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Demonology Etc

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itt: we discuss/share info/link videos/post sites related to demons, demonic possession, and the reasons demon hunting/warding/summoning/dispelling is or isn't viable

I'll start by saying I've awoken repeatedly at or around 3am since I was 16 and my interest in the occult really began to flourish after researching demonic posssssion in America. Tbh it's my opinion a lot of the bullshit that goes down in churches where preachers expel demons on a weekly basis is absolute tomfoolery, but in the years since I stopped looking for evidence or proof of demonic entities my ability to sleep through the night in its entirety has improved.

I don't consider it a coincidence.
Another story

>Be 12
>Practicing random spell off of the internet cause summoning is cool bro
>Me and friends want a sex demon or some dumb shit cause boys n puberty
>chilling in shed burning shit, reciting ritual
>Loudest spooky wailing ever erupts from outside
>We all freeze
>Send fat kid out first to peek
>Fatty absolutely refuses
>Go out first
>Overwhelming feeling of being watched
>Probably just adrenaline
>Friends come out and feel it too
>Hear something scramble into the nearby woods like a rampaging bear
>Nope back into the house
>Never mention it again
These are not beings from this dimension. They don't like being here. Unless the practitioner is worthy. Even drawing one of these signs is a no no. You see these are negative aspects of another dimension. We need rituals to bring the good positive aspects in to this world. Where are all the angles I can summon ?
Idk about summoning angels but I've got these info pics.

The only two times I've ever interacted with an angel I was suffering from sleep paralysis.
I've often wondered what would happen if you made sigils from holy words or names. Like, what kind of sigil would the word "angel" make and would it empower you or offer protection?

Angels usually don't visit us unless God wills it though right?
My point is that no one on this board ever promotes good beings, we need to win the battle of love here in the physical world. Bring forth some of the good spirits that can help us with that. Not bringing negative entities into our vision
We're making ourselves (for the most part) "good" by expanding our conciousness and elevating our senses. By improving ourselves we're dispelling "evil" or at least moving away from viewing things in such a black & white way.

Angels come to our aid in times of need. I don't think they're really something you conjure up or summon in any sense of the word.

They're not beholden to do our bidding in the same way lesser evils are (thx God for that divine spark of Spirit) and they don't want anything we have, although I'm sure they loathe the way we waste our free will.

The point of me making this thread was to educate myself and other anons on the realities of demons. How they operate, if they're real, etc. so that we could be better prepared to witness or handle coming in contact with one.

Angels are something else entirely and as far as other beings of positivity go, look into Jesus or Buddha fam (family). There are plenty of enlightenment threads made daily trying to teach becoming beacons of positivity ourselves.
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Demonologist here.
Not sure how to contribute to the thread, but I'm lurking. Have a bump.
Only other pic I have somewhat related to angels.. it's Sophia the aeon. Good luck to you in your endeavors

Thanks for the bump. Are you just a fellow researcher or have you personally witnessed a possession?
The only way that you can get the name angle to be empowering is if it's written in angelic dialect.

Unfortunately, I do not personally know of any physical examples, or if any even exist.

The only other instance the word would be empowering is probably if it's spoken in the Tongue of Babble (that last one is just a wild guess, far as I'm concerned.)
Alright, but what about empowerment's?

Any idea what kind of effect any of that would have.
I was involved in Satanism/Left-Hand Path for a number of years and have experienced possession of myself and others. Now I am a quiet observer who helps those who cant help themselves.

And yourself?
Officialy, I've got little to no idea what exactly would do what.

At best I could safely say that warding and/or sanctifing would be wuite likely. In terms of summoning, there would need to be a lot more substance backing it up.

I find great difficulty in locating any text reffering to invoking the heavenly powers. Although that may just be ineptitude/inexperience talking.
I'm a shamanic gnostic. Always been an on again off again Christian until this board helped me find me true way.

What appealed to you about Satanism? Their creed of self empowerment always intrigued me, but my faith in the Unknown God was always too strong to deny. I consort with one spirit regularly (my spirit animal) but as far as demons or satan are concerned, I feel like evoking them would be a bad idea.

I've been personally visited by a "throne" twice in my sleep. It flew in through my window to dispel a shadow person who had me pinned with fear in bed. I just remember trying to shout "help! Help!" but couldn't manage to so it only repeated over and over in my head. Unfortunately I don't recall if it was God I had in mind when I tried to shout (my parents were in the next room) but I do know He came to my assistance. It's the strongest testament of my faith at my disposal and a constant remind to have faith in the light.

I truly believe angels are independent of humans and attempting to call up their assistance directly would only provoke them to ignore your plea. God commands them and imo they'd be more willing to assist us if you called upon Him first and foremost.
Thread posts: 14
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