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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYA brh7J0ik Anyone ever s

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Anyone ever seen something like this In the real world at all?
Isn't his from that one movie about that place in Gnome Alaska where that journalist got her whole family fucked up my some alien entity claiming to be god?
Something about an owl face?
Thats the one.

The Fourth Kind.

Good film
Yeah, kind of a strange movie tbh.
It has video from the original person, her name was Dr Abigale Tyler. Supposedly there is some debate as to whether she was real person or not. The video and interviews are pretty authentic looking though. I mean IF those videos are real, then that woman is one of the best actors I've ever seen. The emotion of the "real" interviews from her seems to genuine to be fake. Also the videos of the psychotherapy sessions are some of the best fakes I've ever seen if they are not genuine.

What I got from the movie narrative was that it ties in with ancient Sumerian religions and the Annunaki. Which, if real, is fucking terrifying.
The thing that got me with the film is the aliens claiming to be god.

As a theistic satanist. This scares the fuck out of me for some reason.
Yeah, the thought that this world is at the whim of something that does not love us, but has some unknown agenda that apparently includes us, is horrifying.

I think perhaps if we are useful to other beings, the only use we would have is as producers of bio-matter, which seems to be the only rare combination of elements in the Universe seeing as there are diamonds the size of moons out there and gold chunks the size of your car.

I swear to god if we get harvested... after all this shit.

>tfw im never abducted. Too many sheep fuckers in my country
I think perhaps aliens have some sort of tech that allows them to pick easy targets. Some sort of database based on how connected to the larger society someone is.
Like if they abduct some university professor, yeah, people might actually believe him.
However if you pick some farmer in Idaho, virtually no one will.

But yes, I am with you. Even if I died. I would still know. I would know... That would be enough. To be able to talk with a species that sees so far... that knows the true nature of the universe.
They might as well be gods...

aliens may be able to abduct people.

But they cant get trips

Oh haha so I did.

Trips of truth about alien abductions confirm it.

I am going to go be isolated in the mountains so I can get abducted. Oh wait I am isolated in the mountains....
The entire film was faked. The movie makers got sued for creating false police reports on a viral marketing website and the whole thing was blown wide open as a hoax.

I used to live in the mountains of pine arizona. Isolated little town a couple hours from phoenix.

Wierd shit sometimes happened there. Theres an elementary school down the road from where I used to live and every night its security/fire alarm would go off for no reason at all.

Plus we had one evening that was dead quiet. I mean like DEAD quiet. Normally you could here elk or wolfs or some shit. But that night im in my trailer and I opened a window and couldn't even hear the wind. Scariest night of my life.
Damn it Hollywood.
I bet the Jews did this. Sorry had to.
I want proofs damnit. I am trying so hard to believe.
Read up on the movie. They got BTFO for trying to pass off fiction as fact.
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Yeah, my town is a bit more active, because its near a national park on the main entrance highway. So its not as creepy as most small towns.
That being said I have a few memories from childhood that were pretty spooky.
I have this vague memory from when I was young, I woke up at like 3 AM and had to go wee, went to the bathroom, this tall thing was in there. I couldn't see very well. But it seemed to be like 7 feet and kind of skinny, not like super skinny but slim. Its skin seemed rough, like it had been scarred repeatably all over. The eyes glowed, but only just, very faintly, like those glow in the dark toys from when you were a kid,
but they were almost red, more of a lighter red.
I can't remember anything after that 15 seconds after I stood there in shock staring at it, it was looking at me like it didn't expect me to be there. Like it was deciding what to do.
Then once we were playing hide and seek nearby this abandoned house. It wasn't really abandoned, just unoccupied, but it was old, maybe from the 40's. I walk in the front door and I feel this wave wash over me, it was like fear but utterly debilitating, I couldn't run, my hair stood on end, and I couldn't breathe, I stood there for 5-10 seconds just frozen, feeling watched, feeling unwelcome, like you tried to talk to a clique at school you didn't belong in and they were just staring at you waiting for you to leave. Then I worked up the courage to move, backed out slowly and as soon as I exited the doorway I felt normal.

Sometimes I think you just know something. There is something wrong, but everything that you see is normal.
Damn son

I've never legit encountered any aliens but lets hope I never do.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 2

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