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Curses/Black Magic

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Hello /x/

I know this place is like a battleground of different opinions and role playing, etc. I'm a bit curious about the subject of curses.

I usually don't subscribe to the belief of black magic, But lately I've becomed concerned. There's a stream of bad luck and bad shit happening since last year for me. I wouldn't just say this because I'm having a bad year.

About 2 years ago a family member fired an employee (tough economy) that's worked for the family for over 20 years. I knew her well and she's known me since I was born. Apparently there was a dispute and she said she felt betrayed by the family.

Some time goes on and my aunt is planning to move from her current house at the time, The house that this woman used to work in. She found vials of blood hidden under her bed and her mother's bed (she had recently passed away). As well as a photograph of the family buried in dirt with a dead bird.

I really have no idea what any of this means, Just wondering if anyone know's more on the subject. Also the woman was from Columbia, so she probably practiced Santeria?

I guess Curses/Black Magic general.
my family is from northern India, and we experienced a bunch of black magic stuff when I was growing up. My parents and grandparents also told me some stories about it.

One time my sister found a knot of fabric under our carpet while vacuuming. I cant really remember exactly what was in it, but I think it contained some lentils and a piece of paper. The paper had really strange markings on it, almost geometric (and i'm familiar with a bunch of scripts from around that area, and it wasn't Sanskrit or anything).

We contacted a priest from an indian temple who told us to discard it in the ocean or a river. I remember my grandma saying that you should never burn these things, as the spirit contained inside may come out and harm anyone close by, Also, the ashes are hard to dispose of, so it might not break the magic.
Do you have any idea where i came from? Did you have any enemies?
We also had another incident, which your story reminded me of. My parents own a retail shop, and one morning they found a dead bird and a worm on top of a cardboard box right outside the door to the shop.

My dad wasn't sure if this was some sort of magic or just someone trying to make a statement, so he threw it into the bushes.
My parents ended up contacting someone else in India, some sort of witch doctor or magic practitioner. He was able to tell us some features of the person who left the thing at our house. Apparently it was a women who had a black mole on her neck, and crooked teeth.

We suspected it was one of my aunts/uncles (it 's usually someone in the family who's jealous or holds a grudge), and one of my aunts fit the bill to a t.

My dad ended up gathering a bunch of family and telling them that they had found someone in India who would be able to reverse the black magic tenfold, and make it target the user. He was lying of course, but that aunt was one of the few people who tried to persuade him from doing that.
Your case reminds me a lot of the black magic from India actually. There it's done by using parts of the deceased, such as ash, bone, teeth etc. I think they somehow enslave the spirits of the dead to inflict harm on their victims.
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I'll make note of that...
Some cultures treat ashes like radioactive waste. Others say they are inert. So really it depends on your third eye and your faith.
Thanks for sharing. God bless you.
Somewhat related to Curses/Black Magic...

My family has always been spiritual. But my mom was raised superstitious. Claimed to hear all sorts of stuff, lights would go out around her, etc. Now that I think about it, it didn't start to happen until she met my step dad. When she met him he was married, she didn't know, he was a dog and was cheating on his wife. My mom did the right thing and ended it with him, long story short he got divorced and him and my mom got back together and later married.

> About a few years ago, 2010 my mom got Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Less than 25% of surviving.
> Somehow, by some grace, she is still alive today.
> A 2 years later my mom visits her brother, my uncle, who is into Metaphysics, more or less talks about Astral Projecting, even talking to a "being".
> He informs her he had a vision, dream that her Cancer wasn't natural. He saw some Woman 2-3 around a cauldron placing the curse on her.
> He didn't know my step dad and his ex wife would share custody of my step sister. We would find black powder under furniture, in my moms room after she left. Wasn't all the time, but coincidentally happened after she would visit.

I didn't believe in curses but it did explain how my mom came down with such an aggressive stage of breast cancer. She had regular check ups and it literally came out of no where.

Just my story, please excuse me if I didn't explain well.
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 1

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