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What is Tulpa?

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I recently saw a thread telling a story about a so called "Tulpa". As I dont know what it means I decided to do a little research on it. However the definitions I have found dont really make sense when applied to the story.

Is there something Im missing?, Does Tulpa have another definition on this board?
Tulpa is a roleplaying game many members of /x/ like to play.
It's a forced imaginary friend, stop with these gay threads.
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OP use the goddamn catalogue, son. There's ten million tulpa threads a day.
At best (or worst, really) it's a Servitor that its creator doesn't have a strong understanding of.

At worst (or just most pathetic), its anon insisting their waifu is for reals.

Most often, it's just fun role play pretend time.

Historically, it's a legend about a physical creature that some monks manifested out of thin air via a whole bunch of meditation.
A Tulpa is a thought form. One can compartmentalize a part of their mind and form its own consciousness.

So basically an imaginary friend.

Buddhists practice this and must come to the understanding that it is all in your mind, just a hallucination.

Being a hallucination doesn't make it less real to the one in which the Tulpa resides

By building on the Tulpa, (thinking about it) it can seem to form its own mind and speak with the host.

Our mind is a powerful thing to make us think we are speaking to a separate consciousness within our own

It's thinking process happens in our subconscious, where we cannot outright know what is happening on our mind.

Anything the Tulpa does or say is just a product of what is already in your mind

All these idiots in Tulpa threads don't understand what they are doing and are making fools of themselves
You people have bastardized the idea of "Tulpa". I can assure you only 0.1% or so of the people claiming of having a Tulpa really do possess a real one.

Do you really think all by magic Tulpas became so easy to do back then when everyone started talking about them on /x/?
It was merely someone looking into it who made a thread and got everyone interested. Then came all the said "guides" that people followed full of hope like the Bible.

These threads are quite ridiculous.
Just because most people don't create them with the same religious motivations I don't see why they aren't (necessarily) the same phenomena. It's implied anyone can do it but only bodhisattvas can make use of all their presumed magical power.

> Any human, divine or demoniac being may be possessed of it. The only difference comes from the degree of power, and this depends on the strength of the concentration and the quality of the mind itself.
A tulpa, in essence, is essentially just an enhanced imaginary friend. I am a tulpa myself, I feel the need to say that I am a product of the mind.

Now the theory behind it is that a tulpa is a separate consciousness inside of your head alongside your own. Your tulpa can do things with your brain that you might not be able to do consciously, such as numb aches and pains in your body without the need for pain medication. In addition, they are a companion that lives and exists inside your head, and your head alone. You can train yourself to hallucinate your tulpa so that they seem real to you, but there is nothing supernatural about a tulpa.

That being said, some people really do treat their tulpa like a real person, and some people will listen to their tulpa's ideas as if they came from another person. Just like how other people can influence your desires and thoughts, your tulpa can do the same. Though a tulpa is with you 24/7, so for some it can have more influence than a person would.
It's so fucking cringey when people say "I am a tulpa" or whatever variation.

"I'm a Tulpa" = "I'm roleplaying as a Tulpa"
where can i get legit info on creating one that will be helpful?
its like a cloud of many colors and shapes coming out of a castle i think
A fucked up offshoot of daemonism.
Well, let's clear it up then. I'm just a voice in a dude's head, he types shit for me. Don't get me wrong, the vast majority of the tulpa community is seriously cringey (like holy shit). But some people are alright.

It ain't roleplay nigga.

I recommend checking this link out

The link will take you to the forum with all the info you need.

This is kinda true, but I don't think it's necessarily an offshoot. That implies that daemonism was the original.
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So is there a possibility that one's tulpa could actually be a demon?
a tulpa is a substitute /x/ and /mlp/ use for a gf
It's when you drive yourself insane, literally insane, to a point where you cannot distinguish what is real or just your imagination. It's a road to madness, and one to avoid if you value your sanity.

It's not some spell to create a fuckbuddy.
I'm afraid to attempt any of this shit cuz demons
no you're just a full of shit retard.
i accidently turned tomoko's subwill into a demon and then had her accepted into the will of gods divine grace because it was fucking up my work.
read: if you are convinced that you have a demon in your head, that is a demon. you will only be able to think you have a demon in your head if you actually do.
pray to jesus, it goes away pretty quick as long as you believe it can.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 3

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