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Black triangle UFO

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Black Triangle.jpg
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How many here have seen it?
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Looks like a B2 bomber.
I did not see a black one, but I did see some kind of huge triangle melting with the colors of the blue sky fly really low over our house, with small white lights at each summit, and going really dang slow.... Anyone with a similar experience?
Before you saw the craft did you experience some weird feelings like anxiety?
2 of my sisters and my dad have seen it.
I've seen something similar before, although it didn't have the center dot and it was just a triangle of lights spinning pretty fast until they disappeared

saw it at night at a fair, nothing really strange happened other than the weird lights in the sky

not really a big believer of ayy lmaos but that was the closest thing to a UFO i've ever seen.
I've seen something very fucking similar before.

>sitting outside on deck with bro
>notice triangular pattern of lights in distance
>watch for a few moments but quickly lose interest
>all of a sudden LOUD humming noise coming from above us
>see what looks almost identical to OP's pic fly over us
>as soon as it had finished passing over us, the noise was immediately gone
Here is some footage from my hometown of the black triangular ufo:
Apologies! here is a better video with a better angle of it:
File: UFO.png (509KB, 1831x714px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This happened a little over 2 weeks ago on the 17th of October when me, my brother and two of our friends (let's call them John and Bill) were in Crete.

It was around 9pm when my brother and John decided that they wanted to take a nightly swim in the ocean and they asked me and Bill if we wanted to come along but we decided to stay in the hotel room and have a beer and take it easy (you have no idea how much I regret this decision). So John and my brother left without us and while they're in the water John gets this powerful feeling in his gut that something is very wrong. He turns to my brother and says that they need to get out of the water and seconds later this craft comes flying from the right quite fast, not super fast but fast. Then it stops instantly over this island that is about a kilometre offshore. The craft was triangular in shape and had three orange glowing spheres at each corner. It stayed motionless in the air when suddenly all three lights went out. Then a small blinking white light went on, like it was trying to imitate a helicopter or a plane. Then it slowly flew away. The craft made a powerful humming noise, like a transformer or a generator but the sound stopped when the orange lights went out. After the craft had left a helicopter with a search light flew to the island, hung around for a bit and then also left.

This is what it kinda looked like. It was obviously much darker but you get the idea.

Fuck, I'm still salty becuase I missed the whole thing. I have always wanted to see a UFO and then I missed it. Anyway this is where it all happened:
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 3

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