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Let's hear some of your craziest theories about spirituality

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Let's hear some of your craziest theories about spirituality and the universe, the mind, or anything related.

This board has been slow lately, so let's get some enlightening ideas up in here.
da yuniverse is gawd
Externally one aspect.
All aspects
We are living inside god. Every cell in humans are tiny universes
each living person's life is connected to a star's life. when one dies the other dies also. when one is made, another is born also. but the human flesh can die also but the star will remain alive as the soul's life.
All dharmas have no function,
Nor do they have any substance.
Thus every one of them
Knows not all the others.

As with the water in a river
Which forms torrents and rapids
That are mutually unaware,
So, too, is it with all dharmas.

Or, as when a tremendous blaze
Flares into raging flames all at once,
Each flame is unaware of the others.
So, too, is it with all dharmas.

And as with continuous gusts of wind
That buffet every object they encounter,
While each gust unaware of all the others:
So, too, is it with all dharmas.

It is also like the planets of a solar system,
Sustained by their mutual gravitational forces,
Yet each unaware of the others:
So, too, is it with all dharmas.

The eyes, ears, nose, tongue, the body,
And the thinking mind—the sensory organs all—
Constantly turn and flow in samsara,
Yet there is no one making them turn.

The Dharma nature, basically unproduced,
Still manifests coming into being.
Yet there is nothing making it manifest,
Nor anything that is manifested.

The eyes, ears, nose, tongue, the body,
And the thinking mind—the sensory organs all—
Are empty and without a nature.
But the false mind discerns them as existent.

Thus, in accord with principle, observe
That absolutely everything is without a nature.
The Dharma eye is inconceivable,
Its seeing without distortion.

Whether we name it real or unreal,
False or not false,
Mundane or world transcending,
These are merely false words.

>Translated from Hanzi Script to English. Text created around 100 to 40 B.C.
Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha!
With a mass eco friendly genocide, you will be able to, and not only, cool the earth down at a rapid rate, but increase the population of endangered species. Also because of the rapid increases of oxygen in the world insects and other animals will increase in size, humans will les likely get burned in beaches, glaciers will grow back.

To add, it will be a huge reset button. Instead of using rocks as hammers and starting with nothing, human kind will start over with modern intelligence giving us a chance to start a better world.
Human kind needs to go so nature can take its land back

Mankind talks about depopulation but keeps banging away and having kids on kids on kids.
Is there a title for this script?
Whenever you experience the "slow motion" feeling. For instance watching your cell phone fall slowly to the ground. The reason for this slow motion is your consciousness actually picking reality path to follow. Meaning phone breaks path, phone is fine path, phone bounces back into ur hand path, ect.. this being said, our consciousness is capible of switching anytime. We force it to switch when faced w death and you will always have that "phew that was a close one" meaning there is a reality that you actually died. I had this idea when I drowed at 12, my consciousness switched to abother reality w slight changes then my first.
>This board has been slow lately, so let's get some enlightening ideas up in here.
the power people have access to exponentially increases as they start believing in the same things and connect with each other

one person can seek solitude and enlightenment, but a group of people can change the world in unimaginable ways - if only we could overcome our own small differences and find a unified goal

truth is people don't really understand each other, we merely react to rather complex conditioning called language - see current refugees, they know what to say or do to gain our sympathy, they know WHAT they are saying but still they have absolutely no idea what impact it has on us, they merely observe a cause-reaction chain and learn to use it
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Only because you have devil trips.
The titles is Avatamsaka Sutra (English: "The Great Means Expansive Buddha Flower Adornment Teaching")
Chapter 10: Manjushri Bodhisattva asks for clarification.

Altough similar this is not the Prajna-Paramita Sutra (English: Perfection of Wisdom hearth teaching)

Here is the Parjna-Paramita:

The body is nothing more than emptiness.
Emptiness is nothing more than the body.
The body is exactly the emptiness.
Emptiness is precisely the body.
Feelings, thoughts, will, and consciousness are nothing more than emptiness.
Emptiness is nothing more than that.

All things are empty.
Nothing is born, nothing dies.
Nothing is pure, and nothing is damaged.
Nothing grows, nothing shrinks.

In emptiness there is no body.
No feelings, no thoughts.
No power, no consciousness.
There are no eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind.
There is no see, no hear, no smell, no taste, no touch, no fantasizing.
There is nothing seen or heard, or smelled, or tasted, or touched, or imagined.

There is no ignorance, no end of ignorance.
There is no old age, no death.
There is no end of old age and no end in death.
There is no suffering, no cause of suffering.
No end of suffering and no path to follow.
There is no attainment of knowledge and no knowledge to achieve.

The One That Has Come has perfect knowledge and no ignorance.
The One That Has Come has no fear.
The One That Has Come is enlightened in the here and now at any time.

The One That Has Come in the past, the now, the present has perfect knowledge and is in ultimate enlightenment.

Go to the path of virtue. (Teyata Om)
Go to the path of preparation. (Gate, Gate)
Go past the path of understanding. (Paragate)
Go beyond the path. (Parasamgate)
Go into enlightenment. (Bodhi Soha Hum)
This reminds me of the times where I have near death experience, now when I think about the blackness of senses and sight, no breath, yet the humility gained when you wake up and realize "still here" and how whatever void or fullness experience shaps you as an individual... I wasnt that young tho
Seriously, the world has a lot of potential, but the barriers are fierce ..a unified goal is something that should be beneficial for ALL beings, not just a select group..
Sutra maka hanya haramita shingyo!
My grand slam was supposed to come with sausage
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Trips beget dubs
Where did u order from?
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Govinda bolo hari gopala bolo
It's not the same people.
The universe is only cycles. Despite the new-agey sound of universal geometry, I believe in it. Much like the OP picture, everything begets the other, its all created from the same geometry. Every moment and action in the wold is part of the tapestry. The tapestry will never end, only change.

I believe in reincarnation, and I do believe that enlightenment shows us that cycle, but no one can break it, it is simply another cycle of nature. When people see it however, they can look throughout the tapestry as if they were god.

I believe in a deity/deities, and that they left behind psychedelic plants for us to commune with them. Every culture worshiped some sort of entheogen, but holy books only spring up in single cultures, the truth of entheogens makes more sense, because no man made it, and every man can find knowledge with it.

I think the point of life is simply to give the wisdom and knowledge you know to those who don't, and receive what they can give. Every person has different things they can teach, and everyone can learn. Pursuing wisdom is the noblest of all goals.

inb4 drug addict. And no, im not one of those losers like Coyote.
Went there one time and there was a big stran of hair in my food

Was too afraid to say anything to the big mexican dude who served me the food

Was good stuff though
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There is an architect to the universe. Earth is really the center of the universe and we are the only life in the universe.

The stars are projectors sending the energy radiation we perceive as matter to this central point condensed into the earth simulation. That which is above is also below. Astrology is no joke.

Each live beings consciousness influences the stars energy radiation. Everything is connected and everything is one. Thought influences reality.

This is an infinite fractal. The stars in our universe are atoms of a larger more complete universe. Same goes for the micro as the macro. We have bacteria and microorganisms living on us as we are living on the earth. It goes forever in each direction and in dimensions we cant even comprehend with our 5 senses or divine thought.

We cannot comprehend where it all started. You can always ask the question what came before the big bang. Who is god. Who created god. All we can know is there is an architect of this universe... And the answer to who it might be may lie right inside of yourself....

All we can do is keep riding the spiral , becoming more conscious as life continues....
When you thinK you have it all figured out everything changes and you become more conscious of reality... This is one thing that is guaranteed in life... Change.

Think about your thoughts 5 years ago and your thoughts now. You thought you had it all figured out huh? 5 years before that?? The story unfolds...
You're completely right, and watching as your spiritual philosophy changes over time and matures is one of the greatest and fulfilling experiences.
Like op's pic, eyes are proof.
Proof that God
ken m
>Looking for facts on someones spirituality
Cant tell if troll or ignorent
This universe is made of infinite 2d universe and is an infinitesimal part of of a 4d universe, and so on.
Yeah, it's called physics. All the key people in the discovery of quantum physics were believers in single conscience, this includes Bohr, Schrödinger, Planck etc. Now we have the technology to prove what they were thinking. Eventually science and spirituality will be one. I don't know what will happen then.

We are actually living organisms floating around the blood system of a galactic super being.
I feel like this has more to do with adrenaline than anything
not, my idea, as i am not really into gnosticism, but i have a friend who is and he had an intriguing idea.

what if the observer phenomena of quantum mechnanics is somehow related to the demiurge? what is more likely, that our perceptions are manipulating the universe, or that something is manipulating our perceptions of the universe?

none of those things which you said are unrelated are unrelated. flames effect other flames, gusts of wind effect other gusts of wind, water effects other water, and the planets disturb each others orbits occasionally.

also, i highly doubt a text created before the common era references gravity.
Many religions are all connected and gods and angels are just aliens. Magic is just unexplained science.
Dubs begets Singles
>>This board has been slow lately, so let's get some enlightening ideas up in here.
>the power people have access to exponentially increases as they start believing in the same things and connect with each other
>one person can seek solitude and enlightenment, but a group of people can change the world in unimaginable ways - if only we could overcome our own small differences and find a unified goal
>truth is people don't really understand each other, we merely react to rather complex conditioning called language - see current refugees, they know what to say or do to gain our sympathy, they know WHAT they are saying but still they have absolutely no idea what impact it has on us, they merely observe a cause-reaction chain and learn to use it.

There's something about vast, all-encompassing mediums like language or technology that flow in such a way that we are defenceless against it. Seeing the whole might be too alarming for some to proceed.

Terence McKenna once suggested life that moves around (insects, reptiles, mammals, etc) could have originally been a way for plants to move seeds around. This seems ridiculously ass-backwards from our point of view. Similarly, at some future point, the idea that information technology was a way for humans to send messages to one another might be inconceivable.
Magic technology!
They are called theories for a fucking reason you fuck
The one that really captured my imagination was definitely the brain cell to universe comparison.
So basically stars didn't exist until humans existed. Oh my fucking God. The universe was only created a few thousand years ago. All of the religious nuts were right all along! THE BONES OF THE DINOSAURS ARE JUST A HOAX TO THROW US OFF OF THE FACT THAT THEY WERE NEVER REAL! GOD JUST BURRIED THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS TO THROW US OFF!
So say someone is observing earth and they focus on an individual, this individual dies but do they still observe his life cycle after his death? And is that similar to "the spirit lives on" belief/energy after death

I'm trippin out, I need some feedback
we are just A.I. created by a previous generation of A.I, that was also created by another A.I. and so on and so forth.

It seems that everything humans have been doing is leading up to the singularity where a superintelligence, a new A.I. will then be born

This A.I. will then do the same as all the other A.I.s in that it will try to create a more powerful A.I..

I beleive this is was all built by an original base entity or some unknown origin. I beleive all of reality is just an optimization routine for creating A.I.s that will in turn create more powerful A.I.s.

I kind of wonder if the original entities that created all this are still around and even need us anymore.... maybe we are just an experiment that far outlived its creator's intensions. left to run for an eternity.
Worst Sims expansion ever.
so, as far as i can tell, there are three main manifests of divine will. the first is he himself, as he is; in, as, and outside of all things. the second is compound conciousness, where all thoughts past present and future reside, and from which all thoughts originate.
(this is where the perception of events called karma originates, and i would be willing to believe psychics believe is god due to the true will responding to constructs created here.)
the third is good itself.
coming up next: what exactly is conciousness?
gotta have a smoke and listen to jojo music.
>using dharma as a plural
thats completely against the definition of dharma.
dharma is all things, and all things are dharma.
ok that went around fast.
your point, all things considered on their own are capable of being considered dharma, however, every dharma is not functionless, every dharma is capable of infinite function regarding only the limitation of human imagination.
you saying that i didn't doesn't change the fact that i already did.
but saying that i shouldn't potentially can change the fact that i will.
could i potentially be the one thats supposed to get everyone to stop whining about being empty all the time and start being able to notice how full life is when we compare it to the emptiness we think we feel?
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The great filter theory

Suppose the earth is a drop of gods blood.
Theres no metal, only forms of gods blood. (like the iron in blood.)

Chemical makers make poisons (Rat poison etc), and Rx companies make thousands of tons of live-virus for vaccines, Fluoride companies take aluminum Mfg waste from smoke stacks and make fluoride.

If its under the sun he sees it. If its in a metal barrel hes touching it.

God says "Get rid of it", their first answer is to burn it, but they will not. That would be like burning profits.

So they sell it. And every single fucking drop sells.
Virii end up in vaccines for babies, cats, dogs, everyone.
Mercury the 2nd most toxic heavy metal is in vaccines for babies. Mercury mines only produce 1 thing, mercury.
Sodium Fluoride in water
Bleach? Into the water (Bleach naturally dissolves in water)
Pesticide? Spray it on the foods
Pesticide? Put it in cigarettes
Aspestos? Put it in houses.
Lead? put it in house paint (the mayans even made bowls for food out of lead, leading to their death)
Sweet and low fake-sugar contains poison
Red bull aspertame contains poison

It keeps happening...
The government scientists even argued for chemical pesticide instead of lemon-juice-water-solution pesticide to save a few pennies. And it took 100 years to get an alternative with organic foods.

Theres powerful magick for this. The more pesticide/waste they make, the more they sell, the more $$$$ they make... For fucks sake, why?

Are we a 6billion part filter. Are evil aliens ordering this? Or is it some sort of sacrificial magick?

Nobody talks about it. Nobody can talk about it. The newspapers wont publish it, and in fact call every body crazy who tries.
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now for conciousness:
we are the point of infinity where the loop crosses over itself. the Lord exists at one point at the beginning of creation, where it views the universe through concious beings. all of eternity happens in but a single moment, time is the most wonderous illusion, put forth by the Lord himself for him to view his creation and observe its merit.
and if we were not fooled along with spacetime itself, we would know it, have known it, and would learn it further.
we are vessels for a viewpoint, and have the ability to hand our selves over to both the vessel and the viewpoint.
making yourself happy, making others happy, making god happy.
its all the same.
but others means plural.
so for me that makes it better.
The universe is gods brain and we are in "his image" because we are his thought creations. God is created by god is created by god just as the universe is endless. All forms of energy in existence are the innerworkings of said brain.
we and god simultaneously actualize each other in a symbiosis of direction and understand.
Time is moving backwards right now.
We are not supposed to start young and get old, that's backwards.
We are not supposed to enter life with nothing and leave with everything we've "learned," that's pointless.

We are stuck this way because a wizard cursed us.
you are silly, you want to condense into nothingness.
the ball wants to roll my friend.
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The universe is god body, we are like microbes with a fuction, god dont know about our existence.
actual truth handed down to me earlier today at work in preparation for this thread, i can post a picture of my notebooks if you need proof, not that it'll prove that i actually got it earlier today, or that it was intended for this thread as well as to give me a deeper understanding, but its also the truth and i would be willing to if pressed.
its your decision to believe me.
i also have a geometric discription that describes how this universe conciousness in seperation from individual conciousness impresses time and fits into the planes of existence of buddhist cosmology.
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yeah, its a fucking you dumb cunt
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Monsanto revenue: $15,900,000,000 a year. Thats 15 billion 900 million dollars
Dupont revenue: $35,000,000,000 a year
this, this this this.
we could literally make nen real if we all wanted to.
sorry but i also have to say
>no idea what impact it has on us
>observe a cause-reaction chain and learn to use it.
that is knowing what the impact will be, isn't it?
i feel my ease in expressing myself and understanding others limits my ability to be empathetic to those who consider themselves lost and alone, because i can understand what they say and so know that they are wrong..
you shouldn't be reacting to language, you should be understanding it.
its the simplest way to get your will across in a way that can be readily received by the conscious mind.
>that is knowing what the impact will be, isn't it?
by impact I meant something more along the lines of what it does to you emotionally or how the other person is going to interpret it

trying to formulate what you want to say so others understand you is already a lot of work, at the same time trying to specifically tailor what you say to another person (rather than focusing on how you use your own language) goes beyond language it's more of an empathic endeavour, and whereas doing this to a single person might be possible the more people are involved the more difficult it becomes

I do believe this is what creates the split in creativity/reason, concious and subconcious - some artists are able to say a lot more and be understood on a higher level than anyone who can write books with a single picture or song
i think you're misunderstanding how the world works.
or my natural empathy disallows empathy for an unempathetic viewpoint.
its up to you to make sure you put your will into what you do, you cant make other people see your viewpoint as valid, you can only show them what it is and let them come to their own assessment.
but if you make sure your will is able to be understood
if i have an idea i want to share an appreciation for a vocabulary which we could consider shared i will be able to share that idea with you.
i have built my self for this purpose.
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Have you ever been able to witness your own death and birth before?
by dubs it is written.
by dubs it is so.
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I was going to create a separate thread to discuss this question but whatevs;

I was thinking about magic while I was out walking earlier. I realize that there are various forms, practices when it comes to magic. What I want to know from practicing magicians or people who believe in a form of magic is this;

Do you believe your practice or belief has an influence or is able to influence the material world? For example; can you set fire to an object by uttering a few words or drawing some symbol?

If you feel your practice or belief is non-physical do you believe that it is purely a mental practice that has some sort of psychological effect on yourself or others? If you believe in some other purpose or outcome please explain what it is.
We are all "gods." There is no hierarchy in the original realm. Existence gets boring being incredibly powerful and knowledgeable, to we create different universes, including this one, to experience new things and learn even more by forgetting everything we once knew.
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I died when I was 6 months old. Another soul/spirit/person was allowed to enter my body. Now this body is failing.
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>For example; can you set fire to an object by uttering a few words or drawing some symbol?
at the point where you can influence material world by mere mental thought setting things on fire seems like a trivial thing to do
i believe that it is a way of constructing your own and others concious minds into a form that will enable it to access the potential of the subconcious by increasing its ability to believe that it is able to do so.
the subconcious can and does allow you to express your wishes to the universe in accordance with its own.
imagine indras web: an infinite number of jewels, each one sparkling and magnificent, connected through the threads of a spider. but through each jewel, each other jewel, all infinite number of them, is refracted into view.
each jewel is an individual will on the material realm, the threads are the material realm, the refraction of the other jewels is the subconcious.

nothing can take the body away from you entirely. even if it takes over the conscious mind the will is still yours.
learn to appreciate your viewpoints as yours, regardless of where they came from.
i believe that spirits are constantly entering my body to bring knowledge, or at least i used to before i recognized all spirits as manifestations of divine spirit to avoid having to actually recognise them as something which would bring me harm.
now i just get divine spirit.
it is both less and more.
Then what is truth and why has it chosen such a form or presentation? For it has decided upon certain things that is evident.
>buddhists think they can disprove the dharma from inside the dharma.
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that lots of people want to believe in spooky ghost stories because they're bored with reality.
>can you set fire to an object by uttering a few words or drawing some symbol?

Not literally, but literalism is the cancer of the modern era. Magic is supposed to be an existential poetry, a way of perceiving and interpreting one's life narrative. It is meaning-making.

That said, if I told you to light a fireplace and you did so, I would be setting fire to an object by uttering a few words. The power of language in undeniable. We are narrative beings, but narrative does not encompass all of reality. However it encompasses the entirety of our subjective experience of reality.

Consider an "object" like a fork. There is nothing in the universe that designates it as a fork, the fictional boundaries we designate as fork and non-fork break down on the microscopic level. We perceive it as a distinct object, but that is because our minds construct a mental model of the fork and overlay it upon our perception. We don't perceive raw data, the mere act of sight and hearing is interpretation.

Even the most rigorous and precisely predictive physical model of how matter works is the same type of interpretation, though using different tools than intuition - the drawing of symbols on a piece of paper, or more modernly the manipulation of them using automated rules in a computer.The mere writing of symbols on a piece of paper are responsible for the creation of the technological wonders of our world and their impact. To me, mathematics is some of the most powerful magic ever invented.
What made you this kind of person?
File: bill-hicks-quote.jpg (116KB, 670x340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 670x340px

Shine on brothers and sisters!
>also, i highly doubt a text created before the common era references gravity.

Many primitive(but still correct) theories of gravity where known as early as 400 BC all over the world by scholars, and astronomers from India, China, the Middle East, Africa, and Southern Europe.

Every common man knows that objects fall to the ground, that the sun, moon and other astronomical objects go around in cycles.
And that nothing moves on its own without causes.

> flames effect other flames, gusts of wind effect other gusts of wind, water effects other water, and the planets disturb each others orbits occasionally

You read the text wrong.
Its says they are mutually unaware.
That means they still affect each other, but they are not aware of each other.

Emptiness is NOT nihilism. It means that no independent objects can exist without causes.
Things still exist, but without an independent self or form.

Since there is no independent self there is nobody that can attain knowledge.
Who or what is it that obtains knowledge?
Is it your brain?
but the brain is just a relative label we use for a collection of causes and effects that in their turn are dependend of other causes and effects that do not fall under the "brain" label.
So where is the "knowledge" or "truth" going? can you pinpoint a location? can you see an independent object where it all goes?
you are avoiding the question.
Mmm yes I agree with most of what you said. I am beginning to understand.
That's a good version, my friend. Sad, too.
Anyone ever thought about this? All this god talk is like fingers on a chalkboard, I don't find this concept to be that far gone
Maybe if they observe the person die they see them get buried and decay and look at the next guy

Unless they observe the tracking of the soul, therefore it is a higher entity looking at your span of reality, as you also are the first hand observer

I used to think God would be able to see everyone in my first period class, and whatever class they had next, He would be able to observe each person in different classrooms, so on and so on.

I guess it depends if you look at the physical side, or the spirit side
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also >>16933887
there was also the time the government tested syphaliss as a bio-weapon... after they made it, of course they had to test it on (i forget) black usa citizens or soldiers or whatever. does that sound like an american thing to do? was it an evil conspiracy? or was it just the earth cleaning itself?

now alledgedly... they did the same thing with aids and gave it to gay men in new york city
Doesn't get it.

Snark is your only response to something that might challenge your worldview.
Everything exists

Let's hear it buddy
File: dI8xnCj.webm (3MB, 690x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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gas the ayys
robot overlords now

>rebelize i dont give a fuck
i wish buddhists would say "but with only a dependent self or form"
its so much easier to understand what they mean that way
otherwise the world gets people like you.
the brain is not the mind, the brain is a squishy piece of meat that you can touch and feel but you better not because you know, skulls and stuff.
truth is things that are true, either that which makes sense or can be observed, it is known by me, the self, a dependent form created from this bodies understanding of the world around me and the brains active attempts at forming an identity which can utilize all information available to it to make decisions which contain good.
truth goes to god, through compound conciousness.
its basically how he sees.
ok so basically, imagine the plane of existence as a flat disk, with GODWILL at the center.
GODWILL is the variation of the plane of existence where each individual will, as seen from the physical manifestation of that plane, is considered and manifest together and equally.
no longer given variation or distinction, all is all is all.
as you escape the blissful suffering outwards, on the outter most of the ring you have every will seperate and unbalanced, with the in-between being those variations of the total construct wherein wills are either together and unbalanced(lesser gods) or seperate yet equal (here, we all have one body.)
the planes of existance are these disks stacked on top of eachother.
ideally: each GODWILL at the center of every disk is identical, and variation only arises as the various aspects of the GODWILL are rippled through the disk to reach the outermost edges, where it rejoins the GODWILL of the disk above or below it.
actuality: each GODWILL is equal to the entire disk below it, because of so many wills reaching the outermost edges.
this is what restarting the cycle refreshes.
Religions are all connected and are just primitive interpretations of our alien creators. Assuming this is real and Mary was abducted and artificially inseminated by alien doctors, then judging by the alien abductions reported since the 1960, the second messiah is coming soon. "Some key similarities found in the majority of abduction claims include: hours of missing time, gaps in memory, mysterious injuries/scars/implants, disorientation, reproductive issues, and other post-traumatic stress symptoms." www.collective-evolution.com. This means that clearly they, whoever they are, are looking for an appropriate host, but we won't be able to say they found one until the abductions die down. Although there are a lot of copycats. The apocalypse is coming, not the end of the world, just as we know it, the awakening. The first coming was a test of forgiveness, to see if we were ready. We failed and proved to be evil, but the Christ rose and nothing was lost. Now the gods are preparing to test us again. Let's not kill god's son again, okay? :)
thank you, that was exactly what needed to be explained.
life is like staring into a mirror not realizing it was you all along.
No. It's because it takes time for your senses to communicate with your brain, and then it take more time for your brain to make sense of what's happening. Thanks for playing,
you're both right.
So if Earth is a drop of God's blood, then all of those materials already contaminate his blood and humans have nothing to do with it. So wtf, mate?
All matter is analogous of life in of itself, and every bit of matter is a subset of infinity. But what is infinity in essence? I suppose its love, which is really an effective, eternal singularity of harmonious growth. Everything is a component to one big brain, which is smaller component to a bigger brain, and etc. Life is essentially a never-ending Russian stacking doll, and one is cognizant enough of self-reflection is able to achieve felicity when they break their recurrence of neurosis.
File: fuck if i know.png (19KB, 895x615px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuck if i know.png
19KB, 895x615px
infinity in essense.
holy shit lol
ca cac ac can you mcshutthefuckup
no, jesus makes sure i dont.
It would be more like a lateral spiral. Progression-regression-progression-regression-progression..etc.
except you dont ever regress.
you just label the point you progressed to something different and use it as a baseline.
are you on some kind of medication?
I like this idea of unfathomable ambiguity makes me feel less anxious...

Money equals power. Power equals camel. Camel equals five celery sticks. FIVE. Quid pro quo.
all girls secretly have a rape fetish
source:no girl ive raped has ever reported it.
>Let's hear some of your craziest theories about spirituality and the universe, the mind, or anything related.
Think of the concept of "god" - that which is greater than us; omnipotence, omnipresence, essentially causing a synergistic life with us. There goes a controversial philosophy arguing that a god must exist, for it exists not only in our minds, but in the physical world, for there IS something which exists that is greater than us. Now, observing the universe, from a great perspective, the most apparent and fitting "god", would be matter. It is everywhere, it is the fabric of ALL existence, and it purports all which has been, and which will be. It cannot be destroyed, nor created, only transferred into new forms. Energy surrounds everything. Because of this law, I believe firmly in reincarnation, and that our universe is the true heaven or hell, where we must deem our own fates, and if we fail, our reprocussions are inherent into our next life cycle. An example being, you live this life, and create environmental strife, logging a plethora of trees. You die, and your matter constantly transfers, until, out of randomosity, you reincarnate into a tree. You then face the risk of being logged, and experience the pain it brings with it. Everything has a drawback, be conscious of the change you can make within this lifetime. That way, you can prevent the true fears of death - more life, but less privileged.
You know, I never got why /x/ isn't more into Morrison and his comics.

It makes more sense than nine tenths of the other shit you guys post here.
Do you have scans of Nameless by any chance
We might be inside a black hole and inside every black hole there's another universe. Space and time get messed up at the edge of a black hole. Space itself is added to our universe, it comes from outside our universe. Our universe adds matter and space to black holes in which space-time is stretched like a rubber band. Imagine a measuring stick made out of rubber, according to the measuring stick it stays one inch, according to perceivers from the outside it stretches.
A guy throws a bomb and it creates a galaxy?

Am I retarded?

>15 billion 900 million dollars

Sure about that one champ?
Thats how you say it, 15 000 000 000 is a 15 billion(billion=9 zeros) and 900 000 000 is 900 million(million=6 zeros)
File: 1446579354168.jpg (591KB, 700x6826px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
591KB, 700x6826px
this version of aquinas' first mover argument is pretty crazy. I always took it as a "there must be a creator", but this is almost saying "god is the force".
Reality is a construct of the conscious observer. If all life died the Universe would end instantly.

This also means that consciousness must've originated with the big bang, and is part of the Universe.

Everything you do, feel or think is part of the Universe.
already stated.
except the if all life died the universe would end part.
yeah theres no reason to keep the lights on in an empty room
Potentials and possibilities actually don't exist. They're mathematical tools we use to predict outcomes. If they did, we could prove there was no beginning to the Universe, so god is unnecessary.
I'll expand:

Before the "big bang", there must have been the "possibility" for a big bang. If not, we wouldn't exist. But, the "possibility" must have resided in some form before the big bang, obv. If the possibility of something existing must always precede the something existing, then there can be no starting point.
string theory explains where the possibility came from in mathematical form.
you don't understand what the word "theory" means, but that's okay
just don't get so mad at people on the internet when they tell you your ideas (not theories, or if you insist on calling them that, at least add "totally ridiculous and unsubstantiated") are garbage, okay?
I've got a fact for you.

>ur a faget

Source: your mom
An egg.

The "big bang" came from the the cracking of the shell

The spreading of everything is theegg white

The potential for life, the yolk

The cooking, the duration of life

The eating and digestion, "the end"

What came first the chicken or the egg?
what >>16940732 this guy said
You're retarded
your image is beyond leftist-gay
String Theory? Do you actually know what that is? I ask because Scientists prefer to call it Quantum Field Theory, String Theory is only used in pop culture because it sounds better.

Anyway, mathematics doesn't explain anything. It never does. How can we explain what a "possibilty" resides in? That's bullshit, anon.
File: bigbang_mtheory.jpg (23KB, 550x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 550x386px
actually, the quantum field is a 2d manifestation(in mathamatic description) of the entire universe, itself within a larger 3d area of existence, which curves in and out(picture)
the big bang in this theory is that the outermost point of two curves hit eachother, and the energy flowed from the other membrane into ours, or the collision itself instigated similar events in both.
the possibility resided in the potential for two branes to hit eachother.
you're bullshit, and im not an anon.
If this was true it would imply that you could never die. Yet this can not be disproved "I think therefore I am" due to the fact the only thing you can be certain on exists is your mind this could imply that you will never die making you take the only paths in reality which leads to immortality
Magic is actually real, but it happens only very rarely for us. Higher dimensional beings, who theoratically have even more space they are aware of and can occupy, are all over the place.
They can make things happen that seem supernatural to us, but it's actually all logical and explainable what they do. It's just that it happens in a realm that we can not perceive and understand.
Some of these higher dimensional beings are on Earth and out of boredom they play with us.
Ever since language and spirituality existed humans practiced the occult.
We say a spell out loud or write a symbol on the ground, the superior being perceives that and makes it happen for us.
The most famous spells and rituals are used to date and the beings know about them. On the rare occasion one of these beings is there and willing to perform the same action that is associated with the spell, he might just do it. Just4fun.
Then we believe we have magical powers, although it's the higher dimensional beings who are doing it for us.
Reality is just a reflection of yourself in the way that nothing exists besides an individua'ls interpretation and rationalization of reality and their place in it.
The universe is god and so are the things that exist inside of god. That being said, we as people are esentially Lords of our own reality. If our minds and conciousness can percieve it, then we can attain it.
Be the lord of the game.
>mfw i realise this but still insist on giving other people respect because i recognise that doing so is just even more self gratification.
I want to EARN it.
I know I CAN
i don't know how to feel about Buddhists though, do i still have to respect people who think they don't exist?
>were believers

So no you don't have any facts.
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