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Tell me what you know about the archons and how to exit the reincarnation

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Tell me what you know about the archons and how to exit the reincarnation system we're currently in.
You must suffer.

/x/ defends the archon matrix system, the majick wizards here dont want the suffering of "mundanes" to end
Demiurge, essentially we were created by other beings, not God.

These beings have a high influence on mankind and most are not aware of it.

Whether beings are thought forms or "4th dimensional" many have the motive to suck out your energy in someway, somehow.

The cycle of death and rebirth is able to be escaped by praising the Holy names of God, also through knowledge, and also through good deeds, that whole bit.

These archons essentially work with mankind for evil deeds as well, like using religion as a mean to harvest ones energy, or the "spirit guides" that many "illuminati" have guiding them.

A small piece of what I can tell you, sorry for my English
this is mostly correct, actually.
Also realizing that we are literally in a matrix


The internet

Exposition of women


None of it is real, the physical world is not real, no advertisements, attainments, forms, shapes, essentially none of them are real.

We are able to defeat the duality, but there are so many.

Some "Archons" are good and sone are bad
>what do?
This is a form of duality right here

Old testament and new testament God
>they seem so different
Another one

The mechanics essentially can ve transcended by proper renunciation and following dharma, the narrow way of the masters like Buddha or Jesus, who literally tell us how to connect with our self and align to a higher state (God or whatever He goes by)

The archons could also just be your mind thinking thoughts at random
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The main issue that we fail to recognize is that all is thought, including this reality. However it has been "hacked" or twisted by these "creators", the archons, to be a food source for them through negative emotions. Love is the only weapon we have against them, that and expanded awareness to recognize and act against their game.
>majick wizards here dont want the suffering of "mundanes" to end
That is black magicians. When you realize the gravity of your situation you will indeed suffer, but this suffering now grows more conscious and intentional to free yourself form the ephemeral or archons, however you wish to see it.
reincarnation is a system implemented by the old empire to prevent souls from leaving the planet. once a body dies the soul is shocked into forgetting it's memories and resides in a new life.

it's why so many artist, philosophers and smart people show up on earth. they're all dissident prisoners from the old empire.

the only way to escape is to travel beyond the reach of the machine on earth and die in space.

you want to know about the djin you're going to have to access the akashic records.
I'm curious to know where this info comes from.
>Google search
>Go to your local library
>smoke weed and think about it until it trips you out
>or look at the information in front of you as it is
All of these? Because I think about this stuff before hearing about it. It just sounds like a story.
Tell me something that isn't a story
Not him but, I wanted to tell you that one half plus one third equals one fifth.
What the fuck kinda shit are you high on?
.50 + .33 = .83 =\= .20

False light and darkness

So crazy
so 83% is like 5/6?
i never bought into that whole "light worker" thing anyway.
I think many fall into occultism because the term "light-worker" and have a hard time deciphering it until it literally snap crackles and pops into their awareness what is going on.

I know a lot of people "know" what they are doing, but some just follow whatever they can get their hands on.

This is why research is so important, as well as other people's testimonies and such things.

I guess is like eating starburts, you like them and I don't, but either way it's better for your teeth if you don't eat them. "But they're so good"
such a perv
You don't think women in america are pushing boundaries? Many wonder why they are treated like objects when all they do is dress like barbie dolls.

Everything is materialized, especially women, they need to realize they can stop the dress up and realize life isn't about how sexy they look or how much of a tool their boyfriend is, they can look up and see the same middle path we are all entitled to
It doesn't real.
>While some of these beings play for team dark, and some play for team (false) light, they are ALL ultimately playing for the corrupt demiurge that controls them.
this is getting deep. do we fight the demiurge by being an atheist?
"Lucifer" and his falling away explains the creation of mankind and their enslavement

Which means they came from one God, who is above us and within us, and outside of us, always working yet indifferent to work.
You throw yourself into a black hole.
why would you exchange one cycle of samsara for a different cycle? that kek tier idiotic. Its like, you could be using this time to practice the Dharma and exit samsara as a whole, but you waste time to just change one suffering for different suffering.
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>Tell me what you know about the archons and how to exit the reincarnation system we're currently in.

They are parasites that derive sustenance from your suffering. They feed off the sensation of being dominant over others as a way to compensate for being disconnected from (i.e. ignorant of) true divine power or truth. This system is sustained by keeping you ignorant of certain things that would completely undo their leverage over your experience of reality. Simply put, they are afraid of you realizing transcendental knowledge, also known as non-dual realization or the absolute unchanging nature of all things.

Rather than attempting to conceptualize and understand this idea solely via the intellect (which is ultimately insufficient and a spiritual dead-end), one instead arrives at this by way of settling the restless and uncontrolled mind via meditative practice and dharmic living (i.e. nonattachment or liberation from dependency on karmic attachment).

When the mind is at rest in its natural undisturbed state, then absolute, unaltered truth is seen and known with perfect clarity. When you know and experience this unceasingly, then you are now in control of your reality. You then get to dictate or "create" reality according to your own will (which is also in alignment with divine will since you are absorbed in and operating from the position of nondual realization). This naturally also includes liberation from the cycle of karmic reincarnation.
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In this undisturbed state where one creates their own reality according to will, is this different from lucid dreaming or imagination so strong that it's indistinguishable from reality? If you were to reach this point and then "snap back" to reality as we see it, would it be any different from a waking dream or epiphany?
Let me try fractions.
1/3 + 1/5 = 8/15

You find a common denominator and add, if you can, simplify it.

1/3 becomes 5/15
1/5 becomes 3/15

Add the numerators (5 and 3)
And carry over the denominator (15)
You get 8/15.
You can't simplify it further, so there you have it.

There are two things to keep in mind to help clarify this. First is the idea of the unchanging consciousness, also commonly referred to as stillness or emptiness. To be brief, this is the absolute nature of reality, also known as absolute truth. When you practice nonattachment and realize this via cessation of the restless mind, you abide in an experience of reality that cannot be overridden by appearances which seem more "real". Your position and view of reality is uncompromisable and irrefutable on all levels of understanding and experience. This is because its very nature is unchanging and unalterable without exception.

Second is the constantly changing nature of phenomena, also referred to as impermanence or appearances, and is commonly associated with the ideas of illusion and ignorance. Whereas consciousness is formless reality, phenomena (i.e. maya) is the manifest form of reality. Nondual teachings refer to both conditions as two sides of the same coin. That is, where there is consciousness, there is also form or energetic phenomena co-existing within one's experience of reality as well.

In regards to the concept of illusion or ignorance, this stems from the condition of one experiencing reality without knowing or abiding in the pure, unchanging conscious state. Without having the conscious state as a point of reference to put the experience of form-based phenomena into its proper context, one begins to experience it as something that it is not. That is, due to ignorance stemming from a lack of nondual realization, one then experiences form-based phenomena as "real" without being aware of the fact that one's comprehension of it is limited and therefore impermanent, restrictive or 'imprisoning'.
Check your Facts.

You're dead wrong. No such thing as an reincarnation system.
>implying that men are not materialized at all.
>Implying woo woo bullshit
Not implying that at all

Men are just as bad
Well, fuck you. Everything is materialized equally unless it isn't matter. I agree, though, women are materialistic whores
You must live and act in the interest of all without preference for self or other.
I stand corrected
yeah, but the original post was 1/2 + 1/3
The denominator is 6.

so 1/2 = 3/6, 1/3 = 2/6

3/6 + 2/6 = 5/6

So as a percentage, 5 divided by 6, times 100 = 83%
The interest of all at the predators at the zoo is that we humans jump in their enclosures and let them eat us. Does that make it a good idea? It's what they really really want, and it would make them so happy.

What humanity is interested in right now i would never give to them. All the all get from me is chastisement.
Surrender to Krsna and chant harinam.
>All the all get from me is chastisement.
Not entirely true. But i see far more that needs criticising than i do anything that needs encouraging. And there's a lot of shitposting and questionable humor that the all gets from me as well.
2nd part
there is also few great podcasts from the guy who wrote that

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Thread images: 5

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