure...
I didn't mean to give the impression it may be my grandad, I just feel the sort of public confession of my spiritual experiences may of attracted unwanted attention. I myself would prefer it if it's all in my head
It is hard to explain, I've always been scared of having my back to open spaces like yourself. But in the past 3/4 days, I have kept seeing more things than usual, turned around more than I have done to check my back, felt eyes, and then this very very real dream where I could feel everything around me, and then the first time in my life after such dream, sleep paralysis. Just weird is all
Thanks for the link, I think this will greatly help, regardless of whether or not this is real.
Hahaha. It's okay, anon.
Were you lucid, in your dream/nightmare? Even just to an extent.
You're welcome! It is indeed helpful, so try doing this regularly.
Once you feel your barrier game is sufficiently strong, you can look into shielding places, not only your person.

Just be confident that IF someone's out there, the motherfucker can only do as much as your fear and lack of confidence allows it. Build on that and it's gonna move on, bullies don't pick on someone who can defend itself.
The more I think about the whole dream, the less it seems real. But in the dream, I'm pretty sure I could feel things around me, my minds telling me I was somewhat conscious during it. The dream was me sitting at my desk, and the thing in the corner of my room, staring at me then it ran at me, I felt my scream during the paralysis. But I was not screaming
That's some good advice and I'm gonna definitely remember it, thanks again. Would you visualizing with my eyes closed or open? I can do both, but eyes open is a little harder, but eyes closed doesn't make it seem real.
Doesn't matter if real or not. Fact is you are in a state of trauma. Weather it is spiritual cleansing or counseling/therapy, do something to change this situation before it is too late.
BTW - Best .gif EVER!
You probably have schizophrenia.
It's okay anon, I've been through that shit too. I get it.
If I were to tell you that you're being bullied in your dreams, without even realizing you can stop it, how would you feel? You're being used as a chew toy and nibbled on as a snack by something you could easily stop.
Are you angry yet?

Both work, it's literally up to whatever works best for you. You can try doing BOTH to strenghten the effect in your mind.
Is there anyway I can become more aware of my dreams?
Not too sure, I snap aware by chance whenever I feel in danger.
Start writing your dream down, that might help. Every detail you can remember. I've noticed an improvement after I started doing that.
It's just your fear doing shit to your head. I was the same way. And then I tried to find a logical explanation to all that I was seeing and found their existence to be of a normal occurrence.

When you start to think rationally your fear goes away and so does everything else. Most times, its not a ghost. I learned that the hard way.
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